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Although Phileas Fogg’s intrepid expedition brought him around the world in 80 days, with iShopChangi’s range of alcohols, you could let your taste buds be whisk(y)-ed away to exotic locations without even setting a foot out of your door.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of prized wines, a collector of acclaimed liquors or just into adventurous spirits, let iShopChangi take you on a journey across the globe with its wide range of rare and award-winning wines and spirits. Available online to both travellers and non-travellers at duty-free prices, these tipples are sure to tickle your fancy!

1. Japanese sake brewed with the waters of Mount Fuji

sake alcohol singapore sake alcohol singapore

Brewed using premium AIYAMA rice cultivated in Hyogo with Mount Fuji’s water, this sake makes for a versatile pairing with several dishes.

mountain fuji water to make sake mountain fuji water to make sake

Water from Mount Fuji is used to create the high-grade sake called Dan Black Premium Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama 38.

Miss Japan and love heading to sake bars in Singapore to take a shot once in a while? With only 60 bottles available, the Dan Black Premium Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama 38 is a gem of a sake. Brewed only with premium Aiyama rice cultivated in Hyogo prefecture and water from Mount Fuji, this Japanese rice wine combines some of the finest ingredients in the country. Aiyama rice is known to be challenging to grow, which is why the production of this sake is limited.

Traditionally reserved for only the highest grades of its kind, the sophisticated black bottle that stores this sake blocks out UV rays to prevent ageing and retains its unparalleled flavour. This special brew was awarded the Gold medal at Kura Master 2020, one of the biggest international sake competitions.

Snag this rare find for S$304.00 on iShopChangi.

2. Taiwanese whisky crafted with Scottish techniques

whisky alcohol on ishopchangi whisky alcohol on ishopchangi

Approved by qualified specialists, the limited edition whisky from Omar is best enjoyed with some experimenting.

alcohol distillery in the highlands of taiwan alcohol distillery in the highlands of taiwan

Hidden in the highlands of Nantou in Taiwan, the distillery that created the Omar Cask Strength Whisky GBX introduces new flavours for that unique and rare touch.

Who would have thought some of the world’s best whisky would come from Taiwan? Taiwanese whisky began causing a stir on the global scene in 2010, when it beat traditional favourites from Scotland and England in an expert-judged blind taste test organised by The Times of London. Since then, these Asia-brewed alcohols have been taking the world by storm.

The Limited Edition Omar Cask Strength Sherry Cask Whisky GBX, Alc. 57.1% is a stellar representative of top-quality Taiwanese whisky, having been awarded Gold in the International Spirits Challenge and Silver in the World Whiskies Awards. Nantou Distillery, situated in idyllic Nantou County, only produces Omar whiskies from October to April to avoid the hot Taiwanese summer. The combination of Taiwanese terrior (environment) and Scottish whisky-making techniques is what gives these fine liquors their unique profile.

Omar Cask Strength Sherry Cask Whisky has only 60 bottles available in Singapore. Get it exclusively on iShopChangi at S$278.00.

3. Tuscan red wine aged in underwater cellars

bacci wine on ishopchangi bacci wine on ishopchangi

Intensely purple the moment you lay eyes on it, the Talamo IGT Toscana 2016 is inviting and succulent on the palate.

red wine produced in italy red wine produced in italy

The Talamo red wine is produced from a wide variety of grapes found at the Terre di Talamo estate. Image credit: Bacci Wines

Tuscany is one of the most famous and prolific wine regions in Europe and is the homeland of the top winemaker, Bacci Wines. The Talamo IGT Toscana 2016 is a full-bodied red wine said to be a favourite amongst Cabernet Sauvignon lovers, earning 92 points from internationally acclaimed wine critic, James Suckling.

The sea, which is just a few miles away from the vineyard, Terre di Talamo, is the unexpected ageing cellar for all Talamo IGTs. Founder Marco Bacci discovered that 35m into the depths of the ocean is where wines could be kept at a stable, chilly temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. The movement of the sea also benefits the process, which was yet another revelation Bacci had when he noticed wines were ageing better on his boat. Take a dip under the waves of the Talamone seafront and you’ll find 9,000 bottles of Talamo IGT awaiting maturation.

Dive in and discover the depths of flavour in this exceptional wine for S$100.00 on iShopChangi.

4. Chinese Baijiu that pays tribute to ancient history and philosophy

shede alcohol in singapore shede alcohol in singapore

Shede Founder’s Tribute baijiu is the perfect blend of Chinese heritage and a modern design.

shede alcohol production workshop shede alcohol production workshop

Using methods of ecological brewing, the rawest form of alcohol is produced, and then aged to perfection to create this Shede classic.

History in a bottle is how you might describe Shede Founder's Tribute 52% 500ml. This baijiu (Chinese liquor) pays homage to ages past by using an ancient “1000-Year Classical Tai He” method to cultivate its fermentation starter, or qū. The liquor is fermented in the cellars of a Tai’An workshop, credited as the culinary heritage of China, which have been in use without pause since the Ming dynasty. The brew is aged in terracotta jars for more than six years and blended with a rare 15-year-old spirit.

Shede literally means “Sacrifice to Gain”, a philosophy derived from Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist ideology that is at the core of their production approach. 98 per cent of the brew is sacrificed to preserve only the essential 2 per cent. The resulting premium aged baijiu certainly does not sacrifice quality and taste, having won the Gold Medal at the World Spirits Awards 2022.

Shede Founder’s Tribute is exclusively for sale at duty-free stores in limited quantities and is available on iShopChangi for S$112.50.

5. Scotch whisky not for the faint of heart

whisky alcohol drink whisky alcohol drink

Like the whirlpool that inspired its name, the Ardbeg Corryvreckan is an alcoholic beverage that is not for the faint hearted given its swirling aromas and torrents of peppery taste.

whirlpool that inspired whisky alcohol whirlpool that inspired whisky alcohol

The famous whirlpool that lies to the north of Islay was the inspiration behind the alcohol name Ardbeg Corryvreckan. Image credit: Walter Baxter

Ardbeg is one of the nine distilleries situated on the Isle of Islay, the ‘whisky coast’ of Scotland. The Ardbeg Corryvreckan 700ml takes its name from the third largest whirlpool in the world that lies to the north of Islay.

True to its namesake, those who drink this dram will need to brace themselves for a torrent of taste. This single malt whisky is intense and powerful – not for the faint of heart! Its distinct smokiness is derived from the heavy peat used in the manufacturing process, an Ardberg trait. Its appeal has evidently bowled judges over and knocked out its competition, scoring a multitude of accolades including the International Spirits Challenge 2021 Gold Award, San Francisco Competition Double Gold Award 2021, and the IWSC Silver 2021.

Drink in this wild and adventurous spirit for S$187.60 on iShopChangi.

6. Californian red wine made to be intoxicatingly unforgettable

rare wine made in america rare wine made in america

With rich elements of dark chocolate and nuances of black and blue berry, the Coupe de Foudre Lightning Bolt 2019 is a must-add to your wine drinking bucket list.

napa valley wine country napa valley wine country

Napa Valley in America is the epitome of a beautiful wine country that is known to produce some of the best wines in the world. Image credit: Coup de Foudre Wine

Situated in America’s wine country, Napa Valley, Coup de Foudre prides itself on highly acclaimed small-batch wines. The label’s name refers to an unforgettable, unseen event, like when lightning strikes. In the case of the label’s founder, it was Cupid’s arrow. Many of the bottles’ labels feature love letters of the winemaker to his wife, and customers even have the option of peeling off the labels to pen their own love stories.

Coup de Foudre’s Lightning Bolt is only produced when there are barrels worthy enough to be deemed a 100 per cent pure Cabernet Sauvignon, which is why there were only 100 cases of Coup de Foudre Lightning Bolt 2019 produced worldwide. The accolades of this precious wine include 96 points from James Suckling in 2021 and 97 points from Antonio Galloni/Vinous in 2022. So, if you are looking for the ultimate wine gift, this alcoholic drink is a must add to your cart when you shop online on iShopChangi.

A wine to add to your drinking bucket list, do not miss your chance to be struck by the charm of this unforgettable wine. Get the Coup de Foudre Lightning Bolt 2019 for S$246.00 on iShopChangi.

7. New Zealand gin with an innovative twist

gin with rose wine gin with rose wine

Delightfully refreshing with a dash of rose wine, the Squealing Pig Rose Gin can be enjoyed neat or with any mixer of your choice.

vineyard in new zealand vineyard in new zealand

The Marlborough region in New Zealand is all about delicious fresh seafood and some of the best wines.

Squealing Pig hails from the verdant Marlborough region of New Zealand’s South Island and is a label typically known for its wines. Squealing Pig Rose Gin 1000ml 40% is one of the few spirits in its line-up and is uniquely infused with the winery’s award-winning rose wine, which adds a touch of freshness to the blend. This coral-coloured concoction can be enjoyed neat or served over ice with soda water, a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of fresh mint.

Squealing Pig Rose Gin is a Changi 1st – it was launched exclusively on iShopChangi in 2020. Pick up this porcine-inspired pint for S$87.81 and let your palate be tickled pink.

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