If you’ve been thinking of exploring Singapore with your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers, but have no idea where to start, then a local tour might just be the answer for you. Before you scroll away thinking that taking a tour in Singapore is going to be the same old, we assure you, these seven unique tours are unlike any other. The best part is that all of these are SingapoRediscovers Vouchers eligible!

1. Vespa Sidecar Heritage Tour

Vespa Sidecar Heritage Tour by Klook

Here’s your chance to explore Singapore on a vintage Vespa Sidecar.

Tour Singapore in style as you hop onboard a Vespa Sidecar and feel the wind in your face, while your guide zooms you down memory lane. You can take your pick from different districts and neighbourhoods including Joo Chiat, Kampong Gelam, Tiong Bahru, or simply go for the Singapore in a Nutshell tour and go with the flow!

Besides riding around, you’ll also be stopping at selected locations where your rider will take the time to share more about their history and significance. This tour is perfect for your Instagram feed and these cute Vespas are definitely going to get heads turning as you make your way around Singapore!

Find out more about the Vespa Sidecar Tour here.

2. Disappearing Trades Tour

Coffee roasting factory visit in the Disappearing Trades Tour by Klook

Go behind the scenes and see how local coffee is traditionally made.

Ever wondered what Singapore was like in our grandparents’ time? This Disappearing Trades Tour is a throwback to post-independence Singapore, and a tribute to traditional trades which have stood the test of time. You’ll be visiting a popular coffee bean roasting factory and one of the oldest remaining traditional bakeries, components of our iconic local kaya toast breakfast.

Disappearing Trade Tour by Klook

Ever wondered how these paper houses are made?

You’ll also get to meet one of the masters of paper house making and find out how it relates to Chinese customs. It’s going to be an educational journey for the entire family as you’ll get to chat with the craftsmen themselves and understand why their trades may soon disappear.

Find out more about the Disappearing Trade Tour here.

3. Creepy Tales of Singapore Ghost Tour

Creep Tales Tour by Klook

If you’ve always loved ghost stories, this tour might be for you.

This Creepy Tales of Singapore Ghost Tour will definitely send shivers down your spine. Discover Singapore's urban legends as you walk past tombstones and mausoleums at a famous cemetery, while using candles and ghost detecting devices to try and detect any paranormal activity.

Cemetry visit on Creepy Tales Tour by Klook

Explore Singapore after dark with this fun and spooky tour.

The tour includes a car to chauffeur you from one haunted site to another, including a secluded hill that was once a World War 2 battlefield and a site that was said to be where massacres took place during the Japanese occupation. This tour is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Find out more about the Creepy Tales Ghost Tour here.

4. Chinatown Murder Mystery

Chinatown Murder Mystery tour by Klook

Solve a murder mystery as you learn the history of Chinatown through the characters and stories.

The Chinatown Murders game tour is a first-of-its-kind! On this walking tour, there will be a game master who will double up as your tour guide and you’ll be given challenging puzzles to solve along the way. With each puzzle solved, you’ll unlock new clues to help you narrow down your suspect list and nab the killer.

These stories were inspired by real people and is definitely a refreshing twist to your usual walking tours.

Find out more about the Chinatown Murders Tour here.

5. City Bike Tour

City Bike Tour by Klook

Enjoy the outdoors while you learn something new about Singapore.

Looking to get a workout while doing something fun that won’t break the bank? Why not take a City Bike Tour and let a guide bring you around the Civic District on a light-hearted tour.

You can also opt to bring your own bike for this 4-hour tour that will bring you to famous spots like the Singapore River, Merlion Park, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Little India, Kampong Gelam and more. We guarantee you that at the end of it, both your legs and your brain will have had a workout!

Find out more about the City Bike Tour here.

6. Kelong & Pulau Ubin Private Boat Tour

Kelong & Pulau Ubin Private Boat Tour by Klook

Gather four of your friends and sail away on your very own private boat.

Hit the high seas in style with this Private Boat Tour as your guide brings you on an adventure off the North-Eastern Coast of Singapore - a sight often unseen. As you circle Pulau Ubin, your guide will share more about the history of the island and how the sea channels work. If you’re in luck, you might even spot wild boars along the coast of Pulau Ubin and be able to go through the mangrove swamps.

Kelong visit at the Kelong & Pulau Ubin Private Boat Tour

Learn all about fish farming on a kelong.

As part of the tour, you’ll also get a pit stop at a kelong, which is a traditional floating fish farm, to understand how they go about their daily operations. As part of the tour, you’ll be able to soak in astonishing views with a drink on hand at the kelong’s restaurant.

Find out more about the Kelong & Pulau Ubin Private Boat Tour here.

7. Instagram Walking Tour

Instagram Walking Tour by Klook

Be prepared to take some Instagram-worthy shots on this walking tour.

Have you been scrolling through your Instagram feed and wondering how some of those amazing photos are shot? Well, it’s time to get your cameras and mobile phones ready for this Instagram Walking Tour with an actual influencer!

Instagram Walking Tour by Klook

Take in the sights and sounds of the colourful Kampong Gelam.

You’ll be spending 3 hours going around Kampong Gelam, exploring the many lanes that are full of beautiful murals. But photography isn’t the only thing on the agenda, as your guide will also be sharing more about the local culture, traditions, and history of the sights in the area.

Find out more about the Instagram Walking Tour here.


Content courtesy of Klook.


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