It is likely that you have heard of the Changi Festive Village by now. In addition to activities at Terminal 3 and Jewel Changi Airport, there’s also an array of fun activities at Terminal 4 and even beyond to the Changi Park Connector that’s nearby! If you’re planning a visit to Changi Airport, here’s a low down on all the activities you can check out with your kids this school holiday season!

1. Dino Bounce – Largest bouncy playground ever in Changi

Kids playing at Dino Bounce Terminal 4

Conquer or dodge as the T-Rex closes in at Dino Bounce – you decide!

This massive, jaw-dropping Dino Bounce in Terminal 4 measures 25 metres by 12 metres, and it’s the largest inflatable playground ever put up at Changi Airport.

Featuring two play zones – Dino Bounce Land and Dino Bounce Sea – kids can conquer multiple obstacles and bounce off their favourite prehistoric creatures. Whizz down the back of the mammoth 4-metre-tall Brontosaurus, conquer the bouncy wave while escaping the deadly T-Rex, and scale a climbing tower in search of the peace-loving Stegosaurus.

Dino Bounce inflatable playground at Terminal 4

Navigate through a tree maze and zoom down a 4-metre-tall slide!

Open to children aged 5 years old and up, with a minimum height of 1 metre, the giant inflatable can host about 20 players at a time, for safe distancing reasons. Each play slot lasts for 20 minutes.

Come dressed comfortably for a bouncy good time (we advise wearing pants with some stretch). No socks or footwear is allowed on this playground. Accompanying adults will need to have their own activity passes.

Location: Terminal 4, Departure Hall (Level 2), opposite Check-in Row 1
Operating hours: Opens daily till 3 January
Monday - Wednesday: 3:00pm to 10:00pm (last entry at 9.30pm)
Thursday - Sunday, eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday: 2:00pm to 11:00pm (last entry at 10.30pm)
Requirements to play: Minimum 5 years old and 1 metre in height
Admission: Every S$30 spent (S$80 for supermarkets) in any terminal or Jewel gives you 1 free activity pass (maximum redemption of 4 activity passes allowed per receipt). You can also purchase activity passes at S$8 a piece here.

2. Dino Kart – Be a trailblazer in the first night-time Go-Kart racing in Singapore

A group of racers at Dino Kart Terminal 4

Satisfy your need for speed and have the kiddos race against the grown-ups at Dino Kart!

Feed the F1-wannabe in you and try your hand at tackling 12 bends at the maximum speed of 24 km/h at the 200-metre pro track. For additional amp, opt for the night race. Zoom past lit dinosaurs and a dizzying array of neon blinking lights and speed through a tunnel made of coloured lights.

Kids aged 9 to 12 years old can race in the novice track, while adults pit their racing skills in the pro track. All players get one practice round before they embark on five laps of racing. Players need to undergo a safety briefing before their races.

For hygiene purposes, hair nets are provided with helmets. For that cool Instagram shot, racers can choose from an array of helmets, including dino-themed ones, as well as those with pilot-like goggles!

Location: Terminal 4, just outside Arrival Hall (Level 1)
Operating hours: Opens daily till 31 December
Monday - Wednesday: 3:00pm to 10:00pm
Thursday - Sunday, eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday: 2:00pm to 11:00pm
Requirements to play: Minimum 9 years old and 1.3 metre in height
Admission: Every S$30 spent (S$80 for supermarkets) in any terminal or Jewel gives 1 discounted activity pass (maximum redemption of 4 activity passes allowed per receipt). You can also purchase activity passes from S$8-S$18 a piece here.

3. Dino Wanderland – Roam earth before time with prehistoric beasts

Changi Airport festive display at Terminal 3 Departure Hall

Dino-loving kids will love this massive dinosaur-themed festive display.

Continue your dino trail to Terminal 3 and this time, you will have the chance to take pictures up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

Taking centre stage at Terminal 3’s Departure Hall, Dino Wanderland features a total of nine dinosaurs, namely the fearsome T-Rex, a towering diplodocus, three cute pterodactyls, one playful raptor (stuck in the snow!), a pachycephalosaurus and another two pudgy triceratops, one of which is still emerging from its egg!

Get on the sleigh perched at the highest point of Dino Wanderland and capture a shot against the snowy winter landscape through the official photographer on-site. Or walk the ground with your kid and name each dino while posing for that mandatory Instagram memory.

Location: Terminal 3, Departure Hall (Level 2), in front of Departure Immigration
Operating hours: Opens daily till 3 January, 10:00am to 10:00pm
Photo-taking sessions available from:
Monday - Friday: 3:00pm to 9:00pm; Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Admission: Admission to exhibit is free. For photo-taking in the sleigh, redeem a pass with min S$30 spent at any participating outlets in the public areas of any terminal or Jewel. Redemption is done on-site at exhibit.

4. tokidoki Snow Holiday – Frolick in real snow at sub-zero temperature

Snow luge ride at tokidoki Snow Holiday at Terminal 3

Don’t miss the main attraction here – the 12-metre-long snow luge ride!

Fret not even if you can’t go overseas to enjoy wintry weather – we have very cool climate for those missing sub-zero temperatures, right in Terminal 3. Minus 10 degrees Celsius, to be exact.

Those reminiscing a white Christmas can check out tokidoki Snow Holiday – the largest snow house in Singapore. The double-storey snow attraction features a 12-metre-long luge starting from the second storey, a snow slide made of packed snow, an igloo, a snowman, a family of golden bears and popular tokidoki characters - SANDy, Donutella, Little Terror and a 2.6-metre-tall Kaiju – in inflatable form.

Kids at the snow slide in tokidoki Snow Holiday Terminal 3

The little ones can have a snowball fight or build a snowman!

Anyone can play in the snow house (no age limit) and you don’t have to worry about lugging your heavy winter apparels to enjoy this activity – snow jackets and boots are provided on the spot! If you feel that you need extra warmth, rent a pair of snow pants for $3 and insulated gloves for $2. All winter apparels are sanisitised after each use.

Expect ‘snowfall’ made of foam to fall from the sky in every play session lasting 20 minutes. Kids can expect loads of fun gliding down the slides, playing snowball fights, or simply building snow castles.

For safety reasons, mobile phones cannot be brought into the snow house. A team of photographers roam the grounds to capture all your candid as well as posed shots. 6R-sized photographs complete with a character photo sleeve can be purchased for $15.90 each.

Location: Terminal 3, Departure Hall (Level 2), next to Check-in Row 11
Operating hours: Opens daily till 3 January, 10.40am to 10.20pm (last entry at 9.40pm)
Admission: Every S$30 spent (S$80 for supermarkets) in any terminal gives 1 free activity pass (maximum redemption of 4 activity passes allowed per receipt). You can also purchase activity passes at $13.90 a piece here.

5. Sparkling Christmas at Jewel – ‘Roast’ marshmallows and check whether you have been naughty or nice

Christmas tree at Jewel Changi Airport

Catch the many festive photo spots at Jewel when all comes to “life” in the evening.

Baubles, ribbons, cookies and gifts – what would Christmas be without these?

This yuletide season, bask in the familiar sights and sounds of the thanksgiving season at two locations in Jewel Changi Airport – the Canopy Park at Level 5 and the Shiseido Forest Valley at Level 1.

At the Canopy Park, play to your heart’s content at its various play attractions and immerse in the glorious floral display at the Petal Garden. At the Forest Valley, prepare to take lots of photos as the entire valley turns into a children’s playground. Giant ‘marshmallows’ beckon from an interactive fireplace, jars of yummy cookies entice from a push-cart stall while a gift-bearing reindeer zips overhead from the clock tower – as your kid gingerly steps up to the ‘naughty-o-metre’ to check whether he or she has been naughty or nice this year! Oh, and don’t forget the good ol’ Christmas tree, a must-have backdrop for that wefie!

Location: Jewel Changi Airport, Levels 1 and 5
Operating hours: Opens daily till 3 January
Level 1 Shiseido Forest Valley: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Level 5 Canopy Park: Monday - Thursday: 10:00am to 10:00pm; Friday - Sunday, eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday: 10:00am to 11:00pm
Admission: Admission to Shiseido Forest Valley is free from 10:00am to 6:00pm. From 6:00pm to 10:00pm, a minimum spend of S$30 in a single receipt allows entry of 2 persons – entry is at the North Canyon. Simply flash your receipt at point of entry.
Admission to Canopy Park ranges from S$3 to S$5. Book your tickets here.

6. Changi Jurassic Mile Lightup – Dinosaurs outdoors

Jurassic Mile festive light-up

Jurassic Mile will also be specially lighted up this festive season.

Back to dinosaurs – this time outdoors, and in a different light, literally.

From 7 December, the Changi Jurassic Mile will be adorned with festive lights, welcoming visitors with a stunning light tunnel at the start of the one-kilometre-long stretch and upping the atmosphere with neon festive greetings, palm trees and gift boxes decorations.

For those who have yet to check out this exhibit, these huge dinos are just a two-minute walk away from Terminal 4. Go for a nice slow stroll after all that racing and bouncing at the terminal, enjoying nature and the cool year-end weather at the same time. Lights are switched on at 6.30pm.

Location: Next to Terminal 4, Car Park 4A
Operating hours: Opens daily from 7 December to 3 January, 24 hours
Admission: Free

7. Holiday Workshops at Changi Experience Studio – learn a skill to boast of

Drone workshop at Changi Experience Studio

Get crafty or learn a new skill with a series of activities and workshops at Changi Experience Studio.

For those looking some quiet bonding time with your older kid, choose from a series of holiday workshops and pick up a skill at the Changi Experience Studio.

From learning to code and fly your own drone, to creating a succulent terrarium or an underwater garden, these modular workshops range from 1 to 3 hours per session.  

Location: Jewel Changi Airport, Changi Experience Studio, Level 4
When: From now till 23 December
Admission: Book your tickets here.


With so much to do at Changi Festive Village, you can also consider booking a staycation at the Changi Airport vicinity for a complete holiday away from home. Some of the staycation options include Crowne Plaza Changi Airport at Terminal 3, YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport at Jewel, Capri by Fraser near Changi City Point and other hotels in the Changi precinct.

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