While extended layovers can typically be a dreaded thing for many travellers, some of those transiting at Singapore’s Changi Airport may have found their time there too brief, given the many places to explore.

And it’s not just about shopping and dining. For the fitness enthusiast looking for calorie-burning activities, there are facilities at Changi Airport and Jewel to keep those daily goals met - even when you are between flights. They are not just functional too, with most of them boasting scenic views to boot. From misty walks to virtual reps, here are some ways to keep fit, in and around the airport during your next visit.

1. Do laps at the Aerotel swimming pool

aerotel swimming pool terminal 1 aerotel swimming pool terminal 1

Elevate your layover experience at Changi Airport by taking a refreshing dip in the Aerotel rooftop pool. A swim with a view to energise your journey!

Enjoy the sunny tropical weather of Singapore the best way possible - with a cooling dip at the Aerotel Rooftop Pool. This facility, located within Changi Airport Terminal 1, has the honour of being the only airport transit hotel in the world to combine runway views, a jacuzzi, a bar and shower facilities with an outdoor pool.

We’ll let you in on a secret: It is not just for hotel guests only. Passengers wanting to enjoy this facility can enter this pool by purchasing an access package at just S$25++. If you are having a long layover, this can be comparable to spending time at a lounge instead, given its sunny-side amenities.

Perch yourself by the bar as you watch the planes take off, or order some cocktails and bask in the sun on your deck chair. Don’t have your pool necessities with you? There’s a counter to supply you with anything from swimwear to floats. And because it is open from 12 noon to 10:00pm daily, there’s even an opportunity to enjoy night-time views.

On top of taking laps around the pool, you can also take advantage of the fitness facilities there, nicely equipped with weights,a treadmill and a stationary bike to limber up. It’s definitely worth making a trip to check out this option at Terminal 1.

2. Clock those steps at the many Changi Airport gardens

sculptural garden terminal 1 sculptural garden terminal 1

Step into a world of tranquility and fitness at Changi's gardens.

sculptural garden terminal 1 sculptural garden terminal 1

Explore the Discovery Garden at Terminal 1, clocking steps amidst lush greenery for a serene layover workout.

Known as the city in a garden, it’d be a crime to pass through Singapore without immersing in the lush greenery found at its world-famous airport. The best part? These green trails are naturally motivating - letting you clock up those steps easily as you explore exotic flora, tropical foliage, and wondrous sculpted displays.

The Discovery Garden at Terminal 1 is a great place to start. With  tree-like sculptures and raised walkways, it is reminiscent of other attractions on the island, like the Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove of Gardens by the Bay. The meandering path means you get more mileage during your walk in the area, as you pass by beautiful clusters of nature’s offerings.

If you want to continue your garden streak but need to fuel up, head to the newly-reopened Terminal 2 at Changi Airport and visit the Gourmet Garden. Combining two of Singapore’s strengths - green design and food - we won’t blame you if you linger a while here to enjoy some pizza, donuts or coffee as you admire the ceiling of draped greens.

Another new addition is Dreamscape, an indoor garden that combines the best of nature and technology into an immersive habitat. It is a sight to behold as you wander about “floating” glass panels above water, embraced by 20,000 plants. It is an evolving experience that mirrors the weather and time outside, with an ever-changing digital sky that features an atmospheric light and sound show every 30-minutes. Because it syncs with the real-time,  no two visits will ever be exactly the same.

Other transit area gardens to add to your steps include the Cactus Garden and Waterlily Garden at Terminal 1, Sunflower Garden Terminal 2, and the whimsical Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3. Open around the clock, it’s never been easier to clock those 10,000 steps during your layover.


3. Climb and conquer the rock walls of Climb@T3

climb@T3 terminal 3 changi airport climb@T3 terminal 3 changi airport

Turn your layover into an adventure by trying rock climbing at Terminal 3. Conquer new heights and give yourself an exhilarating break between flights.

Rock climbing has taken off around the world and Changi Airport welcomes its first facility at Terminal 3.

Operated by seasoned local group, The Rock School, Climb@T3 offers two walls for beginners and pros alike. The first is a 9-lane climbing wall that spans basements 2 and 3. With its auto-belay system, even solo climbers can enjoy sessions in a safe way with over 20 different routes to choose from. The second is a bouldering wall for those keen to work on their techniques. Measuring 12 metres by 2.5 metres, this option is also great for newbies wanting a more protected environment.

Climb@T3 is also extremely family-friendly, and has a Rock Tots programme that guides children as young as two on the fun ways of climbing, all taught by experienced staff. Entire families can also get into the activity together with their guided packages (for ages 4 and up) with the presence of instructors, or opt for unguided play (for ages 2 and up) if you have climbed before.   

Enjoy this full-body workout from 2:30pm to 9:30pm on weekdays and 12 noon to 9:30pm on weekends and public holidays. Passes start from $19 for an unguided play entry for one.

4. Have a scenic hike through Shiseido Forest Valley

shiseido forest valley walking trails jewel changi airport shiseido forest valley walking trails jewel changi airport

Embark on a nature-inspired layover adventure by hiking the trails at Shiseido Forest Valley at Jewel. Connect with nature and stay active in this unique airport oasis.

The world has seen the magnificent waterfall that is the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, but less talked about is the Shiseido Forest Valley. Made up of 60,000 shrubs and over 900 trees and palms, the garden wonderland is also an incredible opportunity to do an indoor hike.

The tiered green haven offers two trails. The eastern path offers ionic boosts from the periodic rocky falls - a refreshing treat as well as scenic photo opportunities. The western trail is a more romantic affair, with a stroll made dreamy by floating pockets of mists. Give yourself 30 minutes to fully take in each path, and enjoy a sensory walk full of surprises, all the while being enveloped by the signature scent of SHISEIDO Ultimune.

If you wait till after sundown,  you’ll be able to watch dancing lights from the Light & Sound shows that turn the indoor garden into another magical creature. 


5. Bounce and burn at Jewel's Walking & Bouncing Sky Nets

canopy park walking nets jewel changi airport canopy park walking nets jewel changi airport

Bounce your way through layovers with the walking and bouncing Sky Nets at Canopy Park. An entertaining and active way to spend your time at Changi Airport!

It may look like it’s for children, but kids-at-heart of all ages can enjoy a springing good time exploring Jewel’s Walking and Bouncing Sky Nets at the top of the mall. And trust us - it’s a lot more of a workout than it seems!

Start with the easier Walking Net - a sprawling taut net that takes you across the compound in a striking valley-shaped way,suspended above several levels of the mall, reaching 25 metres at its peak.

For the Bouncing Net, limber yourself up for a more springy experience. The entire attraction offers 250 metres of nets to explore, featuring tunnels, bridges, slides and a point that’s up to 8 metres above the floor. At certain points, there are spacious netted rooms where you can take a break in, while enjoying a unique vantage of the spectacular HSBC Rain Vortex nearby.

As both are located in the Canopy Park on level 5, any ticket purchase offers free entry into the venue adding the Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, and Topiary Walk to your itinerary. Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm, adults pay S$18.90 and S$24.90 for each respective net, with special rates for Singapore residents, CapitaStar members and Changi Rewards members.

6. Take a virtual fitness class at container pods at The Gym Pod

gym pod hub and spoke changi airport gym pod hub and spoke changi airport

Stay fit and focused during your layover by taking a virtual class at Gym Pod in Hub and Spoke. A convenient and high-tech way to keep your workout routine on track.

If you’re missing your reps and gym equipment, there’s no need to fret. Over at The Gym Pod, you’ll get to enjoy all the essential must-haves in the privacy of your very own container.

Located at Hub & Spoke at Terminal 2, the set up is open all day and night, with access controlled by a dedicated app. Users can check for availability on the app to select their preferred slot, before showing up and unlocking the pod for their workout. Expect commercial-grade equipment and a customisable space, with the option to draw blinds and play your own soundtrack to spur you on to those gains. 

It truly is a private experience so there’s no need to wait around for stations, but if you have friends who want to join you, the pods allow up to three people within the space so you and your buddies can motivate each other. Those who enjoy classes can opt for The Flow Pod, where virtual trainers can take you through a variety of classes from HIIT, martial arts, dance, barre to yoga. It’s incredibly affordable too. Rates for the pods start from S$7.50 for The Gym Pod and S$10 for The Flow Pod.

But you can’t possibly return to the airport drenched in perspiration right? Don’t worry. Just next door, there are showering facilities for you to spruce yourself up, as well as a cafe serving delicious local cuisine to reward you for your hard work at the gym.

7. Cycle and meet dinosaurs at the Jurassic Mile

jurassic mile cycling changi airport jurassic mile cycling changi airport

Pedal your way through the layover blues by cycling at Jurassic Mile and beyond. Explore the outdoor beauty of the Changi precinct while keeping your body active and energised.

When you head out on a free-wheeling adventure in Singapore, you’ll never know who you’ll meet. If you are to pick up some bicycles for rent at GoCycling, be prepared to meet with mighty lizards from another era.

If you have more than a few hours during your transit or layover and choose to spend that time cycling out of Changi Airport via the convenient park connectors, then you’ll no doubt come first to the Jurassic Mile. This first stretch runs for about 3.5km and features more than 20 life-sized dinosaurs in Singapore’s largest outdoor display of its kind.

This isn’t just your typical distanced viewing either. Expect “free-roaming” triceratops and velociraptors coming up right up to the fence, or have a selfie with the startled hatchling which has just popped up from its egg. There’s even a dramatic scene of the notorious T-rex tearing up the barriers with its ferocious maws.

Pedal on for about 40 minutes more and you’ll come to the coasts and beaches of East Coast Park. There, you can enjoy the experience of eating local at the UNESCO-famous hawker centres, head out to the sea on the Bedok Jetty, and even partake in water activities.

For the hardcore and seasoned cyclist, you can even aim to reach another world-famous site - Gardens by the Bay - by continuing on for an additional hour. And with two free hours of rental offered free to all layover passengers for the next year ahead, there’s really no reason not to enjoy a spin around the island.


Embrace wellness even when you’re on the go. Enjoy these fitness options the next time you fly through Changi Airport, even as you appreciate the invigorating sights and sounds of Singapore!


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