The beauty of Singapore’s food scene lies in its diversity with endless choices. From Malay and Indian to Chinese, here are some local favourites found in each of Changi Airport’s four terminals, some of which are exclusive to the airport and can only be savoured for a limited period from now till the end of August.

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Terminal 1

A local coffee shop experience at Killiney Kopitiam

With a century’s worth of history, Killiney is a clear choice for authentic local food. Fuel up with their Chicken Minced Meat Rice* served with a side of curry chicken and refreshing Bandung drink — a concoction of rose cordial syrup with condensed milk. This meal is only available at Changi’s Killiney Kopitiam, anytime of the day.

Location: Terminal 1, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Transit)

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Chicken Minced Meat Rice with Curry Chicken and Bandung Drink from Killiney Kopitiam

One bento, three flavours

Warm up with hot Bak Ku Teh ramen at Crystal Jade

With a contemporary take on ramen, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao reinterprets Singapore’s beloved Bak Kut Teh* (pork ribs in savoury broth). Boiled with pork bones for over an hour, the peppery soup is uniquely garnished with button mushrooms and goji berries. This unique creation is also exclusively available at Changi.

Location: Terminal 1, Level 3, Departure Lounge (Transit)

Operating Hours: 6:00am – 12:00am

La Mian Bak Kut Teh from Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Bak Kut Teh literally means ‘meat bone soup’ in Hokkien

Terminal 2

Head to Ya Kun Kaya Toast for some Rendang delights

Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Changi Airport doesn’t just offer coffee and toast. Instead of the usual crispy fried chicken, Ya Kun presents national favourite, Nasi Lemak, with their signature spice-infused Chicken Rendang* (spicy stew) alongside coconut-flavoured rice. Exclusive to Changi, it’s here or never!

Location: Terminal 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Transit)

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang from Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Spice-lovers, savour the dish with sambal (chilli) for a real kick!

Grab a light bite at Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine

If you’re not ready for a full meal, have a bite-sized Frankie Roll* at Kaveri. These little wraps contain mouthfuls of crunchy onions, vegetables and mashed potato — providing just the right mix of textures.

Location: Terminal 2, Level 3, Departure Lounge (Transit)

Operating Hours: 6:00am – 1:00am

Frankie Rolls from Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine

Solely available at Changi, get your vegetarian fix here

Terminal 3

Have a hearty breakfast at Heavenly Wang

More than cereal, Singaporeans love a local breakfast. Bite into perfectly toasted bread with kaya (coconut jam) and soft butter — and for the most native experience, slurp up the soft-boiled eggs with soya sauce straight from the plate!

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Transit)

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Traditional Toast Set from Heavenly Wang

Watch out for the filling, it may ooze out from the sides

Terminal 4

The perfect local food and drink combo at Curry Times

Nothing like sipping on Lime Juice while chomping on deliciously spicy Curry Chicken served with potato and crispy bread. Can’t take the heat? The refreshing juice can keep you going for more!

Location: Terminal 4, Level 2, Departure Transit (Transit)

Operating Hours: 6:00am – 12:00am

Curry Chicken from Curry Times

Soak up the glorious curry with crispy bread or steamed rice

Lime Juice, Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera, Wintermelon with Lime Juice & Basil Seed, Grass Jelly and Pineapple Drink from Curry Times

Did you know: Lime effectively reduces spiciness due to its acidity

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