As always, be assured that safe distancing and other precautionary measures are in place across our attractions, retail, F&B and service outlets for your health and safety. Don’t forget to observe good hygiene measures and practice safe distancing during your time at Changi. Stay safe!

Whether you’re looking at bringing something to impress for your National Day weekend potluck party, searching for a new decorative item to jazz up your home, or finding a place to take your family out for a meal, Jewel has you covered. Check out some of our top picks, all with that uniquely Singaporean twist!

For the foodie


A box of Rich & Good swiss roll  A box of Rich & Good swiss roll 

This sweet treat is guaranteed to be a favourite at gatherings.

The RICH & GOOD CAKE SHOP, a household name famous for their old school swiss rolls (S$9-$10 each), has been in Singapore for over 20 years. Including their traditional kaya and durian rolls, the bakery produces at least 10 flavours daily for sale. Among them are the red velvet and green tea swiss rolls, which pander to modern taste buds. If you can’t decide what flavour to get, indulge in an assorted box of mini rolls with four different flavours.

Location: #01-232
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

2. L’éclair Pâtisserie

A flatlay of eclairs A flatlay of eclairs

These éclairs may almost be too pretty to eat! Photo credit: L'éclair Patisserie Facebook

L'éclair Patisserie is the only éclair specialty brand in Singapore. They take pride in using the perfect blend of science and art in French baking to create their éclairs - each piece lovingly handcrafted and made fresh daily. Local duo Michelle Looi and Sarah Tan, graduates of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, get creative with their éclairs by reinventing flavours that delight every palate.

Their lychee white peach pastry features light floral notes of white peach and aromatic sweetness from the fruit. This pretty, pink éclair is made irresistible with a rose-scented glaze and toppings of dried peony petals and cocoa nibs. Other popular flavours include lavender milk chocolate,salted caramel and lemon (from S$7.50 for each regular-sized éclair).

Location: #01-235
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday - 12:00noon to 09:00pm, Friday to Sunday - 11:30am to 10:00pm

3. d’Good Café

The use of white-washed walls and dark timber at d’Good Café is reminiscent of bungalows built during Singapore’s colonial period. Their menu reflects Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture and heritage, with its careful selection of local dishes offering a glimpse into the food culture of the early settlers in Singapore.

Nasi Lemak Sushi Nasi Lemak Sushi

Savour Nasi Lemak in the form of Sushi.

Start off with a trio of Nasi Lemak Sushi (S$8). Presented like sushi, taste all the flavours of Nasi Lemak in one bite. This creative take on a classic Singaporean favourite features fried silver sillago fish, otah, and konbu egg stacked atop fragrant rice infused with coconut and fresh pandan leaves, served with house-made sambal chilli and ikan bilis.

Hainanese Chicken Roulade & Risotto Balls Hainanese Chicken Roulade & Risotto Balls

Singapore chicken rice, re-imagined!

The well-loved Singapore chicken rice is reimagined as Hainanese Chicken Roulade & Risotto Balls (S$19.50), with crispy and soft risotto balls. Instead of the usual chicken liver, the dish is accompanied by luxurious foie gras. The garlicky and gingery chilli remoulade is no afterthought either as it completes the dish.

If you can’t decide whether to get coffee or dessert to end off the meal, top it off with the café’s Kopi Chendol. Prepared with fragrant coconut milk, gula melaka, and a double-shot espresso, this delicious treat is topped with soft azuki beans, chewy pandan jelly, and crunchy house-made coconut sable.

Location: #01-227
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday - 11:00am to 09:00pm, Friday and Saturday - 11:00am to 10:00pm

4. Tiger Street Lab

Limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew Limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew

Raise a toast to Singapore’s 55th with the limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew.

Inspired by Singapore’s national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, this limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew is a full-flavoured black lager enhanced by the infusion of orchids that boasts light floral notes and a touch of citrus. Expect an intriguing amber blend with an exotic aroma and mild fruity finish.

Buah keluak braised pork cheek bun Buah keluak braised pork cheek bun

Melt-in-your-mouth braised pork cheek buns.

Pair it with Timbre X’s buah keluak (the seed/fruit of the kepayang tree, a mainstay ingredient in Peranakan cuisine) braised pork cheek buns (S$16), braised with assam (tamarind) to give the dish a tangy taste, or the coconut seafood tom yum soup (S$18), where the coconut water provides a refreshing hint of sweetness to compliment the tom yum spices.

As Tiger Street Lab’s food partner changes periodically to keep things fresh for its patrons, head down from now to savour Timbre X’s menu!

Location: #05-205
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday - 10:00am to 10:00pm, Friday to Sunday, Eve of PH & PH - 10:00am to 11:00pm

5. Birds of Paradise

Four gelato on thyme cones Four gelato on thyme cones

There’s always room for gelato with Birds of Paradise’s delightful flavours.

Crafted in small batches, this housemade botanical gelato is not your run-of-the-mill ice-cream stand. Their signature range of botanical gelato are infused with South East Asian botanicals, tinged with the subtle flavours of herbs and spices, or robust full-bodied flavours of nuts and chocolates. Some of their most popular flavours include White Chrysanthemum with cacao nibs, Strawberry Basil, Spiced Pear, Sea Salt Hojicha, and Midnight Gianduja (S$6 for a single cone).

Made fresh on the spot, visitors can smell the delightful whiff of their signature Thyme cones from a mile away. The glass booth lets visitors view the art of cone-making, a time-consuming process and a labour of love.

Location: #01 – 214 / 215 / 216
Opening hours: Opens daily from 12:00noon to 10:00pm

For the shopaholic


The interior of IN GOOD COMPANY’s shop The interior of IN GOOD COMPANY’s shop

The store reflects the effortless simplicity of IN GOOD COMPANY’s design DNA.

IN GOOD COMPANY is a label that is characteristically modern and quietly confident. Designed to form the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe, their pieces (S$89-279) are defined by a clean and modern aesthetic; reinterpreting timeless silhouettes with clever detailing to create non-seasonal pieces for effortless, everyday style.

Their retail space is also designed to feel like a contemporary art gallery, inviting one to admire its signature tailoring and artful pieces.

Location: #01 – 214 / 215 / 216
Opening hours: Opens daily from 11:30am to 10:00pm

7. Klosh

An Oh Sushi! game An Oh Sushi! game

Build a sushi tower in this multi-player game.

Klosh is a one-stop local gift store which curates all things quirky and exquisite. Other than the Singaporean Dream card game or magnets which feature Singapore’s icons and architecture, Klosh has a huge range of lifestyle and home decoration products, as well as popular Miffy, Pusheen and Harry Potter collections.

While this is not a local product, since travelling is now restricted, test your chopstick skills with this popular Oh Sushi! game (S$42.90) with your travel buddies instead. Stack the kawaii sushi pieces in a Jenga-like tower game or explore nine other games with the same set. Build up your chopstick skills and knowledge of a sushi menu, which may come in handy for your next trip to Japan.

Location: #04-230
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

8. Supermama

Supermama plate Supermama plate

Serve up a party with these stunning pieces of dinnerware and impress your guests.

Founders husband and wife pair Edwin and Mei Ling celebrate Supermama’s 10th anniversary this year. Firm supporters of local design and Japanese craftmanship, their white and blue porcelain plates stand out, with its first collection awarded the “President’s Design Award” back in 2013.

Each piece of Supermama Porcelain is a work of art, created thoughtfully and made with the finest porcelain maker. Fans of Jewel can get the Changi Jewel Vortex Porcelain Plate (15cm) at S$32, at 10% off for the month of August. For purchases S$50 & above in-store, customers will also receive a complimentary Black Series Melamin Plate!

Location: #02 – 207
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm

9. GIFT by Changi Airport

A self-care essential set with masks, spray and pouches A self-care essential set with masks, spray and pouches

This handy set ensures you have everything in check when leaving your home.

GIFT by Changi Airport is the airport’s very own souvenir store that sells a line-up of Changi Airport merchandise and lifestyle products by local designers and brands.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with a range of self-care essential items. This set (S$55) features the store’s best-seller, sdtravel, a self-disinfecting coating, when sprayed on treated surfaces such as your mobile phone screen, keeps it germ-free for up to 90 days. Other must-haves include masks to keep your style in check, mask holders and a handy pouch to store all your essentials. You can also buy it online here.

Location: #02 – 207
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday - 12:00noon to 09:00pm, Friday to Sunday, Eve of PH & PH - 11:30am to 10:00pm

For that pampering experience

10. Sultans of Shave

Barbering services at Sultans of Shave Barbering services at Sultans of Shave

Every modern gentleman needs a private den he can retreat to for a respite.

Home of the contemporary gentleman, Sultans of Shave is passionate about the art of male grooming. Indulge in the finest barbering experience inspired by the quintessential men’s parlours of London, where a traditional straight razor is used for the classic gentleman’s haircuts and shaves. Their range of services include shaves, haircuts and treatments. Opt for the Sultan’s Shave (S$65), which comprises a facial scrub, hot towel, shave cold towel, post shave balm and moisturiser. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, check out the ‘Father & Son’ or ‘Groom & Groomsmen’ experience!

Location: #04-240
Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm


While international travel is restricted for now, travelling to the airport and spending a day at Jewel might be the closest you can get to a much-needed holiday this long National Day weekend. To top it all off, end your Jewel outing with a visit to the Canopy Park, where standard rate attraction tickets are going for 55% off for the month of August.


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