Experience the wonders of life when you visit the Butterfly Garden at Changi Airport. From caterpillars hatching out of their eggs to spinning a cocoon and finally emerging as a fully grown butterfly, these ephemeral creatures are hard to spot even for the most seasoned nature lover. But what if you have the rare chance to witness this magical circle of life happening before your eyes? 

At Changi Airport, home to the world’s first butterfly garden in an airport, travellers now have the opportunity to experience this intriguing cycle in person.

From cocoon to butterfly

It can take up to four weeks for an egg to morph into a butterfly, given the right conditions. Singapore’s tropical climate provides an ideal temperature while the lush greenery, beautiful flowering plants and a 6m-tall waterfall at Changi’s butterfly garden make for a conducive environment for butterflies to live and breed. It is estimated that there are about 1000 butterflies across 30 species living here. Get up close and personal with these delicately beautiful insects at the educational corners and hatcheries, which visitors are free to access.

In this time-lapse video, we’ve filmed the butterfly metamorphosis in all its glory for all to enjoy.