Why settle for a generic hotel room when you can stay in accommodation that offers a unique local flavour and a different experience on your travels? For your next vacation, change it up a little by booking yourself a caravan, treehouse or even ‘library’ for a quirky stay to enhance your trip. Here are five one-of-a-kind options that you won’t have to travel far into the wilderness to reach.

Live out your childhood fantasy in a treehouse

Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok
Treehouses among the treetops at Bangkok Tree House.

Stay high up in the treetop canopy and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Chao Phraya River and the surrounding greenery.

This is a great getaway from Bangkok’s bustling metropolis. Without straying too far from the city centre, head to the rustic chic Bangkok Tree House and indulge in upscale Tarzan vibes. Located on Bang Krachao island on the Chao Phraya River, it’s just 30 minutes from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

With just 12 rooms – we mean treehouses – you’ll feel like you’ve arrived for a retreat on a tropical island, complete with palm trees, fruit orchards and old temples. You won’t have to rough it out though. The treehouses (called ‘nests’), made with bamboo and recycled metal, are comfortably furnished with beds and other modern fittings such as Wi-Fi and a PC. Some nests even have air conditioning.

The resort’s restaurant serves Thai and international cuisine made with organic ingredients, sustainable seafood and fresh produce grown on the island, bringing a delicious spin to the idea of clean eating.

Glamp in the city

Hüttenpalast, Berlin
A campervan and picnic set at Huttenpalast, Berlin.

Don’t want to brave the elements? Glamp in comfort in caravans and wooden cabins located within a warehouse “campsite” at Hüttenpalast, Berlin.

Immerse yourself in cool yet offbeat Berlin with a stay at Hüttenpalast, which offers adventurous travellers a chance to sleep in vintage caravans or wooden cabins housed within a converted factory. The common areas are furnished with dining tables, vintage chairs and potted plants to truly bring the concept of urban glamping to life. There are also a garden patio and cafe as well as plenty of eateries in this hip neighbourhood, which is conveniently connected to the city centre via Berlin’s efficient public transport system.

Have breakfast with endangered giraffes

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
Two giraffes looking into the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi.

The giraffes at Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor are tame enough to accept food that guests offer them.

Two giraffes grazing at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi.

Giraffes roam freely on the grounds of Giraffe Manor.

It’s not every day that you get to have breakfast with rare Rothschild’s giraffes (look out for their beautiful coats!), so if you’re ever in Nairobi, do consider a stay at the Giraffe Manor, located half an hour from the city. This exclusive boutique hotel is home to a herd of these endangered roaming giraffes who are tame enough to stick their heads into room windows in search of travellers who’ll feed them snacks.

For more close encounters with the wildlife, you can also take a guided walk to the connecting animal sanctuary or meet, feed and foster a baby elephant at the nearby wildlife trust.

Live like the hobbits

Hobbit House, Amsterdam
The interior of the Hobbit House in Amsterdam.

Attention to detail in the interior and furnishings of the Hobbit House.

The entrance of the Hobbit House in Amsterdam.

Don’t forget to pack your camera when you stay at the Hobbit House to snap photos of the themed lodge with round doors and curved furnishings.

For a rare opportunity to see the pages of the beloved fantasy series The Lord of the Rings come to life, book a stay at the Hobbit House, which is located at Kennemer Duincamping Geversduin, 30 minutes from Amsterdam. Partly built within a hill and with round windows and doors – just like the hobbit homes in JRR Tolkien’s books – this cute cabin will make you feel like you’re living in the Shire. The Hobbit House also comes with a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and can accommodate two adults and two kids.

For a rare opportunity to see the pages of the beloved fantasy series The Lord of the Rings come to life, book a stay at the Hobbit House, which is located at Kennemer Duincamping Geversduin, 30 minutes from Amsterdam

Unleash your inner bookworm

Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo
Bookcases and bunk beds make up the interior of Book and Bed Tokyo.

Fancy a bedtime story?

Bookcases and bunk beds make up the interior of Book and Bed Tokyo.

There's no shortage of tomes to choose from when you stay at the Book and Bed Tokyo.

Bookworms, this is your chance to actually live within a bookshop and immerse yourself in a great read till the wee hours. Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel that’s designed to look like a used-book store, with walls of bookcases filled with English and Japanese titles, including manga, for your reading pleasure.

The sleeping nooks are built behind bookshelves to provide privacy and come with reading lights for late-night escapists. There are also communal reading couches and spotless shared bathrooms. The Book and Bed is located a short walk from Tokyo’s Ikebukuro station and close to many of the city’s major attractions.


It might sometimes be challenging to find such unique places to stay at, but the priceless memories you’ll have are well worth the extra effort.  With these amazing accommodation choices, plan your next holiday now! Start by searching for great airfares here!