While travelling in groups may be fun and exciting, going solo remains an unparalleled experience. It provides a sense of flexibility to try new and adventurous activities, as well as an opportunity to push personal boundaries.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and go solo, here’s our advice! 

Start with regions like Croatia, Taiwan and New Zealand as these countries not only boast picturesque natural landscapes, but offer a vast range of adrenaline inducing activities to choose from - whether on land, in the sea or up in the sky.

With a smaller land area to cover in Croatia and Taiwan, navigation is easier and you’ll be able to explore most of the must-see sights in one trip.

1. Croatia

There is much more to Croatia than its Game of Throne sites. So get ready for some of the wildest activities, and most magnificent sights that you have ever set your eyes on.

Start at Istria and paraglide over the city

Landscape view of Istria

Istria is known as the mini Italy of Croatia

Istria is known as the mini Italy of Croatia, and is inspired by the close proximity of the two nations.

Favourable weather conditions in Istria also make it an ideal spot for paragliding – for both beginners and experienced fliers alike. The activity will create a perfect opportunity for you to get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful architecture of the Istrian peninsula, and enjoy the city’s scenic natural landscapes.

Get ready when we say that your time in the air will fly by (literally). Just be warned – for many, it only takes soaring into the heavenly skies once, to get addicted to the rush of paragliding.

Paragliding in Istria will cost approx. S$150.

Rock climbing and bouldering on the idyllic limestone cliffs in Split

If you would rather work for the picturesque view, we suggest scaling up Marjan’s limestone cliffs, located in the middle of Split.

As you climb up these cliffs, you’ll be able to catch a stunning view of the surrounding islands, beaches, and the Adriatic Sea. As some of the cliffs around the park have safe pre-set rock climbing routes, the popular climbing spot is suited to climbers of all skill levels. You just have to remember to bring your gear along with you!

A half-day climbing adventure can cost around S$120.

Kayak through the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik

Kayakers exploring the Adriatic Sea

Kayaking through the Adriatic Sea is a surreal experience

For water activity lovers, kayaking through the sapphire blue Adriatic Sea along Europe’s most unspoiled coastline will be surreal.

Even if you have never tried kayaking before, getting into the kayak is probably the hardest part – and the rest will be a breeze. Simply flow with the rhythm of the clear waters, and see where your solo adventure takes you.

Frequent breaks along the coast will allow you to explore the numerous hidden beaches and cities along the Dalmatian coast, and to try some of the finest Croatia culinary seafood fare. A myriad of exotic birds and plenty of lush vegetation will also give you a chance to get reconnected with nature.

A 3-hour kayaking tour costs approximately S$60.

Best time to visit

While Croatia is beautiful all year round, the best time to visit is during the “shoulder-season” months of May, June, September and October. During these months, you’ll experience beautiful sunny days – without having to deal with the crowds.


The main form of local transportation is the bus. Buses in Croatia run more frequently than trains (about once every 20 minutes on average, but less often on Sundays).

A ride is usually about 10-15 KN, but you may get it at a small discount if you buy your tickets at a Tisak (news-stand).


The Croatian Kuna is the local currency, not the Euro. While some businesses may accept the Euro, it is not Croatia’s official currency, so get hold of some Croatian Kuna before your next trip! 

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2. New Zealand

Many admire New Zealand for its lush greenery and mountainous sights, but it also has a wide range of adventurous, high-adrenaline (and safe) outdoor activities to offer.

Caving and black water rafting through the Waitomo Caves

Glow worms illuminating the darkness as they cling to cave ceilings

When black water rafting, look out for glow worms clinging to cave ceilings

Both caving and black water rafting are activities that are not found easily outside of New Zealand – which is why you should be sure to check them out when you are there. After all, you only live once right?  

For caving, we recommend the Waitomo Caves, as they are simply breathtaking. You will even have the chance to try out climbing activities like abseiling and rock climbing while exploring the caves.

Black water rafting is found exclusively in New Zealand, and is when you raft through dark surroundings in water that appears to be black. As you navigate through the darkness, keep a lookout for glow worms clinging to cave ceilings – it will feel like you’re staring up at a starry night sky.

Be sure to check out these elusive activities, and you will have no shortage of exciting stories to tell your friends and family back home!  

A 3-hour caving or black rafting expedition costs approximately S$135.

Ski down the highest peak in the North Island

Ski lifts on Mount Ruapehu

If skiing down a regular mountain has gotten boring for you, try whizzing down the slopes of an active volcano

If skiing down a regular mountain is too mainstream for you, head over to Whakapapa for some thrilling action. At Whakapapa, you’ll be skiing down an active volcano and the highest peak in the North Island, Mount Ruapehu.

Even though it is an active volcano, there are plenty of monitoring and warning systems to ensure that it is safe before any activity is allowed.

Skiing day passes on Mount Ruapehu start at S$95.

Best time to visit

With New Zealand’s temperate climate, there’s plenty to do all year round. However, if you’re looking to go skiing, plan your trip during the country’s winter months (June, July and August). If you’re more interested in enjoying the warm weather outdoors, the summer months (December, January, and February) will be perfect for you!


While public transportation is available in the larger cities, most travellers find it easier to get around by car (especially if you’re interested in hitting up some of the more rural areas) 


The New Zealand dollar is used throughout the country.

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3. Taiwan

Not ready for a full blown solo adventure trip? Taiwan might be the choice for you.

Taiwan is known for its extensive street food and shopping, and is well suited for those looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. With its beautiful landscapes and efficient transport system, you will have abundance of beautiful views to take in.  

Soar the skies in Hualien City with a motor glider

Flying over the coast of Hualien City on a motor glider, you will be awed by the panoramic view of the city, with its rivers, orchards and paddy fields.

You won’t even have to worry about controlling the motor glider as an instructor will be behind you the entire time!

A motor gliding adventure costs S$160.

Dive into the richest ecological spots in this part of the world

Divers exploring the waters of Kenting

The crystal clear waters in Kenting makes it a perfect diving location

Diving and snorkelling in Kenting will give you access to one of the richest oceanic ecology and rock formations in region – not to mention that all of the natural sights are crystal clear under the azure seawater.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity or if you’re not a confident swimmer, get on a glass-bottomed boat to admire the same stunning underwater sights.

A two-tank dive in Kenting will cost you approximately S$112.

Best time to visit

As it can get rather hot and humid in the summer, autumn (September to November) is the best time to visit Taiwan. Rainfall is usually at its lowest and the weather is generally cooler during these months.


Taiwan’s two major cities (Taipei and Kaohsiung) both boast clean, safe and reliable metro systems (MRT).

All signs and ticketing machines are in English making it easy to purchase tickets and plan out travel routes.


The New Taiwan Dollar has been the currency of Taiwan since it replaced the Old Taiwan Dollar back in 1949.

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Croatia, New Zealand and Taiwan are all places with a perfect outdoor backyard.

So, if you subscribe to the YOLO mantra, and are looking to push your limits on your next solo trip, the abundance of activities to be found in these countries will make any (or all) of them a perfect vacation spot for you.