Not just planes, but sparks, too, can fly at Changi Airport – if you know where to go! Whether it’s to kick-start the romance before your next destination, to confess your love or to propose, Changi’s got you covered.

If you’ve caught Love at First Flight  web series, you might find some of these spots familiar; if you haven’t, watch episode 1 below (or the full series here) to get a glimpse of these romantic spots you can bring your other half to. Read on for more ideas. 

Love at First Flight - Episode 1

Snap some #couplegoals shots at the Sunflower Garden

Zhi Xing and Yueling at the Sunflower Garden

Take a stroll and strike a pose at Changi’s Sunflower Garden

Walking on sunshine might be how you feel when you’re with the one you love, but doing that isn’t actually possible (not in this world, at least). Instead, you can head to the next best alternative – walking through sunflowers.

Thousands of these bright, yellow splashes line the paths of Changi’s Sunflower Garden, interlaced with a path for you and your other half to take that perfect #couplegoals shot – #nofilter required. With flowers grown from Changi’s very own nursery, this 300 square metre space is one of Changi’s most instagrammable spots, a perfect place to soak up or thaw under the Singapore sun. 

To add on to the romance, here’s a pro-tip:  this garden doubles up as an open-air viewing gallery that overlooks the runway, so you might be able to catch a plane in the background of your photos (try spotting one in the picture above)!

Location: Terminal 2 (Transit), Level 3 (located beside the entertainment deck)

Operating Hours: Open 24-hours daily

Stroll through the winding paths at the Sculptural Garden

Yue Ling and Zhi Xing at the Sculptural Garden

Love at First Flight takes Yue Ling and Zhi Xing on a stroll through the sculptural garden – but whatever for?

Beanbags, trees and walkways at the T1 Sculptural Garden

Chill out in the open air with the Sculptural Garden’s beanbags and wooden walkways

The Sculptural Garden, with its wooden walkways and beanbags, provides a casual space for you and your other half to take a stroll up its winding paths or chill down below while soaking in some sun.

What’s unique about this garden is its aesthetically futuristic vibe intertwined with nature – three foliage collages on tree-like sculptures towering the open space. Together with some beautifully sculpted lines that weave the ‘trees’ together, you will be able to catch some of the most stunning lines and shadows cast across the wooden floor.

Much like the Sunflower Garden, you can watch planes fly here too, as you bask in the warmth of the sun or cuddle in the cool of the night with the one you love.

Location: Terminal 1 (Transit), Level 2

Operating Hours: Open 24-hours daily 

Have a heart-to-heart talk at the Viewing Gallery

Viewing Mall at T1

Watch planes glide across the tarmac floor at T3’s viewing gallery

Located in the public areas of all four of Changi’s terminals, the viewing gallery is a tranquil space with a therapeutic touch that no other dating spot can offer. Spend some quality time with the one you love before a long goodbye, or just for a heart-to-heart talk as you watch the planes fly by.

Children’s rides at T1’s Viewing Mall

Looking at the planes but not actually on one? Hop onto one of these and let your imagination take you to places with your loved one!

Playground at T1’s Viewing Mall

Slide around and reminisce your childhood days with some block-colouring

If you’re up for some fun, the viewing galleries in Terminals 1 and 4 also offer some side activities (think snake-and-ladders or block colouring) to connect the inner child within you and your mate.

Location: All four Terminals, (Public)

Operating Hours: Open 24-hours daily

Serenade with a song at the Karaoke Booths

Karaoke Booth at T3

Serenade your other half in T3’s karaoke booths!

I’m sure you’ve experienced this: you finally get the chance to be alone on a date with the one you love, but that one friend (who is a perpetual third-wheeler) shows up out of nowhere and you find yourself struggling to explain the concept of how ‘three’s a crowd’.

If only you could come up with an excuse, like “Sorry, but there’s only space for two!”

Turn that mental excuse into reality with Changi’s karaoke booths – a cosy, soundproof space with just enough room for two. Music has always been said to have a way of connecting people, so take this opportunity to serenade your other half with your inner Bruno Mars or Celine Dion with the wide array of song choices available.

Location: Terminal 3 (Public), Basement 2

Operating Hours: Open 24-hours daily

Price: From $6.99 per 15 mins to $16.99 per hour

Bonus Spots!

Here’s a little treat to add on to all that was mentioned so far – spots that you can go to for a meal, for fun, or just to hang out and chill.

Recharge and refuel with romance

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden, Hops Bar at T1

Propose a (beer) toast to your other half at the Hops Bar to curb the prickly, Singapore heat

Watch the planes fly by with a cold beer in hand at the Hops Bar – a metaphorical oasis in the middle of a cactus desert (garden) amidst the tropical heat!

Location: T1 (Transit), Level 3

Opening Hours: Open 24-hours daily

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café at Changi Airport

The orchid-themed café is the perfect backdrop for your photos with your special someone.

Get a cup of coffee and some sweet treats away from the crowd and into this quaint space at the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café - adorned with hanging orchids, a Hello Kitty themed interior and some indoor greenery.

Location: T3 (Public), Level 1 Arrival Hall

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Appreciate art with the one you admire

A Million Times at Changi

A Million Times at Changi art installation at Changi Airport Terminal 2

Developed by developed by Humans since 1982, the art piece combines both technological ingenuity and artistic sophistication.

If time could be controlled, it might look something like this – with each clock’s hand so intricately tuned to the one next to it that it forms nothing short of a masterpiece. Read more about how we got the art of time down to a science, and stand in awe as time stands still with the one you love.

Location: T2 (Public), Level 2 Departure Hall

Kinetic Rain

The Kinetic Rain art installation at Changi Airport Terminal 1

The Kinetic Rain can take the form of 16 different shapes. Can you name them all?

Before showing your other half the world, this shining, shimmering, splendid piece should be your first stop. With 1,216 bronze droplets waltzing with the weight of gravity and dancing into vignettes of planes, birds, waves and many other shapes, this art installation is perfect for couples with a keen eye and a vast imagination.

Location: T1 (Public), Level 2 Departure Hall

Play a friendly match with your perfect match

Entertainment Decks

Free Lan room at the entertainment deck

Take your relationship to the next level with the wide array of games available at the entertainment deck

Entertainment Corner at T4

Date the old-school way with retro games at T4’s Entertainment Corner

Go crazy and have some fun at Changi’s Entertainment Decks with its wide array of games – from Xbox Kinects, Arcade Machines, Play Station and computer games! A little friendly competition with your other half will surely spice up the fun in the relationship.

Location: Terminal 2 & 4 (Transit)

Opening Hours: T2: 0600 hrs – 1159 hrs

 T4: 24-Hours

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these visual treats with the apple of your eye

Movie Theatre at T2/3

If the both of you didn’t get the time to watch a movie recently, do it before you fly out of Singapore (and do it for free!)


Head over to the 24 hour movie theatre to wind down, cuddle up and catch some of the latest movies, or walk down the T4 boulevard to the Heritage zone to grab a quick bite while watching the row of shophouses come to life with the Peranakan Love Story, a local production played at 15-minute intervals.

Location: Movie theatres at Terminals 2 and 3 (Transit); Peranakan Love Story at Terminal 4 (Transit)

Opening Hours: Open 24-hours daily


If you want to make memories before you get to your next destination, you know where to go to let your love take flight!