Transferring between flights can sometimes be a complicated process, especially when you are connecting between two or more different airlines.

Have you ever wondered why you’re sometimes directed to clear immigration before checking in again, while there are times you’re allowed direct access to your next boarding gate without having to leave the transit areas?

Here’re three simple tips to ensure how you (and your baggage) will have a smooth transfer process, the next time you pass through Changi Airport!

For travellers without check-in bags

Transferring between flights can be easier when you’re travelling without check-in baggage. If you don’t receive a conventional boarding pass for the next leg of your journey at departure, do ask the check-in agents if your e-ticket/itinerary guarantees your transfer onto your onward flight!

Useful information for your transfer at Changi Airport

Point of Contact

- Always check with your respective airline if transfer services are available for your onward flight.

Transport Options

- If you have to transfer between terminals, complimentary skytrain and/or shuttle bus services are available in the public and transit areas.

Plan Your Time

- Cater sufficient time for your connecting flights to avoid the mad rush to your next gate.

Know Your Flight Details

- Keep up to date with your boarding details at our TIPDS (Transfer Information Passenger Display System), respective transfer counters or our website.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure you have a smooth transfer before your next great adventure. Check out our layover survival guide for even more inside tips on enjoying Changi!