If you’ve ever felt the itch to visit Changi Airport because you miss its sights and sounds or wonder what the world’s best airports is like, you’re in luck! With a click of a button, you can now be transported to a virtual wonderland modelled after the airport.

ChangiVerse on Roblox puts a playful twist on some of Changi Airport’s most notable sights and invites players to explore each nook and cranny, while uncovering surprises at every turn. Level up by accumulating experience points and collecting butterfly tokens from the myriad of mini games, and unlock access to special items or areas.

Here’s your guide to Changi Airport’s iconic landmarks in ChangiVerse and the fun-filled experiences you can enjoy at each of them!

1. Get your head in the clouds at Jewel Changi Airport

jewel changi airport changiverse jewel changi airport changiverse

Explore ChangiVerse’s Jewel and be on cloud nine – literally! You won’t get to bounce from cloud to cloud like this in the real-world version of Jewel.

Step into ChangiVerse and you’ll be immediately greeted by the magnificent cascades of a virtual version of the world’s largest indoor waterfall, complete with the relaxing sounds of rushing water, surrounded by lush greenery. 

Just ahead of you awaits a playground of fluffy clouds and colourful aircraft! Now that’s certainly a sight you wouldn’t see in real-world Jewel. Be transported to cloud nine as you bounce from cloud to cloud, admiring the various aircraft up-close.

Explore a little more and you’ll find an enchanting café full of fluttering butterflies and Sakura petals. Kick back, relax, and have a chat with fellow Robloxers.

jewel glamping changiverse jewel glamping changiverse

Explore the themed glamp tents all year round.

jewel cafe changiverse jewel cafe changiverse

Or sit back and chill in the relaxing atmosphere of the café at Jewel.

Tucked in a corner are magical glamp tents. Although glamping usually makes its appearance at Changi Airport only during holiday seasons, in ChangiVerse, it’s available all year round! With each tent featuring a special theme, you can get cosy or party it up depending on your mood.

Pro-tip: Search the glamp tents thoroughly and you might find a hidden portal to a golden butterfly token (worth much more than the purple ones)! Tokens allow you to purchase some cool in-game items. Keep reading to find out what they are!  

2. Get some cool Changi-exclusive wearables for your avatar at Terminal 3

terminal 3 changi airport changiverse terminal 3 changi airport changiverse

Looks familiar? The the floor and ceiling of ChangiVerse’s T3 are modelled after the real-life Terminal 3!

In ChangiVerse, you won’t have to walk to Terminal 3 from Jewel, but can simply teleport there! The unique ceiling panels and distinct floor tiles of the terminal will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s visited before.

In this virtual version of Terminal 3, you can play airport-themed mini games, where you’ll embody the Changi spirit of service excellence by helping departing passengers find the right kiosk in Check-in Champ, or assist arriving travellers locate their luggage in Baggage Expert. You’ll be rewarded with up to 300 butterfly tokens for your efforts!

changiverse wearables wings changiverse wearables wings
changiverse wearables baggage changiverse wearables baggage

Dinosaurs, and butterflies, and airplanes, oh my! Earn as many butterfly tokens as you can to redeem ChangiVerse-exclusive wearables for your avatar so they be looking ‘fly’.

Just like how you might do a little shopping before your flight in real life, you can use the butterfly tokens you’ve collected to redeem sweet ChangiVerse-exclusive wearables for your avatar at ChangiVerse’s Terminal 3 store. These limited-edition collectibles have been designed with Changi-themed motifs, like butterfly wings, or the Steggy Spikes Luggage featuring a dino tail. 

Pro-tip: Earn experience points by playing mini games and once you’ve reached Level 7, you’ll be able to access the VIP lounge portion of the Terminal 3 store and buy rarer and more premium wearables like the Purple Fairy Magic wings! Another way to earn experience points is to collect butterfly tokens which are scattered across the ChangiVerse. 

3. Hop into Changi Kart and fuel your need for speed

changiverse changi kart changiverse changi kart

Level up to increase your Changi Kart’s maximum speed so you’ll be roaring down the track and racing towards the chance to snag coveted air tickets! 

Start your engines and race over to the Changi Kart track which meanders through Airport Boulevard – but it’s nothing like the one you’ve seen in person! 

Dodge obstacles like dinosaurs, robots, and lasers, aim for purple orbs for speed boosts, all while navigating twists and turns and gathering as many butterfly tokens as you can. Retain all your spoils if you finish in 2.5 minutes or less.

Increase your kart’s maximum speed by collecting butterfly tokens and experience points to level up. The faster your vehicle, the higher your chances of reaching the top of the monthly leaderboard, which will entitle you to win a pair of air tickets! Contest ends 30 September 2023. More details here.

changiverse bird's eye view changiverse bird's eye view

Go-karting is a popular year-end event at Changi Airport, but in the ChangiVerse, you’ll get to quench your need for speed any time of the year! Only true speedsters will be able to get the quirky Control Tower Hat for their avatar.

Pro-tip: From now till 29 July 2023, get a limited-edition Control Tower Hat UGC (User Generated Content) wearable for your avatar if you achieve a lap timing of 1.5 minutes or less!

4. Customise and fly your own plane at the Plane Hangar

changiverse fly your plane changiverse fly your plane

Soar through the skies in your very own customised aircraft in ChangiVerse’s Fly Your Plane game. Let your dreams take flight!

Few have had the chance to enter a real-life plane hangar, let alone fly a plane, but in ChangiVerse, you’ll be able to waltz right in and pilot your own plane.

At the ChangiVerse Plane Hangar, you can live your high-flying dreams of owning your own aircraft by using butterfly tokens to purchase various models, ranging from a vintage propeller plane to a jumbo commercial liner, or a sleek, modern fighter jet. Jazz up your ride by customising it with skins, which can also be redeemed with tokens.

Then, take to the skies with the Fly Your Plane game! Spread your wings and breeze through the infinite blue, collecting purple rings, equivalent to butterfly tokens. Keep your eyes peeled for a golden ring, which spawns every 20 seconds and is significantly more valuable. Fastest flyer first!

changiverse plane hangar changiverse plane hangar

Using butterfly tokens, you can purchase and customise your very own aircraft at ChangiVerse’s Plane Hangar.

changiverse dino pet wearable changiverse dino pet wearable

Snag the golden ring in the Fly Your Plane game to get an adorable dino UGC!

Pro-tip: From now till 29 July 2023, get a limited-edition Rex-plorer Luggage Pet UGC wearable for your avatar if you manage to grab the golden ring!

5. Get unobstructed 360-degree views of the airport from the control tower

changiverse obby expert mini game changiverse obby expert mini game

Not many get the chance to enter the cabin of the control tower, let alone be on top of it! Savour the 360-degree views of ChangiVerse and the accomplishment of scaling the Control Tower in Obby Expert.

As you stroll about ChangiVerse’s Airport Boulevard, you’ll soon come across an iconic Changi sight – the control tower. Unlike the real-life one, you won’t need security clearance to get to the top, but you’ll definitely need some serious obby (obstacle course) skills to scale this colossal landmark.

Bounce up the clouds and try not to fall as you climb this monument. A golden butterfly token and unobstructed 360-degree views of ChangiVerse are your rewards at the peak!

changiverse changi kart race lobby changiverse changi kart race lobby

If getting to the top of the control tower is proving too much of a challenge, you can still get a bird’s eye view of ChangiVerse from the Changi Kart race lobby. Before jumping into one of the portals, take some time to peer out of the glass and take in the sights.

6. Travel back in time and see dinosaurs in action at Jurassic Mile

changiverse jurassic mile changiverse jurassic mile

Life, uh, finds a way. Go way back in time and see dinos in action at ChangiVerse’s Jurassic Mile.

Experience Jurassic Mile in a new light when you swing by its virtual counterpart in the ChangiVerse. Pterodactyls soar overhead, triceratops snooze in the shade, and every one of these amazing prehistoric creatures roars and moves. You’ll also notice a resident unique to this digital version of Jurassic Mile swimming in a nearby lake – the fearsome mosasaurus!

changiverse mosasarus changiverse mosasarus

Gather your courage and take the plunge with the mosasaurus. Search for a tiny purple starfish at the bottom of the lake and you might just find a hidden game and reward!

Raring to go? Before that, here’s a quick rundown of how to get the most out of ChangiVerse:

Experience points help you level up. Gain experience points by collecting butterfly tokens and playing the mini games. Levelling up allows you to:

  • Access the VIP lounge to redeem premium ChangiVerse-exclusive wearables for your avatar
  • Increase your Changi Kart’s maximum speed
  • Unlock aircraft and custom skins to purchase at the Plane Hangar

Butterfly tokens are the currency for making in-game purchases. Gather them from across the ChangiVerse or by playing mini games. Butterfly tokens allow you to:

  • Redeem ChangiVerse-exclusive wearables for your avatar
  • Buy aircraft and custom skins at the Plane HangarCountless adventures and rewards await you in ChangiVerse, with many more to be added as its universe expands. So, what are you waiting for? Visit ChangiVerse today!


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