Home to the world’s first butterfly garden in an airport, and with the control tower recently voted as Singapore’s top heritage site, Changi Airport is certainly a place that Singaporeans feel proud of and hold close to their hearts. Besides the transit areas for travellers, there are hundreds of shopping and dining options in the airport’s public areas - making for great places to hang out after school or work. The icing on the (already delicious) cake is that dining at Changi doesn’t have to burn a big hole in your pocket - that’s if you know where to look! Today, we share with you an insider’s scoop on some of the best wallet-friendly deals (for students, as well as for everyone!) to help you stretch your dollar!

Deals exclusively for students

While being a student typically means having to cram for exams, pull all-nighters for assignments and feeling broke most of the time, there are still perks to being a student. Make the most out of your years in school by enjoying the following student-only deals:

1. Jinjja Chicken: Enjoy a student meal for only S$6.90 nett!

A delicately rolled kimbap cut into several bite sizes. A delicately rolled kimbap cut into several bite sizes.

If you love Korean food, you Jinjja have to check out Jinjja Chicken! Photo credit: Jinjja Chicken

Inspired by South Korea’s rich street food culture and its “pali-pali” (fast) culture of speed, Jinjja Chicken is a trendy Korean chain restaurant known for its Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom (mildly spicy) sauces coating its chicken. The restaurant also serves up classic Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Seafood Jjamppong, as well as urban Korean street food like Tteokbokki and Kimbap (rice rolls with assorted fillings), all in a hip and casual setting with the latest music videos blasting away on large screens. With five options of student meals to choose from at just S$6.90, it’s a daebak (amazing) from us!

Location: Terminal 2, Level 2, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 24 hours

2. Nando's: Indulge in their famed PERi-PERi chicken for just S$9.90+!

While Singaporean students typically don’t have a choice of what to wear to school, at Nando’s, it’s all about having choices! Dress up your meal by choosing from six sauces of varying spice levels, from the Extra Mild Lemon and Herb to tear-inducing Extra Hot; to go with your choice of chicken dishes from chicken chops to burgers. Each student meal, priced at S$9.90+ also comes with one bottomless drink, which will give you a cool respite to the spicy sauces.

Psst, we heard that the service charge is waived for everyone here.

Location: Terminal 2, Level 3, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 10.30am to 11.00pm

3. Fish and Co.: Student meals for S$10 nett with add-on options

2 baked rice dishes 2 baked rice dishes

A variety of choices await you at Fish and Co.! Photo credit: Fish and Co.

There’s no need to feel gill-ty of overspending here at Fish and Co., if you’re a student. Dine on scrumptious seafood served in a pan, fashioned after the dining experience of Mediterranean fishermen, in a casual, nautical setting. From the traditional Fish and Chips to Chicken and Mushroom Cream Pasta, student meals here start at S$10 with options for  add-ons at varying prices. With the option of adding on a soup for S$3.50 or upgrading your student meal to premium options for S$2, there’s nothing Betta than this!

Location: Terminal 2, Level 3, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 10.30am to 11.00pm

4. Tai Cheong Bakery: Traditional Hong Kong Cuisine starting from S$10++

Tai Cheong Bakery has been serving irresistibly delicious egg tarts for over six decades and they hold a special place in the hearts of Hong Kongers across generations. Get the signature egg tarts or the Singapore-exclusive Pandan egg tart at just S$2.40 each.

You should also know that the outlet at Changi Airport not only serves pastries, but also offers traditional Hong Kong tea-house dishes. Slurp up their delicious Three Eggs and Luncheon Meat noodles, or chomp down on the Chicken Curry Rice, before washing it all down with a glass of Hong Kong Milk Tea.

Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 7:00am to 11:00pm

5. Ramen Champion & Hokkaido Paradise: Oishi ramens and dons for S$10++!

Get a taste of famous ramen from various prefectures across Japan right here at Changi. At just S$10 each, tuck into the large bowls of steaming hot soup and chewy noodles. For the rice lovers, fret not as donburi bowls are also available under this promotion!

Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 10.30am to 11:00pm

6. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken: S$2 off selected items

Hot, fresh and juicy - 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken kicks things up with its signature chicken in 2 different sauces - Soy Garlic or Hot and Spicy. Choose from either their 6-piece winglettes or  drumlettes, chicken chop or chicken burger to get S$2 off your meal.

Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area

Opening hours:

Saturday to Sunday and PH, 10:30am to 1:00am

Friday to Saturday and Eve of PH, 10.30am to 2:00am

Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 11:00pm

Monday to Thursday, Sunday and PH: 10:30am to 12 MN


With so many great deals available, the airport isn’t just a place to visit when sending off friends who are going on exchange or school trips! Swing by today to make full use of your time as a student. Psst, the airport also makes for a great study and dating spot.

While students have some exclusive deals available to them, there is certainly enough of the cake to go around! Read on to find out which deals are available to everyone.

Deals for everyone

Not a student? Not to worry because we didn’t forget about you! Here are more deals for all to enjoy.

1. Swensens: 1-for-1 mains and desserts

Two Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundaes side by side Two Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundaes side by side

1-for-1 sundaes, that’s a sun-YAY! Photo credit: Swensen’s

Forget about the hipster cafes and hole-in-the-wall joints which serve up artisanal ice cream. Swensen’s the original ice-cream parlour which arrived in Singapore some 40 years ago, where birthdays were celebrated and first dates occurred. A household name in Singapore by now, Swensens offers not only delicious ice cream sundaes, but also an impressive selection of hearty mains such as burgers and pastas, refreshing salads, desserts, beverages and ice cream cakes. From 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Mondays to Fridays, enjoy their 1-for-1 deal on selected mains and desserts!

Pro tip: While promotions are usually not stackable, here is one that is! Celebrate your birthday at Swensen’s to get a free Happy Birthday Firehouse sundae, while also enjoying the 1-for-1 deal on your mains and other desserts.

Location: Terminal 2, Level 1, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 24 hours

2. Terminal M: Get your movie combos here starting from S$3.50 nett!

Terminal M by Ministry of Food offers a good mix of asian cuisines. This aviation themed food hall might just be what you need when looking for a snack. Even better, it’s halal certified so there’s bound to be something for everyone!  Who said that popcorn is the only movie snack? There’s a wide range of movie snacks for you to choose from at Terminal M. From criss-cut fries to korean street food such as Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), take away these light bites and head over to the nearby ST3PS for a free movie or two! Prices for the movie combos range from S$3.50 to S$8.90

Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 10:30am to 11:00pm

3. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts: 1-for-1 coffee and S$1 off your second pie

Flatlay of several baked cheese tarts Flatlay of several baked cheese tarts

Cheesy goodness in one bite! Photo credit: Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

Cheesy puns may have been the thing of your student days, but cheese tarts remain here to stay! Originating from Hokkaido, Japan, these scrumptious tarts are going for just S$2.90 each. Want more? Indulge in a box of five tarts and get another one for free! For coffee lovers, enjoy a cuppa at only S$2 and there is also a 1-for-1 promotion on their coffees with the exception of the S$2 coffee. If you’re into pies, get their savoury pie at only S$4.80, and enjoy S$1 off the second one. Promotion is available daily!

Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area

Opening hours: Mon - Sun, 10:30am to 11:00pm


With these wallet-friendly deals, unleash your inner Singaporean and swing by Changi Airport today. Good things come to those who wait, but wait too long and these deals may just be gone before you know it! While you’re here, also check out the various cafes in Changi or the wide selection of Halal food available.


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