Making a last-minute sprint to the airport again? From the rush of last-minute packing to getting all your errands sorted prior to take-off, there's always some final task to complete before you can get out of your home. If you belong to this category of travellers, here are five things you can definitely relate to.

1. Your transport is never on time

You make an advance booking for your airport transfer, but about two minutes before you drag your luggage to the doorstep, the driver contacts you to say he’s running late. Reasons could vary from being stuck at the petrol station to a flat tyre, and if you plan to take a train or bus, you will somehow manage to miss it by mere seconds, watching the doors close just inches from your face!

2. You have to turn back midway because you forgot something

Handwritten packing list Handwritten packing list

Tip: Spend a few minutes compiling a packing list so you won't forget to bring along the most important items when you leave home

Whether it’s your passport (the horror!), foreign currency or an important document, you only realise you left something essential at home when you are halfway to the airport. There’s no choice but to rush back home and rely on your inner Olympic sprinter as you dash from the cab to your home to retrieve the missing item before rushing back to the cab.

3. You always beg strangers to let you cut the check-in queue

The check-in aisles at Changi Airport The check-in aisles at Changi Airport

Skip the queues at the check-in counter by doing an online check-in, so you won't have to get in line with the crowd

You’re completely used to grovelling in front of strangers to request they let you go ahead of them – your flight is already open for boarding, after all! All that disgruntled grumbling as you scramble over other people’s luggage is practically your soundtrack to travelling. And you’ll have to do it again at passport control!

You’re completely used to grovelling in front of strangers to request they let you go ahead of them – your flight is about to board, after all!

4. Your boarding gate is at the other end of the terminal

Travellers walking to their boarding gate at Changi Airport Travellers walking to their boarding gate at Changi Airport

Take note of the time it will take you to walk to your boarding gate – Changi Airport’s terminals are surprisingly large!

Of course, the boarding gate for your flight is always at the far end of the terminal, which means a desperate sprint – hand luggage in tow – while shouting “Excuse me!” as you accidentally bump into other travellers. Be sure to watch your step as you speed walk on the travellators!

5. Everybody stares as you walk to your seat

You’re naturally the last person on the flight, and as you step inside the plane you hear an announcement that the last passenger has arrived and doors are now closed. The other passengers are already buckled in, with a few giving you dirty stares for delaying the pre-flight preparations. Looking sheepishly at the floor as you shuffle to your seat is the norm.

Instead of stressing yourself out before flights with a mad rush every time, why not arrive a bit earlier? Changi Airport offers early check-in options, with some airlines providing the service 12–24 hours ahead of the flight’s scheduled departure time.

Dropping in early also means you have more time for fantastic duty-free shopping, such as at Shilla Duty Free, which offers a wide range of cosmetics and perfumes. The Shilla Beauty Loft at Terminal 3 even offers an array of pampering services such facials from SK-II and flash makeovers by Dior for early birds. Or visit DFS Wines & Spirits to pick up premium alcoholic beverages – the duplexes in T2 and T3 include a wide variety of options. To take a breather from all the shopping, enjoy a complimentary pre-flight drink at the Raffles Long Bar at T3 before boarding.

With so much to do, you’ll have plenty of ways to indulge and stay entertained before boarding your flight with dignity – and blood pressure – intact.


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