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Don’t have the iChangi app downloaded on your phone? It’s easy to do so.

Click here to download the iChangi app on your mobile device now, and while you’re at it, return to this article to pick up all the hacks and tips to help get you started when it’s done! 

Changi Airport’s all-in-one iChangi app is more than an informative platform. In a nutshell, here’s how you can use the iChangi app:

1. Keep up to date with travel requirements and flight details

2. Calculate and perform foreign currency exchange

3. Purchase travel-related essentials (think insurance and WiFi routers) and duty-free items

4. Check on transport options, and parking availability

5. Plan and pre-book activities and amenities

6. Spend, collect Changi Rewards and redeem perks

7. And a lot more!

In case you didn’t know, here are 10 under-the-hood features you can use the app for to get the best experience while you’re here at Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel).


Using the iChangi app when you visit Changi Airport & Jewel

1. Use the Car Park feature to find your car, or access parking information across all terminals and Jewel

checking parking availability and rates at singapore changi airport and jewel with ichangi checking parking availability and rates at singapore changi airport and jewel with ichangi

Check for car park availability, parking rates and promotions at Singapore Changi Airport and Jewel seamlessly on the iChangi app.

If you’re driving to Changi Airport and Jewel, with just two simple taps on the iChangi app’s bottom navigation bar (More > Car Park), you will not only get full visibility of the available parking lots and rates across all terminals and Jewel, but also be equipped with a parking fees calculator to tell you how much your parking will cost for your expected length of stay. 

The true gem is the ‘Find My Car’ service, which helps locate your parked vehicle – so you can free up your mind for other more important things to do at Changi Airport with no need to fret over trying to find your car when you’re about to leave!

If you are planning to park your car at the airport while you travel abroad, you can purchase a ‘Park & Fly’ coupon to enjoy preferential parking rates at the airport for a minimum duration of 24 hours. Simply scroll down the ‘Home’ page and tap on ‘Enjoy Parking Promos’ to check out this deal.

Pro-tip: Sign up/log in to your Changi Account via the iChangi app and update your vehicle IU number under ‘Personal Particulars’ to stay updated on parking promotions and redeem eligible parking rewards automatically. 

Of course, a handy guide on getting to or around the airport via all other modes of public transport can also be found under More > Transport.


2. Book amenities, attractions, and events

checking for activities in singapore changi airport via ichangi app checking for activities in singapore changi airport via ichangi app

Explore a wide range of activities on the iChangi app and book passes in advance before you plan an outing to Singapore Changi Airport or Jewel.

There’s so much to discover and do here at Changi Airport. From the ‘Home’ page on your iChangi app, you can tap on the ‘Book, Play & Redeem’ button and start doing some pre-planning and advance booking to make the most out of your day and prevent unnecessary disappointment. 

This year-end, Changi Festive Village is back with fun-filled events from go-kart racing to magical glamping night and other Avatar-themed activities. You can pre-book activities using the date and location filters to unlock the best festive experience. Click here on your mobile device to book activities at the Changi Festive Village now!

Pro-tip: Enjoy greater savings as you go on a journey of fun and discovery at the Changi Experience Studio by booking your tickets on the iChangi app.


3. Scan and earn Changi Rewards points to redeem attractive rewards

scan changi rewards via ichangi app ecard scan changi rewards via ichangi app ecard

Scan your Changi Rewards e-card to earn points and redeem perks easily – there’s no need to carry a physical card when you have the iChangi app.

For those of you who are not aware, Changi Rewards members enjoy GST-absorbed shopping when you shop at Changi Airport, even if you are not flying. For instance, getting that bird’s nest gift for your mum, which originally cost S$107 (price for illustration only), will only cost S$100 when you scan your Changi Rewards  e-card when paying. Your e-card is located at the top right corner of the ‘Home’ page on the app (Rewards Card icon).

Exclusive gifts and privileges can be redeemed as you earn more Changi Rewards points. You can keep track of your points under the ‘Account’ page, and scroll down to ‘Privileges’, section to browse the list of redeemable perks and rewards catalogue. 

Premiums and activity passes for events like Changi Festive Village, can also be redeemed at discounted rates when you spend with Changi Rewards. Just by scanning your Changi Rewards e-card at the point of purchase, you will have eligible perks credited automatically into your account. It’s easy to keep track of earned perks and pass redemptions in your ‘Account’ page, or by selecting the ‘Book, Redeem & Play’ button on the ‘Home’ page menu. 

Pro-tip: You can use your Changi Rewards e-Card at Jewel to enjoy Jewel Double Rewards – this means earning both Changi Rewards points and CapitaStar STAR$ at one go!


4. Pay with Changi Pay using the iChangi app for a more seamless transaction

ichangi shopping digital wallet ichangi shopping digital wallet

Enjoy seamless payment with Changi Airport’s digital payment wallet when shopping at the airport or Jewel.

Designed for a seamless payment experience across Changi Airport and Jewel, Changi Pay is Changi Airport’s digital wallet which enables the earning of CR points automatically and effortlessly in a single scan. 

Plus, enjoy up to S$60 worth of weekly deals from brands and exclusive vouchers, which can be stacked! Fresh vouchers are released weekly. 

So, if you’re planning a visit to Changi Airport or Jewel, activating and using Changi Pay will give you more savings. To access Changi Pay, go to the ‘Home’ or ‘Account’ pages of your iChangi app, or click here using your mobile device to access your Changi Pay wallet

Pro-tip #1: Vouchers are released every Monday, so the fastest fingers first to grab the vouchers from the brands you like and shop away! 

Pro-tip #2: Spendings made using Changi Pay are categorised under ‘online spends’ on your credit card. This means that you can instantly convert your dining and retail spending into ‘online spending’ - a good-to-know for those who go for cash rebates on their credit cards!


Travel Made Easy

5. Search and save flight for real-time updates

ichangi flight and travel information ichangi flight and travel information

Stay up to date with your flight and travel information with detailed sections and seamless access via the iChangi app.

One of the best ways to have the latest flight and airport information at your fingertips and stay up to date with gate changes, arrival timings, terminal allocation and baggage belt information, is to make use of the ‘save flight’ service on the app. Whether you are tracking your own flight, or that of your loved ones, all you need to do is to search for the flight on the search menu found on the ‘Home’ or ‘Travel’ page of the app and select ‘Save Flight’. 

Pro-tip: To receive flight notifications and alerts, you will need to ensure notifications have been allowed on your device settings. You can also pre-define your preferences for flight alerts in the ‘settings’ page found under ‘More’ of your bottom navigation bar.


6. Use the ‘Travel’ page for useful checklists and resources to plan a safe and hassle-free journey

planning travel from singapore with ichangi app planning travel from singapore with ichangi app

With iChangi’s Travel Checklist and resources, you can easily plan your travel with all the information you need.

Getting back to the world of travelling, post-Covid-19, may require quite a bit of work, especially when it comes to trip planning and looking out for travel requirements. 

On the ‘Travel’ page of the iChangi app, you can find a handy travel checklist to help you breeze through your departure, arrival, and/or transit journey at Changi Airport. From entry requirements, to travel essentials, you will find that travel is easier than ever before with these useful resources, including deals, offers, and top recommendations for your destinations!

You can also do your health declaration and complete your SG Arrival Card via the app. 

Pro-tip: You will land on the travel checklist automatically after saving your flight!


7. Pre-purchase travel essentials and collect them all at the airport before you depart

foreign currencies exchange ichangi app foreign currencies exchange ichangi app

Exchange and collect foreign currencies using iChangi app.

One of the newest features on the app is the ‘Currency Exchange’ service. A simple tap on the button from the main menu on the ‘Home’ page of your iChangi app can replace the hassle of making a trip to the money changer downtown. You can skip the queue and check and compare conversion rates before proceeding to make the exchange online. 

What’s next? Select the date and time for pick up, and simply collect your currencies right at Changi Airport before you depart. Do note that you need to order your foreign currencies one working day in advance at the minimum. 

There is also a suite of other travel essentials such as travel insurance, wifi routers and overseas SIM cards, all of which can be booked through the app, and collected all at the same time. 

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to check for exclusive promo codes from Changi Recommends available on the ‘Travel’ promotions section on your app's ‘Home’ page!


Connect with Changi Airport services anywhere, everywhere

8. Shop duty-free online for seamless checkout process

ichangi ishopchangi duty-free shopping ichangi ishopchangi duty-free shopping

Shop duty-free on iChangi app when you browse products on iShopChangi!

Even without making a trip to the airport, iChangi app users can purchase beauty products, perfumes, electronics, fashion, wine & spirits, and more on from all across the airport on iShopChangi – simply tap on the ‘Shop duty-free online’ button on the ‘Home’ page on the app.

A wide selection of options is available - whether you are departing for a trip, arriving from overseas, or even if you are not travelling. Shoppers can earn Changi Rewards points seamlessly on checkout, use exclusive discounts vouchers from Changi Pay to offset their bill, and the best part - iChangi app users can view their orders and collection details conveniently right on their ‘Account’ page on the app. 

Pro-tip: Keep a look out for regular deals and exclusive promo codes on the ‘iShopChangi’ promotions section lane found on the ‘Home’ page of the iChangi app.


9. Savour flavours of Changi and Jewel with Changi Eats

ichangi changi eats ichangi changi eats

Mix and match food delivery on iChangi with Changi Eats.

From the iChangi app, you can also enjoy the Changi Eats Food delivery service which allows you to mix-and-match orders from your favourite restaurants and shops across Changi Airport and Jewel and have them sent right to your doorstep. If you are already here at the airport, the self-pickup option is an insiders’ cheat-sheet for greater savings and convenience if you need to grab some food to go! 

Pro-tip: Enjoy free delivery for orders above S$80 or save 20% when you choose to collect your orders yourself. Don’t forget to scroll the list of promo codes on Changi Eats to apply at checkout!  


10. Sign up for Changi Account to experience more

ichangi changi account ichangi changi account

Sign up for Changi Account to stay in touch and experience more on the app!

From interactive maps, shop and dine directory to special assistance for travelling with children and persons with reduced mobility, there is truly a lot more to explore on the app. The first step to unlock the full experience is to sign up and log in with a Changi Account to connect with Changi Airport’s digital services and enjoy members-only privileges offered by Changi Rewards, Changi Pay, and more! Don’t forget to opt in to receive updates to stay in touch and be among the first to know about the latest exclusive deals, benefits, and other promotions! 

Click here on your mobile device for quicker access to sign up for Changi Account on the iChangi app.


Discover more on iChangi!

download ichangi app download ichangi app

Download the iChangi app by scanning the QR code above.


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