You've read the books, seen the films, and celebrated the characters you love. Now head to Changi Airport and experience what it’s like to be in A Wizarding World Holiday at Changi!

Before you set out to visit the beautiful installation inspired by Diagon Alley, one of the most well-known wizarding locations in the Harry Potter stories, we’ve come up with 5 pro-tips to help you make the best out of your visit. Get ready to try your hand at a variety of magical activities from now till 6 Jan!

Pro-tip 1: 3 wizarding essentials you should get ready before queuing

Photo of participants at Hogsmeade Village (T3) Photo of participants at Hogsmeade Village (T3)

Snap a shot at Hogsmeade Village and fulfill 1 of 3 wizarding essentials needed to enter Diagon Alley.

Step 1: Take 3 different photos at the various event set-ups and include the #ChangiWizardingWorld hashtag when posting them on Instagram, Facebook, WeChat or Weibo. Here’s where you can find them:

    • Whomping Willow at T2 (opposite Krispy Kreme), Level 2

    • Hogsmeade Village at T3 (outside Departure entrance), Level 2

    • Grand Staircase at T3 (behind Hogsmeade Village), Level 2

    • Diagon Alley at T3 (near Old Town White Coffee), Level 2

    • Newt’s Menagerie at T1 (Transit, Central Piazza), Level 2

Step 2: Download the free iChangi App.

Step 3: Prepare your identity card or passport.


Show these to the staff at Diagon Alley to redeem a digital queue number with an SMS alert once it’s your turn.

Pro-tip 2: Know which Hogwarts House you want to rep

Photo of participants at Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions at Diagon Alley (T3) Photo of participants at Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions at Diagon Alley (T3)

Come dressed in your Sunday best and accessorise with your preferred Hogwarts House robe at Madam Malkin’s for a snazzy shot in front of a magical photo-taking mirror!

Whether you’re in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, you’ll want to spend more time in front of the magical photo-taking mirror instead of fussing over which robes to don. Get your best wizarding moves on and download the GIFs onto your phone!

Pro-tip 3: Watch how it’s done before picking up a wand

Photo of participants at the Wand Challenge booth at Diagon Alley (T3) Photo of participants at the Wand Challenge booth at Diagon Alley (T3)

Alohomora? Incendio? Wingardium leviosa? Flaunt your spell-casting prowess at the Wand Challenge booth!

It can get a little confusing at first, but all you need to do to improve your spell casting skills is to listen to the instructions carefully and watch how the person in front of you does it before your turn at the Wand Challenge. By the time it’s your turn, you’ll be flicking, swishing and waving your hand like a natural. Just like one of the characters from the Harry Potter films!

Pro-tip 4: Slow and easy is the way to go for the Niffler Challenge Game

Photo of participant at Niffler Challenge Game at Diagon Alley (T3) Photo of participant at Niffler Challenge Game at Diagon Alley (T3)

It’s a game of luck and strategy over at the Niffler Challenge Game booth!

The aim here is to have Niffler’s plate topple on your end to win. Each round, the staff will spin a wheel to determine the number of coins to place on the plate. Distribute them evenly on your end of the plate slowly, with about a quarter of the coin jutting out of the plate. You don’t want your coins to end up toppling over and distributing the weight to your opponent’s side.

Pro-tip 5: Don't miss out on these highly Instagrammable spots

Photo of Hogsmeade Village (T3) Photo of Hogsmeade Village (T3)

Take a walk through Hogsmeade Village and visit familiar shopfronts inspired by the films!

Photo of Whomping Willow (T2) Photo of Whomping Willow (T2)

Don't forget to drop by the life-size Whomping Willow set-up over at Terminal 2, Departure Hall.

Within the set inspired by Hogsmeade Village are rows of shopfronts you’ll find familiar, like Honeydukes and Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. They'll make great backdrops for your next Instagram post!

Once you’re done there, take a quick walk around the back and enter the set inspired by Hogwarts’ Grand Staircase, complete with recreations of some of the best-known portraits as seen in the Harry Potter films lining the walls. 

Bonus tip: It gets even more magical if you come on the weekends


What's Christmas without a little snow? The area inspired by Hogsmeade Village over at T3 will turn into a white wonderland of lights and snow at 1pm, 6pm, 7pm and 9pm. And if you’ve always wanted to own a unique 'moving' photo, head over to the Grand Staircase at 3pm or 5pm. You’ll get to pose with the magical portraits and create your own lenticular photo.

Discover the full line-up of wizarding and magical activties here.

*Diagon Alley activities are available from now till 6 January while Hogsmeade Village activities are available from now till mid-Feb at Terminal 3, Public Area. Do ensure that you have a valid Singapore visa to enter the Public Area if you would like to enjoy the full experience.


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