A melancholic story of departure with a tinge of bitterness, The Departure is undoubtedly reflective of Changi Airport - a place of inevitable departures...and reunions. Through an intricate choreography comprising a fusion of street (locking) and contemporary dance (ballet), the short video explores how the mixed feelings of excitement and longing complement each other.

Watch The Departure video below, if you haven’t.

The Departure

Changi Airport holds precious memories for many people, even if it is where tears are shed and goodbyes are difficult to utter. Read on as our two leads from The Departure, Marcus and Alison, share their own bittersweet memories of the airport.

To Marcus, his memories of Changi Airport have been bittersweet...

Changi Airport has always been a bittersweet place for me. It is where I have experienced loss, discovery, joy and sadness… an emotional rollercoaster that I frequently find myself getting into.When I was a child, Changi Airport always brought about a feeling of excitement because it would mean that we were heading off on a trip to an unfamiliar place! That feeling has since stuck with me, up till today. Even if I were to go to the airport for reasons other than travel, I would still feel the butterflies in my stomach.

Her tiny frame standing by the gates - it was a blurred vision, as my eyes were brimming with tears.
A lady standing in front of Terminal 2's departure gate A lady standing in front of Terminal 2's departure gate

Marcus recollects his fondest memory about Changi Airport.

The strongest emotions I have ever felt at the airport was perhaps back in 2014. That was the first time I had to be separated from my then girlfriend, Rachel (now wife) who had to  leave for New York for a few months. It was a particularly difficult moment for me when she headed for the departure gates. I could still recall how my heart sank as I watched her silhouette walking further and further away from me. Her tiny frame standing by the gates - it was a blurred vision, as my eyes were brimming with tears.  

Fast forward a few months later, I was at the airport again. But this time, I was waiting to board my flight to the United States to visit her. It was my first time going to America, and definitely the furthest trip I’ve made away from home. There was a whole concoction of emotions, and I was overwhelmed with eagerness, nervousness and excitement. I could never forget that adrenaline surging through me. Now, whenever I turn up at Changi Airport, I would feel engulfed by the same wave of emotions. What I’ve learnt is to embrace each emotion and go with the flow.

...but for Alison, it emanates the familiar sense of home.

Changi Airport has always held a special place in my heart. I remember that I was just about 13 years old when I flew alone for the first time, for a ballet summer exchange programme. Having lived away from Singapore for 4 years to further my dance education, and only flying back home every half a year, what stuck with me was the memory of flying back home.

...the lights lining along the runway, the stoic Airport Control Tower like a lighthouse shrouded in darkness, the several Singapore Airlines parked at the boarding gates.
Changi's control tower at night Changi's control tower at night

Alison recollects her fondest memory about Changi Airport.

It was so vivid that I could still recall the warm fuzzy feeling of looking down at the airport from the window seat - the lights lining along the runway, the stoic Airport Control Tower like a lighthouse shrouded in darkness, the several Singapore Airlines parked at the boarding gates. This is home, and this feeling of home would surface every time before I touch down at Changi Airport. I would always be reminded of why and how Singapore has been named time and again  the best airport in the world whenever I return home.

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Each of us have our own unforgettable memories at Changi Airport - the backview of our loved ones, or that bird’s eye view of the terminal. Marcus and Alison have shared theirs, how about you? What is your fondest memory when departing from Changi Airport? Comment in the Facebook post below and share with us your #ChangiDeparture stories to stand a chance to win $50 Changi Gift Card!


More about the Leads

Marcus: Marcus, together with his wife Rachel, formed the dance company ScRach MarcS. Both being established dancers in the Singapore Streetdance community, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of their artform. Their goal is to connect Streetdance to the masses and make it easily accessible through their unique style. ScRach MarcS is a fusion of Streetdance and contemporary arts that is unlike any other, bringing together the best of both worlds. They recently proved it by winning "Channel 5's The Dance Floor Season 2" and managed to open up the public's perception of dance. They are also one of the only robotic/mannequin performing duos in the country.

ScRach MarcS is offering a special 10% discount for their dance programmes starting in May 2019. To enjoy this offer, use the code "ChangiDance 10" in the comments at www.scrachmarcs.com/classes.

Location: *SCAPE Dance Studio 3 (Level 4), 2 Orchard Link #04-01, 237978


Alison: Alison is the co-founder of BalletBody, a unique Ballet-based fitness workout created for all fitness levels. With about 20 years of professional dancing experience with the National Ballet company under their belts, Alison and her business partner decided to take the plunge into the fitness industry. Starting out small, with just 3 classes a week and having to rent a small studio by the hour, they now have their own studio with daily classes. BalletBody strives to bring ballet to everyone, be it someone who wants to relive their childhood ballerina dreams, or someone who is looking to use ballet as a way to keep fit.

Location: 24A Pagoda Street, 059186, https://balletbody.sg


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