Regardless of whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom, it’s no easy task trying to care for your personal needs and that of your demanding young ones. As a mother of one and soon-to-be two, it’s a never-ending tug-of-war with time (or the lack of). The one, most important pro tip I've learnt in motherhood is to outsource, as and when you can. And that includes shopping. When you’re so pressed for time, online shopping portals are your bffs – they save you tonnes of time and more often than not, you can also find some great bargains. 

Apart from the usual online shopping sites, I’ve recently discovered a hidden gem – iShopChangi. While they used to offer their services to travellers only, they have recently extended their tax-free shopping island-wide, with up to 50% off downtown prices! While working out my own shopping list, I’ve also picked out some of the best-priced items on the site, both for the kids and self-care deprived moms (yes that’s us!). So go on, indulge in some retail therapy because we all know we deserve it. 

For popular baby essentials with the best price in town

With another baby on the way, I’ve been looking for alternative car seat options for the elder one and Urban Mifold's Grab & Go Booster Seat seems to check all the boxes! It's lightweight and foldable, which makes it extremely convenient to move in and out of the car. Even if you don’t drive, this is a good option to ferry your toddlers around in taxis and private hire cars.  

For the new-age moms, Hegen is a godsend. With revolutionary and meaningful designs, it was just what I needed to support me through the demanding schedules of motherhood. I used their PCTO™ feeding bottles when my toddler was a baby and with its no-screw thread closure, it was very useful especially when my hands are full – simply press to close, and twist to open! If you're a new mom, the complete starter kit available on iShopChangi is what you'll need. 

I've also carted the Trolls Poppy's Microphone as a back up for when I need to distract her with a new toy. Having a new toy stashed away as back up is extremely useful especially during an emergency. This toy microphone plays five songs from the movie Trolls World Tour and could easily engage her for at least an hour. These items are all on iShopChangi at tax-absorbed prices – a steal if I may say so!

For the kiddos’ well-being – inside and out

My toddler was born with extremely sensitive skin – inherited from my dear husband. So ever since she was a baby, I've been very careful with what I use for her skin. As much as possible, I look out for natural ingredients in the products that I use and so far, Calendula has been working wonders on her skin. Known for its soothing and anti-inflammation properties, it’s one of the top choices for sensitive skin. My trusted go-tos have always been Klorane Bébé and California Baby’s range of products. The California Baby travel size set available on iShopChangi is extremely helpful for fuss-free clean up after a day at the beach!

For moms with picky eaters, you may want to supplement their diet with Nature's Plus Dietary Supplements. Containing a blend of green vegetables and oceanic superfoods such as broccoli, spinach, kelp and more, this superfood complex provides support for a healthy gut. Each dose comes in a delicious chewable tablet form - a great substitute for sugary treats.

For that occasional treat we all need to ‘distract’ the kids

Yes, we all need a break sometimes. Even if it means letting the kiddos indulge in sugary treats so we can have 10 minutes of peace. Mom guilt is very real, but don’t fault yourselves for it – an occasional treat is perfectly fine. While you can find biscuits and sweets in supermarkets, what I love about the selection on iShopChangi is that some of these treats come in reusable, collectible tins which can be used as storage or even for sensory play! Oh, and you may want to know that all chocolate items from Cocoa Trees are going at 50% off till end June 2020 – but maybe cart that out for yourself instead.

And for us moms (yes, remember that self-care is important too!)

Whenever I shop for the kids, I try to buy a little something for myself as well. As moms, we often neglect self-care because there’re always more important things to do. But self-care is necessary to remind ourselves that our needs are important too. One of the best ways to take advantage of iShopChangi’s tax-absorbed shopping is to buy all the travel-exclusive sets! While these are normally available for travellers only, you can now buy them even if you’re not travelling. At up to 66% off downtown prices, it’s a bargain you won’t get anywhere else.

Personally, my top choices are Sulwhasoo’s Gentle Cleansing Water Duo for removing make up, Clarins’ UV Plus Duo #Rosy Glow for UV protection (especially useful for new moms who may experience sun spots more easily after childbirth) and Innisfree’s Second Skin Mask as part of my daily skincare routine. If your skin needs some extra pampering, you can also consider Fresh’s Vitamin Nectar Jam Mask.

For new moms, I have a few other recommendations. The Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum is a must-have for minimising fine lines and wrinkles (we all know what motherhood does to our skin!). To help combat post-partum hair loss, go for the PHS Hairscience FEM Fortify Shampoo (tried and tested, it worked wonders for me), and last but not least, the Fitbit Charge 4 to help you keep fit amidst the chaos.


Many times, I find myself sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the challenges of motherhood. But along the way, I’ve also learnt simple tips to relieve myself of the stress – one of which is shopping online that has helped me save a ton of time. I then use this extra time for self-care or spending quality time with the family. So, here’s hoping that this shopping list would benefit you too!


The views expressed in this article are those of the author, Elise Tay.

About Elise: Mother of a toddler girl and currently pregnant with her second. A baker and a cook, she frequently updates @elisetay_ on Instagram with photos of her culinary adventures and snippets of motherhood.


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