Wondering where to go this weekend? You may want to head down to the newest park connector in Singapore. The Changi Airport Connector is a 3.5km cycling and jogging path that brings you from East Coast Park to Changi Airport. For the first time ever, you can cycle and jog all the way to Changi Airport and even spot dinosaurs along the way! Here are the must-see and do things at the new Changi Airport Connector. Read on for tips on how to make your visit more fun and enjoyable.

Go on a photo-adventure at Jurassic Mile – the largest permanent outdoor dinosaur park in Singapore!

A family of three posing with a display of a hatching dinosaur egg A family of three posing with a display of a hatching dinosaur egg

Look out! Get up close with gigantic dinosaur eggs, the only dinosaur display along Jurassic Mile that you can get near enough to actually hug it.

Get your cameras ready to snap away as you walk alongside large dinosaurs at the Jurassic Mile, located along a section of the Changi Airport Connector near Terminal 4. From the towering Brontosaurus to the fearsome-looking T-Rex, be wowed as you venture back in time. With the longest dinosaur about 17-metre wide and the tallest one up to 5 metres high, you definitely won’t miss them! Perfect to explore with children, discover more about these prehistoric creatures together as a family through the informative panels along the path. Whip out those selfie sticks – with over 20 life-sized dinosaurs displayed across the Jurassic Mile, you’d want to be ready for every photo opportunity! (Psst, you might even hear some of them roar!)

A small dinosaur exhibit A small dinosaur exhibit

Spot this dinosaur hidden at HUB & SPOKE!

Directions to the Jurassic Mile Directions to the Jurassic Mile

Follow the directional signage to Jurassic Mile. Don’t worry about getting lost, you just have to follow the red path!

Opening hours: 24 hours

Cost: Entry is free.

Cycle from Changi Airport to East Coast Park and more!

Family of 3 cycling along the Changi Airport Connector. Family of 3 cycling along the Changi Airport Connector.

Discover the best thing to do in Singapore this weekend at the Changi Airport Connector.

If you have been looking for a new cycling route in Singapore, the Changi Airport Connector will be your perfect weekend activity. For families with children or those looking for a leisurely workout option, you can set off from Hub & Spoke (a one-stop facility that comes equipped with a café, bike rental services and shower facilities) for an easy 3.5km cycle to Jurassic Mile and back.

Pro-tip: If you are driving, the nearest car park is the Hub & Spoke Car Park (previously South Car Park), located just opposite the facility. Alternatively, you can park at Jewel Changi Airport or Changi’s terminals and head there for more dining, shopping and play options!

For the more adventurous, take the 5km cycle to East Coast Park and enjoy idyllic views of the sea as you cycle past the entrance of the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC). You can even cycle all the way to Marina Bay via East Coast Park, which is about a 19km journey. For the avid cyclist, the Changi Airport Connector is linked to Singapore’s Park Connector Network, so you can even cycle as far as to Coney Island or Jurong Lake Gardens!

GoCycling outlet at HUB & SPOKE GoCycling outlet at HUB & SPOKE

Rent a bike at HUB & SPOKE and cycle along the Changi Airport Connector. GoCycling at HUB & SPOKE offers bike rental and repair services.

If you prefer a hassle-free experience without having to worry about transporting your bikes around, you can rent a bike at Hub & Spoke and return it at any of the seven other GoCycling outlets located across Singapore: East Coast Park C4, Changi Beach Park C1, Punggol Park, Punggol Jetty (Coney Island), West Coast Park, Jurong Lake Garden and Pasir Ris Town Park. The GoCycling outlet at Hub & Spoke offers a variety of mountain bikes, tandem bikes and more. So just take your pick and drop your bikes off wherever you choose to end your journey, how convenient! Rates start from S$6/hour for children bicycles and S$8/hour for adult bicycles. There are also night rental and full-day rental packages available.

Free open bicycle parking available at Hub & Spoke Free open bicycle parking available at Hub & Spoke

If you prefer to use your own bike, there are plenty of open bicycle racks for free bike parking around HUB & SPOKE.

A cyclist storing his bicycle into the bicycle locker A cyclist storing his bicycle into the bicycle locker

For those who wish to store their cycling equipment securely, there are bicycle lockers for rent at S$5 per use, per 24 hour-block.

Pro-tip: Need a quick fix for your bike? There’s a D.I.Y. bike repair and tools station at Hub & Spoke where you can pump your tubes or tighten your saddle.

Opening hours:


GoCycling at Hub & Spoke: Monday – Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Bicycle lockers: Available 24 hours daily

Enjoy a refreshing hot shower among nature after your workout

Inside the shower and locker room at HUB & SPOKE Inside the shower and locker room at HUB & SPOKE

You can store your belongings in the lockers inside the shower room before your workout. Forgot a bath towel? No worries! You can purchase one from the vending machine just outside.

Heading somewhere after your workout? Freshen up at the showers conveniently located at Hub & Spoke. Designed with open lighting, you can enjoy a view of the surrounding greenery as you shower. Each shower is equipped with shower gel and shampoo, and hair dryers are available as well. Rates are S$3 per person per entry and S$5 per person for a two-time entry if you wish to store your belongings before your workout. Payment is contactless and made through the iChangi mobile app – simply scan the QR code and go!

Opening hours: Opens daily from 7:00am to 10:00pm

Dine under a canopy at the instagrammable Hub & Spoke Café

The exterior of Hub & Spoke Café The exterior of Hub & Spoke Café

Enjoy alfresco dining under the shade of cannonball trees at the Hub & Spoke Café.

What better way to end a workout than with a bowl of nutritious salad (from S$6.90) or a rewarding cup of Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (S$4.20). The Hub & Spoke Café serves up a unique blend of local and western dishes, ranging from the classic English breakfast Eggs Benedict (S$9.90) to local delight Nasi Lemak with Chicken (S$7.90). With its glasshouse exterior and colonial-style interior, the café and its food are perfect for the gram. For more yummy items on their menu, check out their Facebook page

Nestled behind a green lawn surrounded by beautiful plant walls and cannonball trees, the Hub & Spoke Café is also a cosy place to gather with friends over drinks and chit chat. In fact, it is such a lovely place that Hub & Spoke is now accepting enquiries for hosted gatherings such as weddings. You may enquire at hubandspoke@changiairport.com or visit here for more information.

Opening hours: Opens daily from 7.30am to 9.30pm

Directions to Hub & Spoke

  • If you are driving, head towards Terminal 2 and follow the brown road signs to Hub & Spoke (Jurassic Mile). Park at the Hub & Spoke Car Park (formerly South Car Park).
  • If you are coming by public transport, Hub & Spoke is located nearest to Terminal 2 and you can follow the directional signs on ground.
  • If you are cycling in or jogging from East Coast Park, head in the direction of the NSRCC and the MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Centre. Once there, continue your journey on the Changi Coastal Park Connector Extension and follow the park directional signs.

More information here.


Whether you are looking for a workout, a day out with family and friends or just to tick off your café hopping list, there is something for everyone at the Changi Airport Connector. With so many things to see and do at the Changi Airport Connector, what are you waiting for? Hurry on down to experience it for yourself!


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