You have probably felt a whirlwind of emotions that hit all at once when you discover a missing item – from near heart palpitations to immense sorrow at the thought of losing a treasured possession.

Trust us when we say that you aren’t the only one who has gone through that stressful experience. Each month, at least 3,300 lost items (of all shapes and sizes) are found in Changi Airport's terminals.

So here’s what you should do the next time you misplace your belongings at the airport, or leave something onboard a flight.

Misplaced belongings within the terminal

Lost belongings at the airport Lost belongings at the airport

It's easy to lose sight of your belongings when you're preoccupied at the airport

Changi Airport has become more than just a travel hub, with Singaporeans visiting the airport for its many facilities and attractions. With so much to do at the airport, it’s easy to get distracted and misplace your items without realising it.

So before you let the whirlwind of emotions hit you, here’s what you need to do if you misplace an item or bag:

Keep your cool and report your loss to the nearest information counter or to any roving Changi Experience Agent. There are at least nine information counters available across the three terminals. 

If you only realise that you’ve misplaced the item after leaving Changi Airport, you can report it online. This will also make it easy for you to follow up on your query subsequently. 


#1: Watch out for one another

Often, we tend to be more careful with other people’s belongings. Places such as toilets and lounges are areas where items are commonly left behind. If you’re travelling in a group, keep a lookout for one another.  

#2: Label your bag

Attach your business card to your bag or create a label with your contact details. If anyone picks up your bag or item, this will make it easier for them to reach out to you.

#3: Remember the details 

Knowing the brand, colour and size as well as the items inside your bag(s) will make it easy for you to describe the lost item with as much detail as possible.

#4: Keep duplicates

When travelling, carry duplicates of important documents (i.e. passports, ID, boarding passes, etc.), in both soft and hard copies, with you. This is essential in ensuring that your identity can be verified if you misplace any of the said documents.

You should also lodge a police report and inform the Singapore overseas mission as soon as you discover your loss, to get a document of travel that will see you through immigration.

Delayed or lost baggage(s) at arrival

Luggage conveyor belt with a couple of luggage bags on it Luggage conveyor belt with a couple of luggage bags on it

If you don’t spot your luggage bags on the conveyor belt, head over to the nearest lost and found counter

Many of us wait anxiously at the conveyor belt after a long flight, hoping that our luggage emerges unscathed. However, if you don’t see your bag on the belt after all the bags are out, here’s what you should do:

Bring your baggage tag to the respective lost and found counters located within the airport. The staff will be able to help locate your baggage.


#1: Keep your valuables close to you

While airlines often compensate you for your losses, they also have a list of items that are generally not claimable. These include jewelry, money, cameras, and laptops, amongst others.

Leave these items at home, or keep them close to you at all times by packing them in your hand-carry bag.

#2: Always keep your baggage tag

Your baggage tag makes locating your bag a lot easier – taking the stress off both you and the airport staff.

#3: Make your bag identifiable

Avoid luggage bag mix-ups by putting visible identifiers, like brightly coloured ribbons, on your luggage. This will make your bag easier to track and identify.

#4: Remember what your bag looks like

Details such as the brand, size, and colour of the bag will go a long way in identifying your bag. 

Misplaced belongings while onboard a flight

A photo of a bag in the overhead cabin A photo of a bag in the overhead cabin

Always remember to check for loose items before you disembark

In your cubicle of space during a flight, it’s easy to drop items without realising it. Here’s what you should do if you’ve misplaced an item while onboard:

Get your flight details ready, so that you can reach out to airport service staff or the specific airline directly – either through a call or online report.

You should also inform the ground handling staff on duty. It may still be possible to trace your missing item(s) even if your plane has departed, as the crew will do a last round of checks before the next flight.


#1: Check before you disembark

Check your overhead compartment and seat pockets for any loose items before you disembark.

#2: Keep your bag safe and secure

Zip your bag(s) before placing them in the overhead compartment or under your seat, to ensure that items don’t spill out during take-off and landing.

#3: Travel light

Only carry the essentials on board with you. This will lower your chances of leaving something behind by accident.

We get that missing items and bags are huge stressors. So follow these tips, for a hassle-free travel experience, and make your holiday or weekend as enjoyable as it can be!

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