One thing that is universal among Singaporeans is our love for food. Be it hawker food, restaurants, cafes or even snacks, we are blessed with a plethora of choices. With the Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses have been severely affected and many have gone into online delivery services. At iShopChangi, many unique locally produced snacks and drinks are available for you to replenish your supplies. Some of them are exclusive items that you can’t get from anywhere else! What’s more, these delightful offerings come at tax-absorbed prices (yes, even if you’re not flying!), and can be delivered right to your doorstep with a minimum spend of S$59! To sweeten the deal, here are some promo codes only for you (yay to more savings!). With the National Day long weekend approaching, take this opportunity to bond with family and friends (in small groups!) over some food and drinks while celebrating the occasion. There’s no better time than now to support local!

1. Kaya Toast Ice Cream by OCD Café (iShopChangi exclusive)

A hand holding up a cone of ice cream. A hand holding up a cone of ice cream.

There’s nothing better than an ice-cold treat in this sweltering heat.

Ask anyone what a traditional breakfast in Singapore looks like and Kaya Toast is likely at the top of the list. A thick coconut jam with Pandan flavouring spread in between two slices of lightly toasted bread – it is no doubt the quintessential Singaporean breakfast. In recent years however, many F&B businesses have started to explore Kaya beyond just being a breakfast jam. Its versatility has allowed for creativity in making it a unique flavour to other delights – such as ice cream.

Partnering with OCD (Obsessive Chocolat Desire) Café, iShopChangi has brought you an exclusive Kaya Toast-flavoured ice cream (yes, you read it right)! The distinctive Kaya flavour teases your palate at first bite (or lick), and just as you were giving mental praises to the team who came up with this brilliant idea, you sink into a chunk of toast bread hidden within the ice cream. What a wonderful surprise! It could be due to the sweltering heat, but the creamy, cold and coconuty combination makes you want to go back for more. Do check out other exclusive flavours such as Salted Milky Way and the indulgent Africa 85% Dark Chocolat. Wait no further and get your own pint only on iShopChangi!

2. Kaya, I Beg Your Pandan Cocktail by GudSht (iShopChangi exclusive)

A bottle of Kaya cocktail on a table in a home setting. A bottle of Kaya cocktail on a table in a home setting.

I beg your Pandan?

Another Kaya invention you have to try is this Kaya-infused cocktail from GudSht, a local label ‘born out of a pandemic’. In an exclusive collaboration with iShopChangi, this cocktail exudes a pleasant pandan fragrant with a whisk of fresh coffee that reminds you of the hearty combination of Kaya Toast and Kopi breakfast you can find at your neighbourhood coffeeshops. Take a sip and you will taste smooth, creamy pandan and coconut with hints of wheat oats, and subtle notes of almond and vanilla from the Barcardi Carta Blanca rum. The Cold Brew Coffee liqueur in the cocktail leaves you with a bitter-sweet finish.

We suggest serving it chilled in a Martini glass (it’s a cocktail after all), together with your favourite traditional crackers. For those of you itching for a good catch up with a small group friends over drinks, you can definitely consider these bottled cocktails (read on for other flavours available!). Get yours on iShopChangi at tax-absorbed prices!

3. With Love, Changi Tea by TWG (iShopChangi exclusive)

A bottle of With Love, Changi Tea set on a table with a teapot and teacup. A bottle of With Love, Changi Tea set on a table with a teapot and teacup.

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect afternoon tea!

If you’re someone who prefers a good afternoon tea instead, another iShopChangi exclusive you must consider is TWG’s With Love, Changi Tea. As a homegrown artisanal teahouse, TWG has been a favourite go-to tea boutique for locals as well as tourists since it opened in 2007. With Love, Changi Tea is an elegant green tea that exudes notes of wild forest berries and a soothing touch of sweet rose and southern orchard fruits – reminiscent of Changi’s lush and delightful gardens. Pair the tea with TWG’s assortment of macarons and cakes and voila! - you’ve got your perfect afternoon tea. Apart from tea, their unique and colourful packaging for the Haute Couture Tea series is also worth a mention – perfect as gifts or simply as a collectible! Get yours only on iShopChangi.

4. Cheng Tng Gao Cocktail by GudSht

Two ladies clinking glasses to cocktails. Two ladies clinking glasses to cocktails.

These cocktails are legit GudSht!

We promised more uniquely flavoured cocktails so here we are. We must say the folks at GudSht really know how to whet our appetites. As if the Kaya cocktail isn’t mind-blowing enough, they presented us with Cheng Tng Gao (yes, Cheng Tng-flavoured cocktail!). This cocktail perfects the pairing of the Courvoisier VS cognac, Amaretto liqueur & freshly brewed Cheng Tng. Expect wafts of smokey cinnamon from the cognac and almond sweetness from the Amaretto, while the brewed Cheng Tng brings through just the right amount of longan sweetness. Bite into bits of barley and longan as you sip on the cocktail – there’s no better dessert cocktail to end a delightful hawker meal!

Other must-try cocktails include Mao Cha (Thai milk bubble tea) and Unicorn Barf (Yuzu Rose-infused cocktail that’s perfect for the gram). If you miss travelling like us, check out their exclusive travel series that will bring you right back to the paddy fields in Bali or the sandy white beaches in Boracay. All of these are available at tax-absorbed prices on iShopChangi so don’t miss out on the good deal!

5. Mala Salted Egg Fish Skin by Fragrance

A man and woman enjoying some snacks in a kitchen setting. A man and woman enjoying some snacks in a kitchen setting.

THE mala snack that will make you go ohh-lala!

There have been many variations to the fish skin snacks in the market, but mala salted egg fish skin is something new! Salted egg fish skin probably needs no introduction as it has become of the top staple snacks in many households. But for those who love a little spice, this Mala Salted Egg Fish Skin from Fragrance (yes, they don’t just sell Bak Kwa!) will not disappoint. The fish skin is lightly fried before it’s coated with a generous coat of rich and creamy salted egg sauce. The subtle mala spice kicks in at the end, rounding it off with a savoury, umami deliciousness - making this a highly addictive snack. You've been warned! If you're still contemplating whether you should ‘Add to cart’, we say, do it.

6. Gold Digger Coffee Bags by Hook Coffee

A cup of drip coffee displayed on a marble table with packaging. A cup of drip coffee displayed on a marble table with packaging.

This coffee will get you hooked!

For those of you who brew your own coffee at home, you probably would have heard of Hook Coffee. While some of you may still prefer to head down to your trusted local roastery to stock up on coffee beans, Hook Coffee offers those who are strapped for time a much-needed convenience with their coffee curation and delivery service. iShopChangi is now carrying a range of drip bags from Hook Coffee at tax-absorbed prices. We recommend trying the ‘Gold Digger’, a three region blend from Guatemala, India and Brazil. This is a medium-dark roast that has a strong and robust flavour, perfect for espresso brews. You can taste its rich, buttery smooth and luxuriously nutty notes in each sip.

The convenience of drip bags is a plus as it saves time as compared to manual brewing. All you have to do is to tear open a drip coffee bag, sit it over a cup, pour off-the-boil water over the coffee grounds and your coffee will be ready in 60 seconds – great for a lazy weekend.

Pro tip: Substitute half the required off-the-boil water with ice and you’ll end up with a delicious cup of cold brew that will satisfy any coffee lover.

7. Coconut Kaya Granola by Amazin’ Graze

Amazin' Graze granola displayed on a marble table Amazin' Graze granola displayed on a marble table

For the health conscious, this is the perfect snack for you!

Okay, this is the last Kaya snack we promise. But how can we resist the sweet, pandan and coconuty fragrant of Kaya? For those into healthy snacking, the Coconut Kaya Granola by Amazin’ Graze is for you. Founded by three young women who believes that snacking can be made healthy and indulgent at the same time, Amazin’ Graze has since won the hearts of many who love the occasional snacking, but are health conscious. Catering to the Asian palate, you’ll find flavours such as Salted Gula Melaka and Blueberry Goji Coconut.

The Coconut Kaya is our favourite because of its buttery, caramelised flavour which needless to say, goes extremely well with the wholesome blend of rolled oats, pecans and almonds. The dried coconut shreds are also high in fibre and known to improve anemia and lower blood cholesterol levels. Every crunch is a nod to their philosophy of healthy eating and a wonderful tribute to this local flavour. Remember to cart it on your way out!

With a few long weekends coming up, these local delights are sure to come in handy whether it’s for yourself or as a treat to your friends and family. To maximise your savings, remember to apply the promo codes before checking out. Till next time!

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