If you’re looking for discounts on top of duty-free prices and unlimited overseas WiFi – look no further. We’re spilling ALL our “aunty” secrets to help save you money on your next holiday, so don’t say we bojio (a Hokkien term to mean not telling someone about an event or activity).

Before your trip

A couple walking in Europe during their holiday A couple walking in Europe during their holiday

Plan in advance to save some money

1. Pre-book your overseas tickets and transport passes online

It’s always better to plan in advance! While many travellers know to plan their itineraries beforehand (and that really helps), the real hack is to purchase whatever tickets you can online.

Buying tickets at the door is almost always the most expensive option. Adding to that, you’ll probably need to survive a snaking queue before you even see the ticketing counter. Skip the stress (and the queue), and pre-book your tickets.

One such option is to do so via Changi Recommends, which is a one-stop e-shop with discounted everything—from attraction tickets to transport cards. Find out how to do so here.  

Next up: What’s the one thing you can’t travel without? Ask any millennial and the answer you’ll get is “WiFi”. We completely understand, so here’s our next hack:

2. Rent a WiFi router, especially if you’re travelling in a big group

Gone are the days when we could make do with (questionable) café WiFi—it’s just too slow to do anything (read: surf social media platforms and upload live updates). Prepaid SIM cards typically come with a stingy data cap, but may still be justifiable if you’re going solo and are prepared to use it very sparingly. However, if you’re travelling in a large group on a budget, consider router rentals instead.

This is more economical because a) the whole group can share it, and b) you don’t have to worry about expensive roaming charges. Take ChangiWiFi for example, pay a nominal rental fee (from $5 per day) and get unlimited^ overseas WiFi.

Once you’re in the airport…

A couple standing in front of a window at the airport A couple standing in front of a window at the airport

Plan in advance for your overseas WiFi needs

3. FREE airport facilities you didn’t know existed (movie theater, gaming hideout, and more)

Changi Airport's Sunflower Garden Changi Airport's Sunflower Garden

Check out the Sunflower Garden in the transit areas of Terminal 2

If you’re not prepared to spend a single cent, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

For the nature enthusiasts, there are five themed gardens — Cactus Garden (T1), Sunflower Garden (T2), Enchanted Garden (T2), Orchid Garden (T2) and Butterfly Garden (T3)—in the transit area which you can enter for free. It’s a great place to snap those airport fashion #OOTDs!

Prefer games and movies? Head to the Entertainment Deck (T2). Unlike LAN shops that charge by the hour, this hidden enclave is completely F-O-C! There are two movie theaters (T2, T3) that screen the latest blockbusters, as well as a gaming area, which is stocked with PCs, Xbox360 and Kinect, and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Just want to catch a wink? Go ahead and take a power nap at the Free-to-Use Snooze Lounges, which are available at every terminal (in transit).

4. Lastly, collect points and redeem cash vouchers and/or miles

Changi Rewards Card in Changi Airport Changi Rewards Card in Changi Airport

Accumulate points to redeem Changi Dollar Vouchers or even KrisFlyer miles. Photo credit: Happenings by Changi Recommends

Congratulations on making it this far—you’ve almost completed your super “aunty” tutorial! The final step is to sign up for the Changi Rewards card (it’s free, too).

Grab a card from any of the information counters and/or register for one online. You can use it to accumulate points, which can be redeemed for either Changi Dollar vouchers or KrisFlyer miles – you can even use this together with other rewards or loyalty cards! Other perks include birthday treats and GST savings, even in the public area. (P.S. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling on promotion weekends, you may even get double GST rebates!)

Disclaimer: All information (including but not limited to prices and promotions) are accurate at the time of writing. For the latest information, please refer to the respective brand websites. Check-in promotions valid until 31 Oct. 

About Happenings by Changi Recommends: A local travel blog with the hippest happenings from all over the world. Read more at: happenings.changirecommends.com.

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