This article was updated on 1 September 2020 for factual accuracy.

As always, be assured that safe distancing and other precautionary measures are in place across our attractions, retail, F&B and service outlets for your health and safety. Don’t forget to observe good hygiene measures and practice safe distancing during your time at Changi. Stay safe!

Jewel Changi Airport, is as impressive as one can imagine. But beyond the multitude of retail and F&B outlets, remarkable installations and awe-inspiring views of nature also pack the place. And that can mean only one thing - bountiful opportunities for photo-taking!

You will be enticed by the majestic Rain Vortex when you first enter, and end up spending hours just admiring and taking photos of it. But there are many other photo-taking spots which you should not miss as they provide interesting angles and backgrounds.

Here is a simple guide that walks you through from the top level of Jewel all the way down to the basement in a systematic manner, pointing out to you the best vantage points of the Forest Valley and attractions you can take pictures of as you explore every floor. By the end of your visit to Jewel, you should have a huge collection of Instagram-worthy photographs for you to select from!

Get a bird’s eye view of the landscape from the Cloud9 Piazza

Frontal view of Rain Vortex with Airport Control Tower in background from Cloud9 Piazza

Experience the top of the world and the air up there.

Top down view of the Forest Valley from Cloud9 Piazza

Watching the Sky Trains and little people go by from this height can be therapeutic.

Wide shot of Cloud9 Piazza on Level 5

With such a vast space, the Piazza is ideal to take group photos or just soak in the atmosphere!

You would be on cloud nine when you get to the highest level in Jewel! Be enthralled by the breathtaking views from the Piazza which gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole interior of Jewel. Use a wide angle lens to capture the sheer magnificence of the space.

Location: Level 5, Canopy Park

Pose with our animal horticultural displays at the Topiary Walk

Wide view of Topiary Walk with pink elephant topiary projecting water into pond

Stop by the pond for a quick picture as you take a relaxing stroll with your loved ones.

Frontal view of monkey topiaries at the Topiary Walk

Sit between the monkeys to complete the sequence. Monkey see, monkey do!

Side close-up of alligator topiary in Topiary Walk

Snap a picture with this snappy alligator!

Let your imagination run wild as you pose with the numerous animal topiaries featuring monkeys, parrots and peacocks among others! These exquisitely-clipped shrubs and meticulously-arranged flowers form animal shapes which would make cute and memorable pictures for you and your loved ones.

Location: Level 5, Canopy Park

Clone yourself with a Mirror Maze selfie for your #OOTD

Multiple reflections of model within interior of Mirror Maze

Get lost in your own beauty in the Mirror Maze.

Be surrounded by many beautiful faces...of yourself at the Mirror Maze! Blessed by soft natural lighting streaming through from the top, you can get creative with the mirrors and find the optimal angle to snap a picture of your outfit of the day and share with your friends.

Location: Level 5, Canopy Park

Show your delight before a bed of spectacular blooms at the Petal Garden

Petal Garden set against backdrop of Jewel’s ceiling

If your loved one had a flower for every single time they think of you, this would be it.

Another must-take photo before you head down is at the Petal Garden where you can pose with a multitude of flower types. With an extensive bed of multi-coloured flowers, you can be assured that this picture is going to make your Instagram feed even more beautiful!

Location: Level 5, Canopy Park

Capture a rare rainbow Rain Vortex from Lobby H

Front view of Lobby H signage hanging from the ceiling

Head straight upon seeing the Lobby H sign outside of YotelAIR.

Wide shot of East Trail and Forest Valley from Level 4

Your exploration continues on this path – the East Trail.

Portrait shot from Level 4 of Rain Vortex with rainbow at the base

Tadah! Somewhere, over the rainbow, there is the majestic Rain Vortex!

Everyone has pictures of the Rain Vortex, but do you have one with a beautiful rainbow formed at the base of it? You might want to stop by the lobby outside YotelAIR as you make your way down from Level 5. The streams of sunlight through the clear glass panels at a definitive angle, coupled with the permanent mist generated by the powerful waterfall, would result in a delicately-formed rainbow that hugs the Rain Vortex. Barring cloudy skies or gloomy weather, the recommended time for you to get that rare shot would be from 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Location: Level 4, outside YotelAIR

Position yourself for a panoramic view on the Viewing Deck

Front view of the Rain Vortext from the Level 2 Viewing Deck

Kiss under the mistletoe? How about in front of the waterfall?

Walking down the East Trail, remember to stop by the Viewing Deck on Level 2 for an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Clear of tall trees, you can use your mobile phone or camera to get a panoramic shot across the entire floor of the Forest Valley for an immersive picture!

Location: Level 2, East Trail

Set yourself against a modern oasis in the South Gateway Garden

Bottom up view peeping through palm trees with Airport Control Tower in the middle

Get up close and personal with the towering Airport Control Tower.

Make a left turn from the East Trail and head towards the South Gateway Garden. With statuesque palm trees and triangular-shaped panels, the garden makes for a different backdrop from the usual scenery. Set against the iconic Changi Control Tower, this makes for another memorable picture at the Jewel.

Location: Level 2, directly opposite end of Jewel Main Entrance

Stand by the Cataract Falls among lush greenery

Wide angle of Cataract Falls within Forest Valley

Hidden among the lush greenery are mini waterfalls that make for good pictures too.

Bottom up shot of Cataract Falls

Seize the golden hour and pose by the staircase with the Cataract Falls.

Portrait, side view of Cataract Falls in Forest Valley

Beautiful flowers lining the walls and serene mini waterfalls make for a perfect backdrop!

While the Rain Vortex serves as the main highlight of Jewel, pay attention to the little Cataract Falls hidden among the Forest Valley too. These miniature waterfalls act as a nice complement to your Outfit Of The Day when you pose along the flight of steps.

Location: Level 1, East Trail

Shoot slow-mo against the waterfall in the Immersion Garden

Frontal view of subject against background of waterfall shot in slow-motion in Basement 2

Stand still and shoot slow-mo and you can thank us for this wonderful cinemagraph.

If you think that you can only take photos in the day, think again! When night falls, simply head down to Basement 2 where you can find the Immersion Garden right under the Rain Vortex. The backdrop of the waterfall being funneled down through the basement makes for a dreamy museum-like aesthetic. With the silhouettes formed, play with the slow-mo functions on your phone and camera to create an abstract moving image.

Location: Basement 2, underneath the Rain Vortex


Now that you are guaranteed of nice pictures at these nine key photo spots around Jewel, the next thing you should do when posting them on social media is to tag us at @ChangiAirport and @JewelChangiAirport! Or, you can always share with us your best photos in the comments below. Have fun snapping!