Changi Airport is home to the world’s first butterfly-garden-in-an-airport, and it also houses Singapore’s national butterfly, which few know about.

The Common Rose Butterfly, otherwise known by its scientific name of pachliopta aristolochiae asteris was crowned Singapore’s national butterfly by the Nature Society of Singapore in 2015. The butterfly has red dots and white streaks on its wings, reminiscent of the five stars and crescent moon on the Singapore flag. Thus, its distinctive yet symbolic features allowed it to beat five other native butterflies to be crowned Singapore’s national butterfly.

Watch the video to learn more about the butterflies at Changi Airport.



Singapore’s National Butterfly at Changi Airport

3 facts you never knew about Changi Airport’s butterflies

1. The butterflies need to get used to Singapore’s weather

Butterfly emerging from its pupae at Changi Airport Butterfly Garden

Butterflies hatch from their pupae which is stored in the emergence cage.

To help the butterflies acclimatise to Singapore’s humid environment, the butterfly pupae are shipped in weekly from selected farms. This special acclimating procedure, in the absence of natural predators and within special shelters from rain water, allows Changi’s butterflies to flourish and thrive.

2. The butterflies love to mate after rainy seasons

Butterfly feeding on flower nectar at Changi Airport Butterfly Garden

Nectar-feeding butterflies, as pictured above, tend to have more vibrant wings.

Butterflies need warmth and sunshine to thrive and they would wait out rainy and cold weather to fly. As a result, more species of butterflies can be found after rainy seasons when they are more active and start to mate again. In total, more than 50 species of butterflies are exhibited in Changi's garden throughout the year.

3. The butterflies need salt and nutrients!

Butterfly landing on finger

Butterflies are easily hurt so handle them with care if one lands on you!

The butterflies may also be seen drinking from water puddles on the ground, or on rock surfaces – this is also where they draw salts and essential nutrients from. Some may even land on you to take in salt and nutrients from your perspiration!


Mesmerised by Changi Airport’s beautiful butterflies? Explore Changi’s beautiful gardens and be sure to catch the butterflies in action before your next flight from Changi Airport!