You have braved the crowds at Jewel, “grammed” the Rain Vortex, queued for Shake Shack and jostled with fellow fans at Pokemon Center. Think you have done it all? Think again! The Changi Experience Studio is the new digital experience attraction nestled in the heart of Jewel. With immersive shows and interactive exhibits, the studio will bring you through a journey of fun and excitement as you discover the heartbeat of Changi Airport. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time visitor of Changi, or a proud Singapore resident who cannot get enough of Jewel, the Changi Experience Studio promises a new level of fun during your visit. Watch the video below for some of the key highlights and read till the end to find out how you can stand a chance to win a family package to visit the Changi Experience Studio!

Explore the studio with a personal Travel Guide

The Travel Guide used at the Changi Experience Studio

The Travel Guide – your personal interactive device for your journey through the Studio

Your adventure begins with a simple piece of cardboard - the Travel Guide. This guide will accompany you throughout your visit at the Changi Experience Studio and is your key to almost all of the exhibits at the studio. It is also the window where interactive experiences are unveiled! The technology behind the Travel Guide is also a first-to-premier in Singapore and Asia. To use the Travel Guide, you simply hold it open at designated spots within the studio and watch the content project on it.

Hang out and discover the secrets of Changi Airport!

The Hanging Gardens at Changi Experience Studio

Interact with the displays by hovering the Travel Guide at designated points in the various zones.

Amidst lush greenery, interesting tidbits of Changi Airport are revealed on the Travel Guide as you hold it above the seven stations at the Hanging Gardens. Learn about Singapore’s aviation history which charts the various locations of the airport to where it is currently located at Changi. Go behind the scenes of Changi Airport and find out more about the various operational processes from horticulture, baggage handling systems to airfield management.

Race on the "runway" at the Changi Experience Studio

The Amazing Runway at Changi Experience Studio

Form two teams to pit your speed and power in a high-adrenaline competition.

A Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car.

A Boeing 747 jet plane.

One runway and one epic race.

Which will emerge the winner?

Determine the outcome of this exciting race in the “Amazing Runway”, a multiplayer game for up to ten visitors. The game simulated the actual event that saw Changi Airport closing a runway in 2009 for the Porsche to race against the Boeing jet plane. Form a team representing either side and pedal away to victory! This is one game that will literally take your breath away.

Little ones who may not be tall enough will not be left out. Instead of pedalling hard on the stationary bikes, they get to exercise their arm power by using the Hand Grinder machines instead. Of course, the young at heart are more than welcome to train up those muscles as well.

Go behind the scenes to “run” the airport

The Arena at Changi Experience Studio

Do you have what it takes to work at the airport? Find out at the Arena!

The “Arena” is an interactive game zone that will give you a peek behind some of the operational processes at Changi, in a fun manner. Challenge yourself by completing the various games to see if you have what it takes to work at the airport - scan and spot prohibited items in cabin bags as an aviation screening officer, show passengers to their taxis as a taxi coordinator and collect airport trolleys like a trolley handler.

Pro tip: Don’t miss out on feeding your butterfly companions in a game also located in the Arena. Unlock the game using your Travel Guide and guide your butterfly to nectar drops to win attractive vouchers!

Next – explore the “Backstage” and take fun photos with your friends against different airport backgrounds including that of the control tower, on the runway or at the fire station. You don’t get to take such photos every day, so be sure to dress nicely and smile!

Backstage at Changi Experience Studio

“Visit” the runway for an exclusive photo. Guaranteed to give you boasting rights.

Put your Travel Guides to good use at the Efficiency Game station located in the same zone inspired by critical airport processes like check-in, aircraft turnaround, baggage sorting and immigration.

Pro tip: The games in the Arena and Backstage are fun and challenging. For the competitive ones, be prepared to allocate more time to these zones as you are likely to attempt the games multiple times to outdo yourselves or your peers.

Challenge yourself at the Efficiency Game Station by playing critical roles for various airport processes.

The Backstage at Changi Experience Studio

Create Music in the Garden of Harmony

The Garden of Harmony at Changi Experience Studio

Be a part of an orchestra at the Garden of Harmony.

Follow the butterflies through a meadow of lily pads into the enchanting “Garden of Harmony”. Here, teamwork comes to life as each visitor will have to use the Travel Guide by moving it up and down to "play" a musical instrument for a symphony that crescendo in an audio-visual spectacle. The Garden of Harmony is a mesmerising zone that brings together individuals, aptly referencing the tireless efforts of the 50,000-strong airport community that works together to deliver a world-class Changi experience.

Apart for the zones mentioned above, there are other fun and information zones including the “Sky Deck”, an immersive space featuring mesmerising flight paths and fun facts on the cities that Changi Airport is connected to.

The Sky Deck at Changi Experience Studio

Marvel at the interweaving network of flight paths that showcases Changi Airport’s connectivity to over 400 cities worldwide.

Make sure you visit the “Finale” before you exit the studio, an awe-inspiring audio-visual experience that shows you how the Changi dream has evolved over the years and the exciting plans that Changi Airport have in the future.

The Finale at Changi Experience Studio

End your journey at the Studio on a high note with The Finale!

With so much to see and do, don’t miss out on the Changi Experience Studio on your next visit to Jewel! Reading about it is simply not enough, you must come and experience it for yourself.

Final tip: To go through all exhibits in the Studio in a thorough manner, you will probably need a good 2 to 2.5 hours so do plan your visit accordingly!


Ticketing information on the Changi Experience Studio

Standard Rate:

Adult - SGD 25 | Child/Senior - SGD 17

Singapore Residents:

Adult - SGD 19 | Child/Senior - SGD 13

For Changi Rewards and CapitaStar members, you are eligible to enjoy a discounted rate of SGD 18 for adults, and SGD 12 for child/senior. For more information, visit Jewel Changi Airport’s website.

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