The vending machine craze has touched down and made its way into Changi Airport. Beyond the usual titbits, Changi’s vending machines also offer accessories and local flavours with a twist, amongst many other quirky things. Here’s what you need to know about Changi’s most unique vending machines!

1. Need a gift ASAP? Keep Kalm(s), we’ve got you covered

Your friend will soon board a plane on a one-way ticket out of Singapore. Two years, at least, was what you were told. But yikes, you don’t have a gift – and then you remember: Kalm’s vending machine!

Kalm’s gift vending machine at Changi T3 Kalm’s gift vending machine at Changi T3

Perfect for last minute gifts, Kalm’s vending machine at T3 offers a wide range of products to choose from.

Perhaps the situation is not all that dramatic, but the machine does, indeed, sell a variety of seasonal things that would make great gifts – accessories, flower bouquets and furry teddies, to name a few.

Kalms had started out as a record store in 1962, but eventually moved into the gifting industry. By the 1990s, Kalms grew to be one of the most popular gift shops in Singapore.

In 2016, however, they decided to move entirely into an online business model, save for a 5000 square foot display gallery and a wave of automatic vending machines across 14 locations in Singapore. Changi is one of them – perfect for those who need to get a goodbye or a welcome gift!

Location: T3, Departure Hall (Level 2), Opposite Watsons
Payment methods: Card

2. “One salted egg yolk prawn wrapped in Popiah, please!”

If you have been in Singapore long enough, you’ve probably had a taste of Popiah, or “thin pancake”, in our local hawker centres or food courts. However, a modern twist has come upon this delicate, traditional dish.

Mr Popiah’s paper-wrapped nonya wrap Mr Popiah’s paper-wrapped nonya wrap

All wrapped up, Mr Popiah’s local and fusion flavours come out hot and ready to go!

Mr Popiah, a family-owned business, is one of Singapore’s main popiah skin suppliers. What sets them apart, however, is their constant drive for innovation, such as in using their wraps for other international dishes. Today, apart from just popping out of a machine instead of a stall, Mr Popiah also offers a range of unique combinations of fillings and wraps – from salted egg yolk prawn in popiah skin to popiah wrapped like a sushi.

If your taste buds are feeling as adventurous as your travel tendencies, you know where to go!

Location: T2 Departure Hall, beside the Skytrain to T1
Price starts from: S$2.00
Payment methods: Cash
Halal certified: Yes

3. Fish - not French - fries

Finger food – the one platform for sharing that might just be more effective than social media. This vending machine, named The Bobo Pop Vending Machine, offers just that, along with some pretty unique flavours too.

Bobo Pop’s Fish Fries Bobo Pop’s Fish Fries

Bobo’s fish fries served hot, along with their famous cheese dip!

Apart from the dip, Bobo Pop’s chicken cheese balls come with cheese inside it too, waiting to ooze out as you sink your teeth in! Apart from the dip, Bobo Pop’s chicken cheese balls come with cheese inside it too, waiting to ooze out as you sink your teeth in!

Bobo Pop’s Chicken Cheese Balls

BoBo's finger food is yet another long standing, home-grown brand that specialises particularly in their fish paste products, including - yes you guessed it, fish fries. Apart from the assortment of fish paste products, the Bobo Pop also offers some of their other signature finger foods, including chicken cheese balls, beancurd skin rolls, cheese cocktail sausage and cheese tofu, all served with their popular cheese sauce dip.

Tip: If you want it served then and there, open and eat it right away so it doesn’t get too soggy! Alternatively, you can opt for it frozen so you can heat it up after.

Location: T2 Departure Hall, beside the Skytrain to T1
Price starts from: S$2.40
Payment Methods: Cash and Cards
Halal certified: Yes

4. Snack without feeling guilty, and do some good while you’re at it

With Boxgreen’s vending machine, it’s not your tummy that grows with every snack you buy, but your heart.

Boxgreen vending machine at T2 Boxgreen vending machine at T2

With Boxgreen, you can choose from a wide array of unique snacks while a portion of the proceeds go into helping the less privileged!

Under the ‘Snack Good, Do Good’ initiative, a collaboration with Willing Hearts, Boxgreen has opened an opportunity for a some proceeds from the snacks you buy to go into providing food for the less privileged.

What had initially started out with a mission of delivering natural and nutritious snacks eventually branched into an automated system as an alternative way of delivering their products.

Boxgreen’s Sunshine Chips at T2 Boxgreen’s Sunshine Chips at T2

Sunshine Chips - Just one of the many interesting flavours that Boxgreen has to offer.

Boxgreen’s resealable packaging Boxgreen’s resealable packaging

Open it, share it, and keep it if you can’t finish it (yes, it’s resealable!)

They now offer more than 50 different healthy finger-snacks, with some of the most locally unique flavours - Almond Longan Jelly, Peri Peri Lime soya chips and Cheng Tng (a local dessert made by boiling a mixture of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and dates).

Location: T2 Departure Hall, beside the Skytrain to T1
Price starts from: S$2.90
Payment methods: Cash
Halal certified: On the way!

These 24/7 options are a mere glimpse into the wide array of grab-and-go options available at Changi Airport. Now, you know where to go to get what you need!


P.S. If you happen to spot a cluster of what seems to be vending machines that look something like this,

No, it’s not another vending machine. It’s a karaoke one! No, it’s not another vending machine. It’s a karaoke one!

T3 Karaoke Machine

hold your horses – these do not dispense anything. Or nothing tangible, at least. Instead, it keeps you company with some music and a whole lot of fun.

Inside T3’s Karaoke Booth Inside T3’s Karaoke Booth

Fully equipped with microphones, headphones and a karaoke screen, you can sing (or scream) to your heart’s content!

T3 Karaoke Booth’s Microphone T3 Karaoke Booth’s Microphone

Bring a friend (or a special someone) along and have a sing off! There’s enough space and seats for two

Sneak your way into one of these booths at T3’s basement if you want to check out Changi’s latest Karaoke box. Don’t worry, no one can hear you!


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