Take home something that’s truly Singaporean from one of these favourite local brands, all available at Changi Airport. Changi Airport’s shopping streets are second to none. To make the most of them, arrive early so that you have enough time to check in and still take a leisurely walk to pick up a souvenir or two. Everything from duty free alcohol and chocolates to beauty products and the latest in fashion is available in the air conditioned comfort of the airport. If you didn’t have the chance to shop for your friends or loved ones before making the trip down to the airport, you can do it in this one-stop shop.

Take home something that’s truly Singaporean from one of these favourite local brands, all available at Changi Airport.

Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo offers dainty little cakes (kueh), which are as colourful as they are presentable. The kueh lapis sagu is a must-try rainbow cake made up of numerous tiny layers. They are labour intensive to produce – a pastry chef must line up the layers perfectly – but they take only seconds to enjoy.

Created from local ingredients and with an unmistakable Southeast Asian flavour, also try the ondeh ondeh, which are glutinous rice balls covered in shredded coconut and filled with – the most sinful of pleasures – palm sugar (or gula Melaka as it is known locally).

Picture of a selection of kueh and pastries from Bengawan Solo

Enjoy the kueh and other delightful pastries at Bengawan Solo

Fragrance and Bee Cheng Hiang

Barbecued meat (bak kwa) is a much-loved Singaporean delicacy that's popular at celebrations and Chinese New Year. Similar to jerky, think of thinly sliced squares of sweet pork embalmed in 18 different herbs. Visit Fragrance or Bee Cheng Hiang for a highly presentable gift that could not be more local if it tried. Also check out the meat floss, Hong Kong-style sausages and mooncakes.

Picture of Bak Kwa served on top of pieces of wood and decorated with flowers

Bak kwa is a quintessential Singapore delicacy


This home-grown brand is just refinement from top to toe.  TWG Tea is a feast for the eyes with their beautiful décor, old world charm and a sense of luxury that make them as worthy of a visit as do their varied teas and delicious accompaniments. With its yellow signature packaging, everything here looks like it should come wrapped in ribbons.

The rainbow of macarons and chocolate bonbons are also delectable, assuming you don’t want to go for one of the gorgeous tins of tea. These pretty packages sure help to make a great impression.

Cans and boxes of TWG tea

The pretty TWG display

Macarons at TWG served on a piece of wood and decorated with flowers on the side

The delectable macarons at TWG

Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park store

This one will be the perfect stop for the little ones at home: walk through an in-store jungle, populated by a menagerie of stuffed animals, from small to large and gigantic.

For the most uniquely Singaporean gift of all, look for Ah Meng, a magnificent orangutan that's the Singapore Zoo’s most famous resident. You’ll definitely want to go for the largest animal you can carry – you’re sure to get plenty of smiles as you board the plane.

Picture of three orangutan soft toys from the Singapore Zoo

The friendly residents of Singapore Zoo make for a great gift


Risis is a local brand that defines affordable style by marrying technology with nature and even art. Here, you can take your pick from a brilliant range of jewellery as well as gift items that would be the pride of the owner.

Picture of rings inspired by the Vanda flower

The design of the covetable Vanda Allure Ring available at Risis is inspired by the Vanda flower

Raffles Long Bar

The home of the Singapore Sling, pay a visit to the Raffles Long Bar, where you can enjoy complimentary cocktails before you fly. For a quintessential Singaporean souvenir, pick up the chicken rice paste or teas, both items being from the original Raffles Hotel. This is also the only retail outlet besides the hotel, where you can pick up these products.

Picture of tea cans and other souvenirs from the Raffles Long Bar

Tea fit for the kings

Discover Singapore

Take back a bit of Singapore with you as you leave the island city. At Discover Singapore, you can pick up everything from a vintage ‘kopi’ cut set to Tiger balm, the herbal pain relief ointment that also makes for a quintessential Singapore souvenir.

Picture of a kopi cup set

Pick up a kopi cup set to enjoy Singapore’s drink of choice

Picture of Tiger balm

Nothing spells ‘Singapore souvenir’ like Tiger balm

With these wonderful goodies as part of your luggage, you can be sure your gifts will be well loved. After all, they are little pieces of Singapore

Pro tip: Be sure to check in early the next time you visit Changi, so you have ample time to shop for your perfect gift.