Art can be found anywhere, from museums to hotels and even along the streets. Airports are also starting to incorporate art into various exhibits and architecture. (You can quite literally find the word “art” in “airport”!) Singapore’s Changi Airport is no exception. In fact, at Changi, art has become an intrinsic part of every passenger’s experience, with its multitude of stunning art installations encapsulating culture and creativity that bring inspiration to everyone, art aficionado or not!

Here’s a quick guide on where to find seven magnificent works of art located in the public areas of Changi Airport – which means you can view them even without having to check in!


Terminal 4

1. Let your dreams take flight with Les Oiseaux (The Birds)

Les Oiseaux (The Birds) by Cedric Le Borgne art installation at Changi Airport’s T4 Departure and Arrival Hall

Planes are not the only ones taking flight at Changi, with Les Oiseaux (The Birds) by French artist Cedric Le Borgne

The journey to discover art in Changi begins the moment you step into T4’s Departure Check-in Hall. Upon stepping in, you’ll be greeted with the elegant Les Oiseaux (The Birds), comprising  three brilliant bird sculptures made from stainless steel wires.

Look up to marvel at the two birds soaring in mid-air, perched lightly atop the plants lining T4’s Arrival Hall. If you’re observant enough, you will also see the third bird sitting forlornly at level one! These birds were created to metaphorically represent our emotions in the airport – from the little intimate moments of parting to the precious reunifications between friends and family.  

At the end of the day, however, it’s really up to your imagination! What do you make of Les Oiseaux?

Location: T4 Departure and Arrival Hall (Public)

2. Pose with these #throwback murals from Singapore’s past

Singapore Culture Mural by Yip Yew Chong at Changi Airport T4, Underpass@T4

37 metres of intricately hand-drawn murals at T4 detail little snippets of life in Singapore

When you’re done admiring Les Oiseaux, head to the lifts located at the centre of the departure and arrival halls of T4 and proceed to basement 2.

The newest installation among Changi’s art pieces, this mural is quite ahidden gem, and  well worth the effort to check out.

Take a walk down the entire stretch and be transported back to old Singapore as you relive its sights and sounds through Yip Yew Chong’s realistic, life-sized depictions. 

See slices of Singapore at Terminal 4

Singapore Culture Mural (Roti Prata) by Yip Yew Chong at Changi Airport T4, Underpass@T4

From local delicacies like Roti Prata to drink carts containing Chendol and Bandung, you’d almost be able to smell and taste the food just by looking at it!

Why not pretend to sit by a Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips) store or steal a piece of Kueh (bite sized sweet or savoury snacks) from the Nyonya store while you’re there? Let your imagination run wild as the mural presents plenty of opportunities to take creative, funny and aesthetic photos!                                         

Location: Underpass@T4


3. Be mesmerised by the beautiful Petalclouds

Petalclouds kinetic art installation at Changi Airport’s T4 Central Galleria

This soaring kinetic art installation spans a whopping 200m across T4 – about the length of two football fields

As you head back up to the ground level, look straight ahead,beyond the rows of check-in counters. Gaze at the magnificent golden petals as they dance gracefully in harmony with music and light, through the space that separates the departure and transit halls (known as the Central Galleria).

Like its namesake, the Petalclouds are petals floating together, evoking the movement of clouds drifting through the sky. This kinetic art installation comprises 16 petal-shaped aluminium frames suspended by wires, composed to create mesmerising patterns that move in time with classical music. 

Admire the Petalclouds from almost anywhere in the terminal - the departure hall to the transit lounge and even the baggage hall!

Fun fact: Look around. You might spot the orchid petal – the main inspiration for T4’s design concept – in the strangest and most inspired of places, like the skylights and even… the dustbins?

Location: T4, Central Galleria


Terminal 2

4. Time literally flies at A Million Times at Changi

A Million Times Art Installation at Changi Airport T2 Departure Hall

At 7.5m wide and 3.4m tall, A Million Times at Changi represents the concept of time

Now that you’ve covered T4, board the shuttle bus to T2!

Take some time to marvel at A Million Times at Changi, a timeless kinetic art installation using the hands of more than 500 clock faces to represent the concept of time and the millions of memories, farewells and homecomings created in Changi Airport. Perhaps you might even remember your own?  

If you’re interested to understand the science that went behind the creation of A Million Times at Changi, check out how its creators got the art of time down to a science.

Location: T2 Departure Hall (Public)


Terminal 3

5. A Daisy… or not?

Daisy by Christian Moeller Art Installation at Changi Airport T3 Departure Hall

At first glance, Daisy by Christian Moeller might look like the flower. Look again. What else does it remind you of?

A quick walk through the MRT linkway will bring you to T2. (Psst, this is your chance to shoot a stunning #ChangiSymmetry travellator photo for the gram!)

Have you ever noticed what happens when you walk around the giant Daisy art installation in T3? It responds to you!

Its propeller (surprise! Daisy is in actual fact a propeller created to resemble a daisy) moves gracefully yet unpredictably when it detects your movements, via built-in sensors. Why a propeller? Daisy represents not only the transportive nature of Changi Airport, but also Singapore’s busy seaport.

Fun fact: Daisy is painted in Singapore’s national colours: red and white.

Location: T3 Departure Hall (Public)

6. Rest your eyes on the luscious Green Wall

Green Wall Art Installation at Changi Airport T3 Departure Hall

Take a guess: What is T3’s Green Wall inspired by?

Venture further into the Departure Check-in Hall at T3 and you’ll meet a huge green wall.

Surprised that T3’s Green Wall made this list? Don’t be. The Green Wall is a meticulously designed art installation of specially curated plants, inspired by the bird’s eye view of the tropical rainforest canopy.

Boasting more than 100,000 plants, this towering work of art represents Singapore’s lush tropical greenery, a nice complement to Daisy, which stands on the opposite side of T3’s Departure Hall.

Don’t be surprised when a leaf flutters down to greet you when collecting your baggage – every single plant on the Green Wall is real.

Fun fact: The Green Wall helps regulate the temperature in T3 via transpiration!

Location: T3 Departure Hall (Public)

Terminal 1

7. Let these enthralling Kinetic Rain(drops) take your breath away

Kinetic Rain art installation at Changi Airport T1 Departure Hall

More than 1,000 bronze droplets move in harmony to create abstract art patterns and not-so-abstract shapes

Enjoy the therapeutic sky train ride to T1 (and possibly get a good shot of the iconic Control Tower as you pass by!) as you make your way to the final stop on this itinerary.

The Kinetic Rain really took off when it was first introduced in 2012, receiving a great deal of love from all around the world – but do you know what it was inspired by?

If there’s one thing most Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with, it’s the rainy weather. The Kinetic Rain was inspired by exactly that: Singapore’s tropical weather. Stick around long enough and you might even catch the Kinetic Rain take the form of an aeroplane, a hot air balloon and even a dragon!

Location: T1 Departure Hall (Public)


Next time you’re travelling through or to Changi, remember to check out these stunning art installations! Suspend your disbelief and re-imagine Changi through the eyes of an artist – you could say art truly takes flight here in Changi Airport. 


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