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Who doesn’t love a tipple every now and then? Beer, wine, champagne, liquor — they’re essential components to every lively party with friends and family. These hidden bars in Singapore will tell you how!

More importantly though, they’re bound to be crowd-pleasing gifts that should come in handy once we can start having bigger gatherings (fingers crossed!) at home.

To get you prepped for some rollicking good times, we’ve rounded up some of the best deals for the alcohol lovers in your life. All of which can be ordered online at great deals from GetIt and iShopChangi, the latter at duty-free prices, to be delivered straight to your or your giftee’s doorstep, so you can get the party started in no time at all! 

For the host with the most

Anyone who has ever hosted a house party would know that drinks are, more often than not, the most expensive item on the shopping list. Give them peace of mind by getting some great alcoholic bundles for the entire gang to enjoy. 

1. Sapporo Premium Can Beer

alcohol lovers having sapporo beer alcohol lovers having sapporo beer

Chug down a glass or relish Sapporo’s flavours straight from the can. Buy a few cartons of beers for both you and your pal, for a restful and unwinding night! Photo credit: Sapporo Beer Asia

You can’t go wrong with a pack of beer, and you certainly can’t go wrong with Sapporo.

Japan’s oldest beer (they’ve been brewing since 1876) is beloved for a reason — it tastes crisp, clean and goes down easily with any meal. 24 cans of it should be more than enough to go around the party too.

Price: S$65.50 for a bundle of 24 Sapporo cans on iShopChangi

2. Chuga Soju Peach

 korean vodka, soju  korean vodka, soju

If you don’t already know, soju is considered Korea’s version of vodka. With plenty of sweet flavours to choose from, you’re bound to find something that will tantalise your palate. Photo credit: Chuga Soju 추가

The humble soju has become a hit among Singaporeans because of its delicious-but-potent quality. When you can make amazing soju cocktails, why not?

The Korean vodka comes in all sorts of sweet flavours so you can pretty much take it neat or mixed together with beer. Some even swear on drinking soju with Yakult. And because soju is about 20 per cent in terms of alcohol by volume, take note that it’s pretty easy to get buzzed fast. So do take it slow around soju! 

Price: S$140.43 for a bundle of 20 soju bottles on GetIt with two free shot glasses.

3. The Special Vodka Bundle

skyy vodka skyy vodka

A good shot of vodka livens up any night — we’re sure you know what that feels! Photo credit: SKYY Vodka

When vodka pops up, you know the drinking session is about to get serious. A medley of the hard liquor awaits in a special bundle that includes some of the world’s top brands in the realm of vodka. 

It’s a great gift for hosts who hold house parties on the regular since a bottle is more than enough to get everyone happily inebriated. 

Price: S$191.04 for a bundle of five SKYY Vodka bottles on GetIt.


For the international imbiber

The international drinker is a little more worldly in terms of taste — they really care about their drink’s country of origin. If they can’t fly abroad as easily as they could in the days before the pandemic, might as well bring some foreign libation to them. 

4. Hyakumoku Junmai Ginjyo Sake

hyakumoku junmai gingyo sake hyakumoku junmai gingyo sake

Enjoy smooth and silky sake when you pour a glass of Hyakumoku Junmai Ginjyo. If you’re treating your friend a bottle and having it too, be sure to enjoy it with some sushi! Photo credit: Kenshin Sake

All the way from the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan, comes Hyakumoku Junmai Ginjyo. 

To really impress your giftee, just drop some knowledge: Ginjyo refers to premium sake that uses rice that has been polished to at least 60 per cent and brewed using special yeast and fermentation techniques. Junmai Ginjyo simply refers to ginjyo sake that holds subdued aromas and richer bodies. Best served chilled for that smooth, silky mouthfeel. Why not head out for a taste test at a sake bar before purchasing a bottle?

Price: S$160 on iShopChangi for a bottle of Hyakumoku Junmai Ginjyo sake with two free sake glasses.

5. The Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky

 dead rabbit irish whisky cocktail  dead rabbit irish whisky cocktail

Bring the feel of a cocktail bar home with Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky. Have a glass with your friend and sip for a hint of sophistication. Photo credit: Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky

With Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky, you get the best of two cities: Dublin and New York. 

That’s because this whisky is the result of a collaboration between the Dublin Liberties Distillery and founders of Dead Rabbit Saloon, the New York establishment that’s one of the world’s best cocktail bars. Expect a bit of spice kicking in from the whiskey’s time spent in virgin American-oak casks. Start with our guide on whisky appreciation if you need a little “training”.

Price: S$114 for a bottle of Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky on GetIt.

6. Navy Island XO Reserve Rum

navy island rum alcohol gift navy island rum alcohol gift

A good bottle of Navy Island rum never disappoints, especially for the pal who loves their drinks clean. Photo credit: Navy Island Rum

The best rum comes from Jamaica, and Navy Island is acclaimed for its blends from carefully selected rums of various ages. 

This premium rum offers surprisingly sweet notes of vanilla, tropical fruit and oak — a full-bodied experience that doesn’t compromise on intensity. No sugars and additives are added in these rums, so that’s good to know for alcohol lovers who love their drinks clean. 

Price: S$93.90 for a bottle of Navy Island XO Reserve Rum on GetIt.

For the wine connoisseurs

It’s always hard to get bottles of wine from the nearby store for those who really know their Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. But it’s not entirely impossible to find gifts for them, if you know what you’re buying!

7. Tastemakers Progressive Wines

 tastemaker wine gifts  tastemaker wine gifts

Nothing can stop the wine lover from enjoying a good sip of luscious red liquid. Why not add some accessories to the gift, such as a wine holder, stopper, rack, decanter or aerator for the connoisseur.

If you don’t know what types of wine are best, might as well just get a handful of bottles to keep it safe.

This Tastemaker bundle involves a range of five wines with each one offering distinct tasting notes for various occasions. Plus, the labels look classy enough to impress your wine-loving giftee. Be sure to choose an elegant wine box to go with the gift!

Price: S$522.00 for a bundle of five Tastemakers Progressive Wine bottles on iShopChangi.

8. Tecno 16-Bottle Mini Wine Chiller

wine chiller, must have wine accessory wine chiller, must have wine accessory

A wine fridge for a wine connoisseur? That’s a pretty well thought out gift. With sturdy racks for them to place their wines on, this wine chiller is suitable for anyone with a pretty neat collection of wines. Photo credit:

Chances are, budding sommeliers might already have a stash of wine bottles at the ready but not everyone has the luxury of having a wine chiller. 

Tecno’s Mini Wine Chiller is compact enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to store and cool 16 bottles on its racks easily. It comes with adjustable temperature settings and a quiet energy-saving compressor so the person will thank you for the electricity bill savings too. A must-have wine accessory, indeed!

Price: S$319 for a Tecno 16-bottle Wine Chiller on iShopChangi.

9. BORMIOLI ROCCO Premium Wine Decanter

wine decanter wine decanter

A handcrafted wine decanter will appeal to any wine enthusiast. Perfect gift? We say yes! Photo credit: Bormioli Rocco

For those who don’t know what wine decanters are, they’re essentially glass vessels that can separate wine from the solids that may have formed during the ageing process. This, on top of enhancing flavour through aeration — that’s what they mean when they allow the wine to “breathe”. 

Any serious wine enthusiast would love to have a decanter at hand because all wines, regardless of age or type, benefit from aeration for a few seconds. Impress them with a handcrafted decanter from the expert technicians at Bormioli Rocco, a leading Italian glass manufacturer.

Price: S$56.64 for a set of one wine decanter and six glasses on GetIt

For the social drinkers

Not everyone is a big drinker. Or maybe they could just be the types who can’t hold their drinks. Still, there’s always a perfect gift for those with a low tolerance for alcohol but still want to partake.

10. TTL Sweet Touch White Grape Fruit Beer

This beer from Taiwan doesn’t really taste like beer; it just tastes like potent grape juice. It’s a casual beverage for drinkers of all types since it goes down easy without the bitterness of beer and strong alcoholic aftertaste. Refreshing and fruity, it should subtly leave you slightly tipsy, but not super sloshed. 

Price: S$69.50 for 24 Taiwan beer cans on iShopChangi.

11. Brothers Strawberry & Lime English Cider

 brothers cider beer  brothers cider beer

Any casual drinker will love the sweetness of Brothers Cider — a good refreshing bottle of this beer after a hot day, this one’s a winner for sure! Photo creditL Brothers Cider

Ciders are always a good choice for social drinkers — they’re pretty zesty with no strong taste of alcohol. Brothers Strawberry & Lime would be the best choice for those who like their drinks sweet and fruity. 

Best served chilled, these refreshing ciders will please the health-conscious crowd since it’s vegan and gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners and fats. 

Price: S$42 for six bottles of Brothers Strawberry & Lime English Cider on iShopChangi.

12. Mateus The Original Rosé

 brothers cider beer  brothers cider beer

This bottle of Mateus Rose Original is the perfect summer drink! Photo credit: Mateus Rosé USA


Rosé is popular because it pairs with just about everything — it’s the best wine for people who don’t like wines. 

Sweet and bright pink in hue, it tastes like summer if the season had a flavour profile. Neither too dark nor too light, rosés remain popular among millennials for their sweet, sweet taste.

This rosé from Portugal is loved for its floral yet spicy taste, with pleasant notes of strawberry, raspberry and lychee. Yum.

Price: S$23.77 for a bottle of Mateus Rose Original on GetIt.


And there you have it, a list of intoxicating gifts for the alcohol-loving ones in your life. Nothing like some strong spirits to lift everyone’s spirits in these turbulent times, after all. Aside from these, you can also consider options like gin and champagne or treat them to great cocktails like mojito. You can be their personal mixologist too!

Just be sure to remember: all things in moderation and drink responsibly! 


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