Welcome to the foodie wonderland that is Changi Airport and Jewel!

Beyond being a global aviation hub, Changi Airport and Jewel have transformed into a destination for food enthusiasts, offering not only an array of cuisines but also a spectrum of dining experiences at various price points. From Michelin-starred restaurants such as Tsuta at Jewel, to international brand names like The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck at Terminal 3 and Singapore’s first Shake Shack outlet at Jewel, Changi caters to every palate and pocket. Whether you're in the mood for a luxurious meal or a quick, budget-friendly bite, you’ll find them all here at Changi.

On top of that, did you know that there are exclusive menu items curated by selected restaurants and F&B outlets at Changi? From delectable snacks to mouthwatering options, here's a curated list of exclusive foods that you won't find anywhere else.

Snacks and light bites

1. Chilli crab pizza, GOPIZZA (Terminal 2)

GOPIZZA changi airport terminal 2 GOPIZZA changi airport terminal 2

Delight in the perfect fusion of Korean craft and Singaporean flavour with GOPIZZA's Chilli Crab Pizza.

Have you eaten pizzas made with AI technology? GOPIZZA, a renowned South Korean pizza brand located at Terminal 2 transit, offers single-serving pizzas crafted with precision and speed, with the help of AI. Its AI Smart Topping Table helps GOPIZZA staff to identify the right toppings quickly, its AI oven GOVEN ensures the perfect temperature, and its GOBOT Station adds finishing touches like sauces and additional toppings before expertly slicing up the pizza. Here, the art of pizza-making meets cutting-edge technology so that travellers can indulge in consistently fresh and perfectly baked pizzas on the go.

GOPIZZA's Changi Airport outlet has 12 different flavours on its menu, including the airport-exclusive Chilli Crab Pizza, paying homage to Singapore's iconic dish. It captures the rich and tangy essence of the beloved local dish, offering a symphony of sweet, spicy, and savoury notes in every bite. Pair your pizza with its potato wedges with nacho cheese or topokki (korean rice cakes in a sweet and spicy sauce) for a satisfying meal!

Gourmet Garden, Terminal 2 Departure Transit
Opening hours: Opens daily from 6:00am to 1:00am

2. Locally inspired cookies by Old Seng Choong (Terminals 2 and 4)

old seng choong changi airport terminal 2 old seng choong changi airport terminal 2

These beautifully-designed tins by Old Seng Choong are exclusive to Changi Airport and perfect as souvenirs for loved ones.

Old Seng Choong has made a name for itself with its commitment to crafting artisanal cookies that capture the essence of Singapore's culinary heritage. Known for its innovative take on traditional flavors, Old Seng Choong has become synonymous with premium, handcrafted treats that tell a story with every bite.

At its Changi Airport stores, you’ll find the brand’s iconic cookies in four Changi-exclusive flavours, each housed in tins with designs exclusive to Changi, making them perfect gifts. At Terminal 2, savour the Pulut Hitam (a dessert made of black glutinous rice and coconut milk) and Curry Chicken Cookies, each bite a delightful journey through unique local flavours. At Terminal 4, Old Seng Choong presents Ondeh Ondeh (sweet rice cake balls filled with palm sugar and coated in grated coconut), and Nasi Lemak Cookies – a creative twist on traditional favourites.


Old Seng Choong at Terminal 2
Location: Terminal 2 Departure Transit #02-175/176
Opening hours: Opens daily from 6:00am to 1:00am

Old Seng Choong at Terminal 4
Location: Terminal  Departure Transit #02-50
Opening hours: Opens daily from 6:00am to 12:00am

3. Waffle Bowl, GODIVA (Jewel)

Indulge your sweet cravings in the opulent world of iconic Belgian chocolatier GODIVA at Jewel, where chocolate dreams come to life. Exclusively available at this Jewel outlet, the Waffle Bowl is a sweet masterpiece. It features a tantalising blend of vanilla and chocolate soft serve, chocolate crumbs, and shavings, topped with a divine GODIVA-branded chocolate slab. It’s a Singapore-exclusive, which means you won’t find it at any other GODIVA outlets worldwide!

Jewel Changi Airport #02-207
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

Cafe and bakery

4. Bear’s Footprint in Azuki Bean & Beary Bear in Nutella, Hainan Story Bakery (Terminal 2)

hainan story bakery changi airport terminal 2 hainan story bakery changi airport terminal 2

If you're looking for a sweet treat, check out Hainan Story Bakery's Changi-exclusive bakes!

Originally conceived as The Hainan Story, the bakery venture was born out of a growing demand for its exceptional breads and pastries. Co-founder Lem Cheong, hailing from a Hainanese background, recognised the need for a space exclusively dedicated to the art of baking. From Swiss rolls to classic buns, kueh and cakes, you’ll find an array of delectable Hainanese treats.

At Terminal 2, grab a bite of the Changi-exclusive Bear's Footprint in Azuki Bean, with a rich red bean filling, and the Beary Bear in Nutella which adds a delightful modern twist to Hainanese traditional bakes. And trust us, they taste as good as they look!

Gourmet Garden, Terminal 2 Departure Transit
Opening hours: Opens daily from 6:00am to 6:00pm

5. Exclusive cakes and confectionary by Nesuto (Jewel)

Helmed by pastry chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto is a local patisserie where Japanese and French-inspired cakes take centre stage. At its Jewel outlet, you’ll find three Jewel-exclusive cakes and chocolate bons bons.

Dive into the Matcha Chestnut Cake, a creation that marries the earthy notes of matcha with the sweetness of chestnutFor those with a penchant for the sophisticated, the Whisky Chocolate Cake promises a decadent treat of premium chocolate infused with a dash of whiskey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon spice. Next, the Chocolate Orange Cake adds a citrusy twist to the classic chocolate indulgence, creating a delightful fusion of flavours. And don’t miss its chocolate bons bons which comes in six unexpected flavours - Passionfruit & Hazelnut, Raspberry & Lime, Rose & Pistachio, Earl Grey & Bergamot, Sesame Rum, and Smoked Dark Chocolate & Caramel.

Jewel Changi Airport #01-236 & 237
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

6. Pastries infused with local flavours by Keong Saik Bakery (Jewel)

keong saik bakery jewel changi airport keong saik bakery jewel changi airport
keong saik bakery jewel changi airport keong saik bakery jewel changi airport

Newest to join the café scene at Jewel is Keong Saik Bakery. Located at the latest ‘Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands’ retail cluster, this bakery sets out to bridge contemporary styles and techniques with traditional and local flavours. Its signature Sor Hei pastry pays homage to the resilient Majies (Chinese women from Guangdong who worked as domestic helpers in Singapore between the 1930s and 1970s) of Keong Saik Road, resembling the elegant hair buns donned during their vow of celibacy - an ode to a bygone era.

Here at its Jewel outlet, Keong Saik Bakery offers two exclusive pastries – the Cereal Prawn Croissant Éclair and Palm Beach. Try the unique twist of the Cereal Prawn Croissant Eclair, where the buttery layers of an éclair-shaped croissant meet the savoury crunch of cereal prawns. For the sweet-tooth, go for the Palm Beach - a pandan cheesecake topped with fresh coconut mousse.

Jewel Changi Airport #01-K214
Opening hours: Opens daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm


7. Scrumptious local fare by PS.Cafe (Jewel)

ps.cafe jewel changi airport ps.cafe jewel changi airport

Get an authentic taste of Singapore with PS.Cafe Jewel's extensive menu of local cuisine.

Serving an extensive menu of classic café food and elevated local cuisine in visually aesthetic spaces, PS.Café is no stranger to frequent café hoppers. Its 80-seater Jewel outlet draws inspirations from aviation travel of yesteryears, featuring sleek lines, geometric patterns, and modern materials that embody a timeless fusion of form and function. Stately vaulted ceilings, illuminated by soft lights, create an inviting ambiance with a colour palette of white, black, and chrome. There’s also an ‘outdoor’ seating area where you can enjoy stunning views of the HSBC Rain Vortex as you dine on PS.Cafe classics and Jewel-exclusive dishes.

Brand-new to its ‘Street’ section of the menu at PS.Café Jewel, and exclusive to its Jewel outlet, is the Rickshaw Wanton Noodles and Singapore Chicken Rice. The former is made with buttery tagliolini topped with fresh crab, char siew and fragrant greens, while the latter comprise a tender marinated chicken leg, fragrant rice, and wanton soup.

Jewel Changi Airport #02-244/245
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

8. Chilli Crab Pasta with Garlic Toast, Hard Rock Cafe (Terminal 2)

hard rock cafe changi airport terminal 2 hard rock cafe changi airport terminal 2

Spice up your meal at Hard Rock Cafe with its Changi-exclusive Chilli Crab Pasta and Garlic Toast.

Hard Rock Cafe at Terminal 2 brings its rock 'n' roll vibe to Changi Airport, known globally for its legendary music-themed restaurants. As the first Hard Rock Cafe in Changi Airport, its 76-seater outlet is a haven for music enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Travellers can immerse themselves in an environment adorned with original and priceless music memorabilia, including a full-size concert costume worn by Asian superstar Jay Chou and a Stratocaster guitar signed by the iconic members of KISS. Unique city-themed items are also available at the adjacent Rock Shop, offering travellers the perfect last-minute Singapore souvenir before their flight.

Here's another chilli crab dish just because it’s such an iconic Singapore dish. Hard Rock Café’s rendition captures the essence of the city's culinary scene with a unique combination of flavours, blending the rich and spicy notes of chilli crab sauce with perfectly cooked pasta, accompanied by a slice of garlic toast. While you sink your teeth into this Changi-exclusive dish, check out its signature cocktails and variety of local and imported beers.

Terminal 2 Departure Transit
Opening hours: Opens daily from 6:00am to 1:00am

9. Premium Japanese rice bowls at Tanuki Raw (Jewel)

Tanuki Raw, located in Jewel, is celebrated for its modern Japanese cuisine with a creative flair. Here, you’ll find three exclusive rice bowls only available at its Jewel outlet.

The Jewel Chirashi features a vibrant assortment of shrimp, yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna sashimi atop a bed of sushi rice, topped up snow crab and ikura. The Jewel Truffle Gyu presents innovative takes on Japanese classics, incorporating sliced beef short rib with a house-blend of sukiyaki sauce and truffle soy. For something that never fails, try the Jewel Tempura Don which is topped generously with crispy prawn, shiitake mushroom, long beans, baby corn and pumpkin tempura.

Jewel Changi Airport #05-202
Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 11:00pm, Saturday and Sunday – 10:00am to 12:00am

10. Specialty ramens with a local twist at Kiwami Ramen & Gyoza Bar (Jewel)

Kiwami Ramen & Gyoza Bar elevates the ramen experience with the rich umami of its tonkotsu broth base infused with local flavours like laksa, chilli crab, satay and more. The restaurant and bar also uses premium ingredients like the A4/A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu, Hokkaido seafood, and fresh eggs imported directly from Okinawa.

For a true showstopper, order the Lobster Laksa Ramen which introduces a luxurious touch to a simple bowl of ramen - combining succulent Boston lobster with the bold and spicy flavours of laksa broth. Other Jewel-exclusive specialty ramens you should not miss include the Mala Ramen, that comes with a spicy and numbing mala pork bone broth, tender roast pork cheek and Okinawa ramen egg, and the Yuzu Ramen, that brings a refreshing citrusy kick with the yuzu pork broth.

Jewel Changi Airport #01-225
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm


Whether you're savouring signature dishes or exploring exclusive menus, Changi Airport and Jewel promises a memorable fusion of flavours and tastes. So the next time you’re flying through Changi Airport or visiting Jewel, add these exclusive dishes to your must-try list!


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