At Changi Airport, your adventure begins the moment you enter the terminal. From butterflies and orchid gardens to free movies and massage chairs, there are plenty of facilities to enjoy while waiting to catch your flight.

We have collected some of our favourite passengers’ feedback from Facebook, which highlights what they love most about Changi – including our toilets. Is your favourite Changi hang-out in this list too?

The great green indoors

The gardens of Changi Airport boast over 500,000 species of plants and flowers, with some outdoor gardens that include great airside views of the airport. 

Planes take off over the Sunflower Garden at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 Planes take off over the Sunflower Garden at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2

Watch the planes taking off from the beautiful Sunflower Garden in T2

•  Sunflower Garden, T2: Watch the action on the runway and aircraft parking bays from this peaceful spot featuring 500 happy yellow sunflowers.
•  Butterfly Garden, T3: Over 1,000 butterflies in a number of exotic varieties flit about the ferns, vines and shrubs to the sound of a relaxing waterfall. Hold your hand out and one might even rest in your palm.
•  Orchid Garden, T2: Over 700 unique orchids bloom around the koi pond, including a special orchid hybrid that was named after Changi – the Dendrobium Changi Airport.
•  Enchanted Garden, T2: Motion sensors trigger sounds and sights, and an LED path sparkles as you enter this magical place. The kids will love it!
•  Cactus Garden, T1: It sounds prickly, but the Cactus Garden's open-air bar (Traveller's Cactus Pub) is a great place to grab a drink between flights. Admire 100 different cactus varieties while you wait.
•  Koi Pond, T3: Calm yourself by watching the fish swimming gracefully. You can learn a few things about koi here, and the kids can even lend a hand if you happen to be around at feeding time.

I love Changi Airport's environment because it has orchid flowers and plants... making it a green garden city with a fresh and clean atmosphere – Angela Zhu

Snooze and de-stress in style

Travellers catching up on their sleep at Changi Airport's snooze lounges Travellers catching up on their sleep at Changi Airport's snooze lounges

Catch up on sleep ahead of your flight in the snooze lounges at Changi Airport

There are snooze lounges in all three terminals, perfect for catching up on sleep in comfort. If you would prefer to massage away your tiredness or flight-related aches and pains, you can have a free foot massage at the massage chairs located throughout the airport. There are also free full-body massage chairs just around the corner from The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck in Terminal 3.

Up for something different? Little fishes are waiting to nibble on your toes at Terminal 1. The 'Doctor Fish' pedicure is a great way to remove dead skin and rejuvenate your feet.

[Changi Airport] ensures there is something for everybody; kids’ activities, great eating joints, massage chairs! – Anil Gautam

Catch up on new movie releases for free

Changi Airport’s movie theatre features new releases Changi Airport’s movie theatre features new releases

Newly released movies are a big draw at Changi Airport, and can be enjoyed 24 hours a day

Watching recent movies on a plane is always fun, but watching brand-new releases at the airport will really put you ahead of the movie game. There are movie theatres in Terminals 2 and 3, where visitors can relax while watching a new release for free. Both cinemas have comfortable seats, top-of-the-range picture projection and the latest in sound technology. Even better, they're open 24 hours every day. Just don't forget you have a flight to catch!

It has new movies that play 24 hours a day! – John Nigrone

Get into the gaming zone!

The PlayStation 3 at the Entertainment Deck The PlayStation 3 at the Entertainment Deck

Make a beeline for these game consoles for some non-stop action

Gamers can play free Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games at the Entertainment Deck in Terminal 2. Get your limbs moving in the Xbox Kinect room, where you can play games based on your movements and actions. Compete with family and friends, or make friends with a stranger in transit!

Changi Airport's play area and gaming zone kept the kids really busy and entertained while I relaxed – Preeti Iyengar

Bonus! Toilets with a view

The toilets at Changi Airport have excellent views The toilets at Changi Airport have excellent views

You can plane-spot while touching up your makeup in some of the Terminal 1 toilets

Want a loo with a view? Almost every one of the 26 toilets in Terminal 1 has been renovated or expanded. Not only are they immaculately clean, but the premier toilets near the Central Piazza in Terminal 1 provide visitors with the unique opportunity to view the apron and taxiway. That's a prime seating arrangement you won't get anywhere else!

I love Changi Airport's toilet because it's forever clean! – Tiffany Nai

These are just some of the possible reasons why Changi was awarded the Best Airport for Leisure Amenities (as well as the World's Best Airport) by Skytrax, earlier this month.

With so much to do at Changi Airport, you can start your vacation before even boarding the plane. But don't get so caught up in the activities that you miss your flight!


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