With the Circuit Breaker being extended to 1 June and travel opportunities still not clearly in sight, it would most likely be a while more before you visit Changi Airport again. During this time, while some have turned to making Dalgona Coffee to past time, or discovering their hidden talents in the kitchen, others prefer good ol’ retail therapy. For those of you who miss our beloved airport, the good news is that you can create a bit the Changi experience at home – thanks to online shopping! Here is a curated list of cute and useful knick-knacks from GIFT by Changi Airport to remind you of the special feeling of excitement and wanderlust that you now find yourself wanting. 

For those who miss the smell of Changi

One of the ways to tell if you’re a (true) fan of Changi is when you can recognise this comforting yet distinctive scent the moment you step through the doors into its terminals. This signature scent of Changi is an Orchid Tea scent - a concoction of notes from Orchids, Asian spices and a variety of plants. Inspired by our gardens, the scent is diffused in many areas in the airport, providing passengers and visitors with a unique and calming experience. In fact, the fragrance is so popular among visitors that it is now made available in the forms of a reed diffuser, perfume oil and scented candle. If you miss the smell of travel and Changi, this is something you will definitely want in your home during this stay-home period.



For the mummies and daddies who need a break

For full-time-working-moms/dads (FTWM/D), you may realise that you’re now both FTWM/D and stay-at-home-moms/dads (SAHM/D). Nothing would have prepared you for this massive change in schedules – having to fulfill work commitments and at the same time be a parent to your kid(s). When you have that rare window to recharge, be sure to have the Flight Therapy Mist Sprays with you. Available in five distinctive blends – Calm, Sooth, Sleep, Zen and Fresh, this alcohol-free aromatherapy spray will leave you refreshed and ready for a few more hide-and-seeks. For those with younger children at home but would love to enjoy a cuppa without worrying about tiny hands toppling over your mugs, the Jewel Changi Rain Vortex Tumblr is for you. This stainless steel, vacuum tumbler is customised with Jewel’s Rain Vortex design, and comes with a vacuum-sealed lid and plastic straw to prevent any spills!



For your essential shopping needs (and save the earth while you’re at it!)

While most of the shops are closed during this time, essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies and F&B outlets are still open for your day-to-day needs. If you really must head out for some essential shopping, why not take this opportunity to support local designers and take care of Mother Earth as well? Instead of plastic bags, bring along reusable tote bags and pouches to store your purchases! These Changi-inspired tote bags and pouches are designed by local artists such as Ah Guo (阿果), who is known for his whimsical illustrations. 



BONUS: For all to safeguard yourselves against viruses, bacteria and fungi

Regardless of whether you’re home or out for essential shopping, you can safeguard yourselves against viruses, bacteria and fungi with the sdst. This self-disinfecting coating has been applied on frequently-touched surfaces in Changi such as lift buttons, touch screens and trolley handles. It contains a revolutionary antimicrobial ingredient that inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi, and the coating remains effective for as long as three months even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning! And the good news is, sdtravel, a pocket-sized version of sdst, is now available for purchase, keeping you and your loved ones safe regardless of where you are. A must-have in every household!

sdtravel spray being used on a mobile phone sdtravel spray being used on a mobile phone

Safeguard yourselves and your loved ones from viruses, bacteria and fungi with sdtravel.

From Changi scented diffusers to relaxing mist sprays and self-disinfectant spray, you can now enjoy your time at home. In the meantime, continue to fuel your wanderlust with travel stories and inspirations. When this is all over, we look forward to welcoming you back to your favourite airport.


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