Think of shopping in an airport and what comes to mind are likely the usual suspects – duty free products, branded goods and local souvenirs. But how about items like… crocodile oil? That’s one of the few unique items you can purchase at Changi Airport just before boarding your flight.

Read on for a (non-exhaustive) list of unusual items that can be found in Changi Airport’s transit areas!

The most unlikely beauty product: Crocodile oil

Boxes of Crocodile oil on the shelf Boxes of Crocodile oil on the shelf

From moisturising skin to reducing acne, crocodile oil has a myriad of uses for the skin.

As far as beauty oils go, this probably takes the top spot for having a most unique source. Crocodile oil is harvested from the fatty tissues of the reptile and is rich in amino acids, collagen proteins, taurine, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals.

The product is said to be able to reduce acne, moisturise skin and relieve a multitude of other skin conditions. This may be considered the “holy grail” of beauty, particularly to some of Changi Airport’s Vietnamese and Chinese passengers.

Where you can find it:

Discover Singapore – Terminals 1 to 4, Level 2, Departure Lounge

Guardian Health & Beauty – Terminals 1 and 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge


Believe it or not: The humble rice cooker

Cornell and Zojirushi rice cookers Cornell and Zojirushi rice cookers

Rice cookers are just one of the many types of home appliances sold in the airport.

Rice. Nasi. Khao. However you call it, rice is one of the world’s most important staple food, especially for the Asians. This might sound strange, but there are quite a number of passengers who buy these rice cookers on their way out of Singapore.

Brand aside, the mass appeal of these rice cookers lies in their assortment of functions. Besides cooking rice, the use of rice cookers has expanded to include cooking an astonishing repertoire of other delights – from hummus to cheesecake and even banana bread!

Where you can find it:

Sprint-Cass – Terminals 1,2 and 3, Level 2, Departure Lounge

A Tender Loving Care (TLC) gift for new mummies: Post-natal care pack

Eu Yan Sang postnatal pack Eu Yan Sang postnatal pack

Opt for a practical and nourishing gift for mummy friends who have just welcomed new babies.

In case you need to grab a gift at the airport for a friend who’s recently welcomed a new addition to the family, your options need not be confined to something for the baby. In fact, there’s an interesting postnatal pack you can find at Changi to pamper the mother with. 

Comprising a 28-day nourishment plan, as well as an essential kit that consists of vitamins and tonic soup packs, this care pack is a post-natal diet hack for modern mummies.

Where you can find it:

Eu Yan Sang – Terminals 1,2 and 4, Level 2, Departure Lounge

The strangest energy booster: Oyster extract

Josephine Oyster Extract Josephine Oyster Extract

A multivitamin that increases energy and vitality, the oyster extract is ideal for those who always stays up late.

Multivitamins and supplements can come from many different sources, ranging from your common herbs, to intriguing ingredients.

You may have tasted raw or cooked oysters, but have you tried it in tablet form? The oyster extract packed in a bottle of 90 pills, is made from dried and ground oyster meat, and helps in recovering from fatigue. If you lead an irregular lifestyle or drink alcohol regularly, this might just be the health supplement for you!

Where you can find it:

Guardian Health & Beauty – Terminals 1 and 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge

The largest extraordinary item: A massage chair

OSIM massage chair OSIM massage chair

Relaxation with these massage chairs doesn’t have to stop after you leave Changi Airport.

Perhaps you have indulged in a relaxing massage on one of our massage chairs while waiting for your flight, and want more. Well, the good news is that you can get your very own massage chair and enjoy more massages from the comfort of your own home! Not to worry, you don’t have to lug your massage chair onboard your flight. If you decide to purchase one, you can have it shipped to your home country.

Where you can find it:

OSIM – Terminal 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (near F Gates)

An exotic appliance to brew your coffee: The moka pot

BLACK moka pot BLACK moka pot

Using the moka pot is the old-fashioned way of brewing coffee.

Besides the extensive options of coffee joints available in Changi, you can even find unique home barista tools like the moka pot for you to craft your own cup of joe. Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or someone who simply appreciates good ol’fashioned methods of cooking, the moka pot is the unconventional item for you. For the uninitiated, the moka pot is an electric coffee maker. Italians believe that the moka pot is the most “original” way of brewing coffee.

To prepare your coffee, start by pouring water in the bottom-most layer. After which, you’ll need to add the dark roast ground coffee powder in the second layer before heating the pot on flame. Available in two sizes, the smaller moka pot makes one espresso shot while the bigger one makes two.

Where you can find it:

BLACK: Barista Coffee World – Terminal 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Central)


While the list is certainly not exhaustive, these are just some of the more unconventional items you can find and purchase while you’re in Changi Airport’s transit areas. The next time you’re waiting for your flight out, take time to browse just a little longer in the shops and be surprised by the unique items you may just find!

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