Joshua Ng

Joshua isn't just a travel enthusiast, he's a self-proclaimed foodie at heart! His ideal weekend involves whipping up delicious meals with friends, filling the air with laughter and delectable aromas. When he's not in the kitchen, you'll likely find him exploring the vibrant streets of his favorite cities – London, Tokyo, and Taipei. The energy and constant buzz of these metropolises keep him coming back for more.

Beyond culinary adventures and cityscapes, Joshua's wanderlust is never-ending. He thrives on discovering the latest hotspots –  from hidden restaurants tucked away in bustling alleyways to trendy bars that locals rave about. Whether it's a Michelin-starred experience or a hole-in-the-wall gem, Joshua has an insatiable appetite for exploring the world's culinary scene. He brings this same curiosity to Changi Airport, keeping a keen eye on the latest developments that solidify its position as the world's most awarded airport.