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While we’re grounded, technology has allowed us to travel without leaving home. You can visit museums, attractions, nature parks and even attend events from any part of the world. Virtual tours transport you to places in just a few clicks.

Pre-Covid-19, one of the best parts about travelling through Changi Airport was the chance to explore its many themed gardens. Now you can experience Changi’s gardens in the comfort of your home, through these 360-degree virtual tours. Anytime you need an escape from reality, a calming oasis awaits virtually.

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Discover over 100 species of cacti

Cactus Garden Changi Airport Terminal 1 Cactus Garden Changi Airport Terminal 1

See different varieties of cacti and learn fun facts about the world's most enduring plants.

Tucked away in Terminal 1, the Cactus Garden is probably one of Changi’s best kept secrets. The rooftop garden has an open bar and is highly sought-after by travellers looking for an ice-cold beer and a view of the runway. It is also home to more than 100 different species of cacti and arid plants from around the world.

If you are a plant lover, you might recognise the Apple Cactus, with its tree-like appearance and is known to produce flowers that only bloom for one night, the Barrel Cactus, which some call the Hedgehog Cactus due to its shape, or the Prickly Pear Cactus, where several varieties bear edible fruits . Try to spot the Sago Palm - this unassuming plant belongs to an ancient species called Cycads which first appeared millions of years ago!

You can learn more about these hardy plants as you virtually wander through the Cactus Garden. Simply click on the information icon to discover more fun facts!

Explore the Cactus Garden here.

Step into a butterfly sanctuary

Butterfly Garden Changi Airport Terminal 3 Butterfly Garden Changi Airport Terminal 3

Admire the beauty of the Butterfly Garden and let nature take away any stress.

The world's first butterfly garden in an airport needs no further introduction. This two-storey garden is designed as a tropical butterfly habitat, and is a feast for the eyes. The verdant greenery, blooming flowers, 6-metre-tall grotto waterfall and more than 40 species of butterflies, make any traveller feel like they’ve entered a nature park.  

Did you know the Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3 houses about 20 species of flowers, most of which are grown at Changi Airport’s very own nursery? These flowers are pesticide-free and are specially selected for one of three reasons – nectar for the butterflies, places for butterflies to roost or food for caterpillars.

Although the butterflies are currently on a hiatus, the information icons scattered throughout the virtual garden provide fascinating facts about these delicate but graceful creatures. Head to the Emergence Cage to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and watch a short clip of the remarkable transformation from pupa to butterfly.

Explore the Butterfly Garden here.

Find your zen at this aquatic garden

Water Lily Garden Changi Airport Terminal 1 Water Lily Garden Changi Airport Terminal 1

Never been to the Water Lily Garden? Well, here's your chance to soak in the zen vibes of this calm haven.

This is probably the most underrated garden in Changi Airport. The Water Lily Garden at Terminal 1 is an aquatic garden that features water lilies and other interesting plants that live in or near water. Some of these aquatic plants either float on water, are partially or fully submerged. Even the shelter is shaped like the leaf of a lily plant floating on water.

As you virtually roam the meandering walkways, you’ll find a few varieties of water lilies in beautiful shades of blue, pink, purple and white. And don’t be surprised if you see the Yam and Pandan plants. The former, as we all know, is a staple food crop. They are usually found growing in wetlands and have distinctive heart-shaped leaves. The latter actually ranks second behind the coconut in terms of cultural and economic importance in the Pacific region (almost every part of the Pandan plant can be used!).

Explore the Water Lily Garden here.

Tip: If you want to take a closer look at the water lilies, simply scroll to zoom!

Gardens to check out in person!

Jurassic Mile Changi Airport Connector Jurassic Mile Changi Airport Connector

Don't miss the 3.5-metre-tall pink Diplodocus!

Your dino-loving kiddos now have more dinosaurs to hunt down! Our resident dinos at Jurassic Mile just welcomed some new friends, eleven to be exact. They were part of the centrepiece festive display at Changi’s year-end event but are now repurposed and moved to various locations along the 3.5km outdoor cycling and jogging track.

Besides the Changi Airport Connector and Jurassic Mile, there’s no lack of gardens and nature spots in the public areas of Changi Airport and Jewel. See larger-than-life dragonfly topiaries at T1’s Arrival Garden, embark on walking trails at the Shiseido Forest Valley in Jewel, find mood-lifting floral displays at the Petal Garden, wander through Singapore’s largest hedge maze and many more!