You’re running late for your flight and you’re unsure of which terminal to go to. Feeling helpless, you look down at your phone which you’ve been clutching tightly since you arrived at the airport. Who can you ask? The answer is in your hands, literally! Changi Airport’s new virtual assistant, MAX, has been specially developed to offer you round-the-clock assistance conveniently from your phone.

Watch the video below for a snapshot of what MAX can do and read on to find out more about these cool functions!

1. Get your flight schedule and alerts

Whether you’re embarking on your journey, transiting or arriving at Changi Airport, or waiting to pick someone up, get real-time flight information* with the touch of a few buttons!

Get your terminal, check-in row number and the latest gate status, directly from MAX! Can’t remember the flight number? All you need to do is search the departure or destination cities, or the airline you’re flying with!

Pro tip: Subscribe to flight alerts in Facebook Messenger to receive real-time notifications about your flight while you explore Changi Airport!

*Limited to same-day and next-day flights only

2. Discover things to do in Changi Airport, or let MAX suggest something for you

Can’t decide where to eat? No problem. Got a long layover? We’ve got it covered. With so much to do at Changi Airport, you’ll be spoilt for choice in both the public and transit areas! If you can’t make up your mind, let MAX suggest something for you to do. With the tap of a finger, MAX will send you a curated list of options from gardens, entertainment facilities, and the latest restaurants in Changi’s terminals or in Jewel.

Pro-tip: Exclusively on the iChangi App, turn on your Bluetooth and GPS to use maps and wayfinding features to help you get to your next destination within Changi Airport!

3. Report your lost items easily

It’s easy to lose things when you’re jet-lagged or rushing for a connecting flight. If you have misplaced an item, fret not! You can either visit the information counter, or get MAX to help you file a lost report. MAX will guide you through a few simple steps to submit a lost item report, and the Changi Airport Team will contact you if they find a match.

Changi Airport’s virtual assistant MAX Changi Airport’s virtual assistant MAX

Use MAX now for a fuss-free experience at Changi Airport before your flight!

With MAX the virtual assistant at your beck and call, you can now enjoy an even more pleasant pre-flight experience at Changi Airport, knowing that there is something that’s convenient and you can rely on!

MAX is available on Facebook Messenger, the iChangi App, and

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