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It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have food delivery services in Singapore. Now with just a swipe of a screen and a couple of taps, we’re able to order our favourite food customised to our liking and sent straight to our doorstep. With so much convenience at our fingertips, there’s no excuse to get what we want when we want it. 

From fast food like Korean fried chicken to Japanese cuisine and halal food options, there is something for any kind of visitor or traveller to Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport. Changi Eats makes things even better, letting you mix and match food from up to five different outlets from both Changi Airport and Jewel – allowing you to choose from a wide range of offerings and hence perfect for large gatherings when every party has different dietary restrictions or cravings. 

Whether you’re a new user or already a Changi Eats pro, we’ve sussed out six food delivery options you can consider the next time your stomach is growling. 


1. Paradise Group of restaurants

changi eats paradise dynasty noodles singapore changi eats paradise dynasty noodles singapore

For classic noodles and soup, order a bowl from Paradise Dynasty on Changi Eats and you’d have lunch and/or dinner in just a few swipes and clicks! Image credit: Paradise Dynasty

Most of us aren’t strangers to Paradise Group by now – they’re the ones behind ramen chains LeNu and Le Shrimp Ramen and classic Chinese restaurants like Paradise Classic, Canton Paradise Congee & Noodle Bar and Paradise Dynasty. Good news for fans: the brands mentioned are not just on Changi Eats, but also offering storewide discounts until 30 September 2022:

  • 15% off for LeNu, Le Shrimp Ramen, Paradise Classic and Canton Paradise Congee & Noodle Bar

  • 20% off for Paradise Dynasty

Take advantage of this deal to order favourites from Paradise Dynasty like Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallop (S$16.31), Fried Rice with Crispy Pork Chop (S$15.76) (all-time favourite on Changi Eats) and Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette (S$9.70).

lenu changi eats food delivery in singapore lenu changi eats food delivery in singapore

Indulge in LeNu’s hearty braised beef noodles and its range of options on its menu, without travelling down to Jewel. Image credit: LeNu

The range of options from the group of restaurants combined with the savings make this a deal truly not to be missed. If you and the family ever want that feeling of a Chinese dinner together without making a trip down and battling the crowds at Changi Airport, now you know what to do.


Availability: From 12:30pm to 8:00pm

Order here


2. Tapas Club

singapore food delivery from tapas club changi eats singapore food delivery from tapas club changi eats

Enjoy a feast with your friends at home when you order from over 20 tapas dishes on Changi Eats, delivered from the kitchen at Tapas Club. Image credit: Tapas Club

If main courses are too much for sharing amongst friends, then smaller plates will work better. These come in the form of tapas from Tapas Club, where there are over 20 tapas dishes you can select from, with the likes of Garlic Prawns, Potatoes With Bravas Sauce & Aioli and Spanish Omelette (S$17.12 each).

Bigger platters available on Changi Eats are also suitable for sharing so they’re definitely worth considering. We’re talking about their Seared Seabass Fillet With Garlic & Chili (S$38.52) and Chorizo And Artichoke Paella (S$36.38). Wash your feast down with a bottle of wine – premium, sparkling and sweet options all available. Or, shop more wines and spirits on iShopChangi at duty-absorbed prices.


Availability: From 1:30pm to 8:00pm

Order here

3. Earle Swensen’s

a feast from earle swensens ordered on changi eats a feast from earle swensens ordered on changi eats

One of the best halal food options on Changi Eats is Earle Swensens – dig into a feast delivered straight from Changi Airport. Image credit: Earle Swensen’s

There’s just a soft spot for Swensen’s in most Singaporean’s hearts. Many have fond memories of dining at the Changi Airport outlet – whether it was for a casual dinner or after landing home from a flight.

Now, Earle Swensen’s has been newly added to Changi Eats, so you can order in their all-time beloved range of Western dishes – also a great option for halal food in Singapore. Their all-day brunch menu has options like Creamy Mushroom Scrambled Eggs (S$16.05) and Beef Shakshouka (S$19.26) while meat-lovers can savour their Grilled Rack Of Lamb (S$36.38) and 250g Australian Grain Fed Ribeye (S$31.03). 

Those with a sweet tooth will also be delighted to know that ice cream and frozen yoghurt can also be delivered. Got a birthday coming up? Surprise that loved one with one of Swensen’s classic ice cream cakes (from S$45)!


Availability: From 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Order here

4. Tanuki Raw

rice bowl from tanuki raw ordered on changi eats rice bowl from tanuki raw ordered on changi eats

Dig into the delicious menu at Tanuki Raw and have fresh rice bowls delivered to your doorstep from its Jewel outlet. Image credit: Tanuki Raw

Japanese food comes in all shapes and sizes. From ramen to teppanyaki, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to having a taste of all things Nippon. But for a scrumptious donburi rice bowl, you can always count on Tanuki Raw.

Serving up good quality rice bowls, Tanuki Raw has various flavour choices like Foie Gras Jewel Truffle Gyu (S$26.64) and Foie Gras Char Siew Unagi (S$27.71). There’s even a new option of Impossible Spicy Chili Don (S$21.29) for those looking to be more mindful and go meatless. 

And if you’re looking to feed some guests or simply have a large appetite, get some Jewel Hiro Chicken (S$14.87), Truffle Fries (S$13.80) Edamame (S$5.30) as worthy add-ons. 


Availability: From 12:30pm to 8:00pm

Order here

5. Central Thai

 food delivery central thai on changi eats  food delivery central thai on changi eats

Nothing beats the flavours of Thailand if you’re looking for something sweet, tangy and spicy. And with Changi Eats, you can have your favourite dishes from Central Thai delivered to you at your convenience! Image credit: Central Thai

It’s easy to dine at Changi Airport for your favourite Thai cuisine without leaving your home! There’s nothing some Tom Yum Soup or Pad Thai can’t fix, especially on a cold and rainy day. Spanning rice, noodles, salads and soups, Central Thai’s wide range of dishes means there’s bound to be something to quell your hunger.

Feeling picky and can’t decide? Their Bento set options have a mix of carbs, meat and vegetables that include crowd-favourites like Green Curry Chicken, Baby Kailan With Oyster Sauce and Butter Cream Chicken. Of course, the dishes are also available separately, if you prefer zi char style.


Availability: From 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Order here

6. Chun Yang Tea

chun yang tea on changi eats singapore chun yang tea on changi eats singapore

Wrap up your meal with bubble tea from Chun Yang Tea from Jewel or sooth your tea-time cravings when you need it the most! Image credit: Chun Yang Tea

Ahh, what is a meal without a follow-up with our nation’s unofficial beverage? We’re talking about bubble tea, of course. Whether you’re craving it to accompany your movie marathon at home or a mahjong session with the kakis, the combination of milky sweetness mixed with chewy toppings can never go wrong. 

Give in to your BBT addiction with Chun Yang Tea, the popular bubble tea brand from Taiwan that is famous for its drinks made with the freshest ingredients. Enjoy fragrant teas and a bevy of topping options that range from AiYu jelly to brown sugar bubbles. A classic is undoubtedly their Oolong Tea Latte with Pudding (S$5.80), or if you want to accustom yourself with something new, try their refreshing Sugar Cane Juice Latte (S$4.90).

If you’re having a cup for tea time, complement each sip with some snacks and relish in wholesome flavours you can’t get enough of.


Availability: From 12:30pm to 8:00pm

Order here


Boasting cuisine ranging from Spanish to Japanese, and even desserts like tarts and bubble tea beverages, Changi Eats has it all. 

Even better news – there are a slew of ongoing promotionsto help you slash even more off your delivery orders. Check out the full list of deals available on Changi Eats:

Promotion Period Promotion
Till 10 September 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion

Purchase traditional baked, snow skin and ice cream mooncakes in a single platform on Changi Eats. Featuring mooncake treats from COLLINS®, Earle Swensen’s, Lady M and Lavender Bakery! 

Enjoy more discounts on mooncakes when you cart out with Mastercard to enjoy free delivery and privileges!


Till 31 October 2022

$15 off Self Pick Up Orders

Promo code: SPU15OFF

Enjoy S$15 off self pick-up orders, with min spend S$50. Limited to the first 200 redemptions per month.

Till 31 October 2022

Mastercard Promo

Promo code: MC8OFF
Enjoy $8 off with min spend S$70.

Promo code: MC10OFF:
Enjoy $10 off and free delivery with min spend S$90. 

Payment must be made with Mastercard.

Till 31 March 2023

Mastercard Promo

Promo code: MC50FREE
Enjoy free delivery with min spend S$50. 

Promo code: MC25OFF
Enjoy $25 off and free delivery with min spend S$125. 

Payment must be made with Mastercard.

Till 4 September 2022

Changi Eats complimentary Tote Bag

Add a complimentary Tote Bag to cart when you make a min spend of S$50 to celebrate Changi Eats’ 2nd Birthday! Limited to the first 250 redemptions.

2 to 11 September 2022

September School Holidays Promo

Get a free kids activity pack gift-with-purchase with min spend S$50. Limited to the first 300 redemptions.


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