Airports can be huge, sprawling complexes that are almost like small towns in their own right. Touching down in a new, unfamiliar country and disembarking right smack in the hustle and bustle of an airport can be disorientating. Not here at Changi! We want to help you get all charged up (phones included), before you set off for your adventure in sunny Singapore!

It doesn’t matter which terminal you land in. You can find rest for your feet, food for your stomach and cash for the wallet, before you make your way out. We help acquaint you with the various facilities and services in Changi, so you don’t have to waste time looking around.

Getting connected to the grid: WIFI and Internet

First things first: WIFI. If you’re like us and rely on mobile applications such as Google Maps or Grab (Southeast Asia’s version of Uber and Lyft), WIFI and data are absolutely essential. But worry no more! WIFI is free throughout Changi, and you can simply connect to the network through the iChangi app. With the app, you can view retail and dining offerings, book your shuttle in advance and receive real-time updates on flight status and gate changes for your departing flight. 

There are also information counters located throughout the airport, both in the transit and public areas, where you can approach the friendly Changi Experience Agents for any help with WIFI – should you need to check your emails (we hope not!) or to surf the net.

Better still, there are also tons of charging points that you can use, before heading out to the city centre.

Changi Experience Agents at information desks Changi Experience Agents at information desks

Changi Experience Agents are ever ready to lend you some assistance.

For a longer stay in the Lion City, you can also consider getting a local pre-paid SIM card at various convenience stores in Changi including Cheers and 7-Eleven, or at the Changi Recommends booths. These SIM cards loaded with data cost the same as city prices, so you can get this sorted right here before heading to the city.

Money matters

Major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and UnionPay are widely accepted in Singapore. But using cash at the ubiquitous hawker centres or street side stalls would probably be easier. If you were rushing for your flight and didn’t have time to get some Singapore Dollars, there are also 24-hour money changers located around the terminals. (Pro tip: they don’t charge transaction fees!)

Major banks and money changers in Changi Major banks and money changers in Changi

Money changers and ATMs are located all around Changi, both in public and transit areas.

Refresh, recharge and re-energise yourself

Ok, so you’ve got your internet going, cash is not a problem now. It’s time to fill your stomach! Singapore is known as a food paradise, and there’s no better place to get started than at Changi. Whether it is local cuisine such as nasi lemak (coconut-infused rice), a cappuccino to go, or quick pastries to fill the belly, you’re never too far away from a café! You can find a curated list here.

Hudsons Coffee at Terminal 3 transit area Hudsons Coffee at Terminal 3 transit area

Dining options are aplenty in all terminals. You’ll never go hungry in Changi!

If you arrive in the wee hours of the morning and are looking for some rest before you can check-in to your accomodation at noon, there are plenty of options available as well. Recharge with the free full-body massage chairs within Changi’s terminals, take a quick snooze at our snooze lounges or get some nail therapy to maximise your time! There are also shower facilities, such as The Haven at Terminal 3, if you would like to freshen up after a long ride in the skies.

Treat yourself: Tours and shopping

Meanwhile, you might be wondering where’s good to visit in Singapore. Why not book a tour to the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore or Gardens by the Bay, from Changi! With Changi Recommends’ travel services, you can book these and more in the comfort of our airport. P.S: With Changi Recommends, you can get exclusive discounts off the admission prices!

You can find information on tours and more at Changi Recommends counters You can find information on tours and more at Changi Recommends counters

Changi Recommends: look for the counter located at all arrival halls!

If you can’t get enough of the glitzy mall-filled streets of Orchard Road and the city, continue your shopping online on iShopChangi anytime during your stay and you can pick up your purchases right before your departing flight! From fragrances to electronics, you can get your hands on these items at the best prices at Changi.

Getting to the City

Finally, planning your onward journey. You have a few options to consider, including taking a taxi, bus or the Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore metro), to bring you to areas such as the Central Business District (CBD), Orchard Road (shopping central), Sentosa and more.

Or, head straight to your hotel by the 15-minute airport shuttle, bookable for $9 at the transport counter.

City Shuttles ready to pick passengers up City Shuttles ready to pick passengers up

These City Shuttles operate on a 15-minute frequency and will take you to most hotels in Singapore.

Before you head off, do remember to visit the loo, go green and fill up your water bottles at our award-winning facilities!

Air travel can be stressful for some. But at Changi, the experience can be positively surprising. Make the most of your time at Changi once you land, to pave the way for a fun-filled, memorable and enjoyable stay in Singapore!


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