Changi Airport, known affectionately as the Best Airport in the World, is arguably the best airport for many things – including symmetrical architecture.

Every airport needs functional practicality. Every airport needs operational stability. But what makes Changi Airport unique is its attention to travellers’ needs. To create the tranquil atmosphere distinctive to Changi’s terminals, architecture, art and symmetry come together to create a space that not only calms the weary soul, but is also easy on the eyes.

If you’re keen to capture these spaces, here is a cheat sheet of all the photo spots in Changi Airport to get the raddest #ChangiSymmetry shots. The best part? They are all in the public areas – so you don’t need your passport! 

Terminal 3

1. Start the photo walk from the Mezzanine Level, near the MRT

Peer down at the escalators leading to the MRT. Who knew even escalators could look so #step?

MRT escalators at T3 MRT escalators at T3

The one time looking down on something can be a good thing.


Now, look up and turn around.


Mezzanine Level link bridge Mezzanine Level link bridge

This is the Mezzanine Level link bridge that connects Terminal 3 (T3) to Terminal 2 (T2).

Wide shot of the Mezzanine link bridge Wide shot of the Mezzanine link bridge

It almost feels like Star Trek. But before you go where no man has gone before…

2. Turn back around and walk into the Departure Hall

T3 departure hall T3 departure hall

This location isn’t much of a surprise but it certainly is a prize for the eyes.

There is nothing like natural light to make you feel all warm and calm inside, even if you’re one of those people frantically rummaging through your bag looking for that ever-elusive passport. Changi Airport never fails to provide the best backdrops in the most unexpected of places. Stay close and hop on the skytrain to…

Terminal 1

3. Stop and stare at planes from the public viewing gallery (Level 3)

The link bridge leading to the viewing gallery at T1 The link bridge leading to the viewing gallery at T1

The viewing gallery is one of the best places to relax and hit the pause button on life.

Children playing in front of the viewing gallery Children playing in front of the viewing gallery

These huge floor-to-ceiling windows boast an unparalleled view of the tarmac.

The viewing gallery here tends to instil a sense of peaceful contemplation within anyone who visits. The next time you’re in Changi Airport, whether it is to travel, take photos or have a meal, make sure to drop by!

4. In the Departure Hall, look up at:

Reflective ceiling of the T1 departure hall Reflective ceiling of the T1 departure hall

What do the illustrations on the ceiling look like to you?

… the bedazzling ceiling, right next to immigration. This could possibly be one of the most magnificent, yet humble, pieces of art within the airport.

Now, head over to…


Terminal 2

5. A plethora of delightful photo opportunities await in the Departure Hall

T2 departure hall near immigration T2 departure hall near immigration

First up – literally – is the ceiling near immigration.

Natural lighting is every photographer’s best friend, but Terminal 2’s unique lights certainly come a close second. They look a little like wings, ready to help you fly. Follow the light to A Million Times at Changi, an art installation inspired by the concept of time and so mesmerising you might even lose track of said time.

Million Times Clock at Terminal 2 Million Times Clock at Terminal 2

It's easy to lose track of time. So snap snap and go.

6. Take a slight detour towards the MRT for this gem:

T2 Level 2 Departure Hall, just next to llao llao T2 Level 2 Departure Hall, just next to llao llao

Very few interiors can get on the same level as T2’s Level 2, overlooking the escalators that lead to the MRT.

It is nearly impossible to feel anything but light and carefree within this space, where glass and sunlight combine to create a bright, cheerful ambience.

Instead of taking the MRT, head down to the Arrival Hall level of T2 (Level 1) and board the bus to…

Terminal 4

7. The Departure Hall is unparalleled in architectural elegance

T4 departure hall level 2 T4 departure hall level 2

Did you know the ceiling is lined to create the illusion of more space?

Symmetrical shot of the petal clouds Symmetrical shot of the petal clouds

These parallel lines have so much in common, it’s a shame they’ll never meet.

One of Terminal 4 (T4)’s most striking features (of which there are many) is its lined ceiling, which boasts petal-shaped skylights and a unique charm that no other airport has.

Whether you’re looking at patterned walls or other walls disguised as floor-to-ceiling windows… symmetry and harmony can be found in almost every nook and cranny of Terminal 4. Check out this video for more #ChangiSymmetry inspiration!

Symmetry of Changi

Bonus tips

As you may well know, symmetry rarely exists in nature. Sometimes, you have to create it for yourself. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Tip 1: Reflect and take the shot

T3 Transit Hall T3 Transit Hall

Any reflective surface can give you the #ChangiSymmetry shot you’re looking for.

You could even call it mirror-culous.

Reflection is a necessary component of self-improvement, an aspect that Changi Airport continually strives to achieve. Get as close as possible to any reflective surface, like the glass walls and barriers all around the airport, and you just might be amazed by the upgrade it can make to your photography!

Tip 2: Get floored by floors

Mirror image on floor Mirror image on floor

Mirror images make one of the best symmetry shots at Changi

In life, it is important to consider perspectives other than your own – like the floor’s. If you’re prepared to lower yourself to that level, get down on the ground and make full use of Changi’s reflective floors.

Tip 3: Go off the beaten track on Changi’s travelators

Travelators at T2's transit area Travelators at T2's transit area

There is no taking sides with photos like these.

With shaking hands, hang over the side of the travelator. Wedge your camera between the two travelators, even though they are moving in opposite directions and the people moving towards you / behind you probably think you’re crazy.

Take the shot.


Photography, like symmetry, rarely comes easy. It requires hard work, determination and a healthy dose of shamelessness – but Changi Airport is completely worth the stares.

The next time you’re in the airport, open your eyes, ready your camera (in any form, shape and size) and be prepared to give your all!

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