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Singapore is no doubt a foodie city with lots to indulge, but it is also a city that boasts a myriad of gyms and fitness classes – including the popular cross fit, mixed martial arts, barre and the lesser known Barry’s Bootcamp.  

We suss out some of these fitness gyms in the heart of the city that are most convenient and suitable for drop-in classes to help you keep fit, so you stay healthy even while clocking in the hours at work. Plus, there’s no need to feel guilty tucking into all the delicious food you can find in Singapore which we know you can’t get enough of.

Conveniently close to hotels and major attractions in town, you’ll never have to travel too far to visit these fitness studios!

1.Cross out the flab and stay fab

A male participant pushing weights across an artificial turf A male participant pushing weights across an artificial turf

UFIT Singapore offers a wide array of facilities and equipment, including assault bikes, rowers and even a stretch of artificial turf to work those legs hard. Photo credit: Crossfit Tanjong Pagar website

Cross fit has become a global phenomenon worldwide and has proven to be an effective way for anyone to get fit. It's also one of the most efficient classes you can take during lunch breaks at work! Based on a regimen of high-intensity interval training to strengthen your core muscles and cardiovascular health, beginners can start with a free 30-minute trial at UFIT Singapore, a fitness gym in Singapore, to get a taste of cross fit and some insights into the daily workouts. 

First-timers are required to take the Fundamentals class to be properly introduced to the foundations, movements and proper cross fit techniques to perform it safely. Classes will begin with a warm-up, followed by a movement review, instruction and practice, before ending with a workout designed around the movements taught in class. Plug in with your earphones and work up a sweat to your favourite tunes! 

Get started by purchasing a drop-in pass at S$37.45 for Cross Fit, or S$85.60 for the more advanced Cross Fit Fundamentals!  

Good to know: Sign up online at least 15 minutes before classes to avoid missing your spot.  

Location: 10 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089315 

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 6.00am to 9.00pm, Saturday: 8.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday: 9.00am to 11.00am

2.Barre it all with your killer dance moves

participants practice barre postures in two rows against mirrors at a dance studio in singapore participants practice barre postures in two rows against mirrors at a dance studio in singapore

Class participants in the midst of a workout that is typically divided into four segments to target different parts of the body, with a five-minute HIIT session. They are guided through small, isometric movements or with a range of props like weights, elastic bands, gliders and balls. Photo credit: WeBarre Facebook page

Stay en pointe with your workout regime with elements of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training, with barre classes at WeBarre. With more than four studios dotted around Singapore’s city-centre, you can swing by conveniently whenever you are in the area or if you’re on a break from work. 

Beginners keen on strengthening their fitness game can have a taste of barre at the Fundamentals class where you will learn the signature moves at a slower pace, while more advanced participants can sign up for the Signature Multi-Level class to learn a fusion of isometric holds and movements. Going for an early class? Be sure to pack your gym bag with a cleanser and towel so that you can proceed with the rest of the day feeling fresh! 

You can do a single class for S$40 or try a seven-day trial at S$49 (limited to one class per day) if you are staying in Singapore for more than a week.   

Good to know: Barre is suitable for all fitness levels, with no dance experience required. 

Locations: Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut

Opening Hours: Classes are available every day starting from 7.15am. Last classes start from 8.15pm.

3.Swing your punches and fight off calories

participants lined in two rows punching bags at still aqua boxing studio in singapore participants lined in two rows punching bags at still aqua boxing studio in singapore

Step into a STILL class and you’ll be greeted with flashing lights in the darkened room and high-energy music, pretty unconventional for a boxing workout. Head straight to any of the teardrop-shaped water-filled punching bags suspended by metal chains!

Feel the calories burn when you visit STILL Boxing and revel in Singapore’s favourite aqua-bag boxing experience that combines cardio, strength and endurance workout formats. The action-packed classes are designed for you to feel the high while grooving to a high-energy beat, all within 50 minutes. For those on the lookout for fitness studios that will pump them up in just a short amount of time, this is it!

The classes vary in intensity, each starting with 10 minutes of foundation skills training to maximise your boxing experience. The classes are designed to build core muscles, train up your cardiovascular health through a series of endurance-based boxing rounds, as well as High-Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT). HIIT sessions are designed to lift your heart rate, increase your metabolism and push you past limits, allowing you to continue burning calories and fats, even after class is over! 

Beginners can sign up for the Basic class, where you will be taken through a focused fitness session of the signature aqua-bag boxing class to help strengthen your form and technique through a full-body workout.  

First-timers can purchase a drop-in pass for S$35, or take the first-timer special at S$50 for 2 classes, valid for one month.  

Good to know: Report for your class 15 minutes before. Glove rental is compliementary and hand wraps are compulsory (do note that rental of hand wraps are for first timers only). 

Location: 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, #B1-06, Singapore 068815 

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 7.00am to 9.00pm, Weekend/Public Holidays: 9.00am to 4.00pm 

4. Hustle at Barry’s Bootcamp for the ultimate calorie burn

Female participant receives advise from the trainer on her body posture. Female participant receives advise from the trainer on her body posture.

The combination of cardio with weight training, paired with intense bursts of anaerobic exercise and recovery is designed to maximise burning fat.

The hype around Barry’s Bootcamp since it opened its first outlet in Singapore in May has been insane – and for good reason. It is said that a single class can tone muscle, boost your resting metabolism by up to 15 percent, and continue to burn calories even after class is over – sometimes up to 1,000 calories or more! 

A celebrity cult favourite from Los Angeles, locals can now experience the intensity in every class at Barry’s, combining 25 minutes of cardio and bursts of intense exercise, and 25 minutes of strength and conditioning in its signature Red Room. Barry’s is said to be the OG fitness studio that came up with the HIIT regimen and is a firm favourite among the Beckhams, Harry Styles and Michelle Obama.  

The classes are themed according to different muscle groups daily to ensure a balanced work out for your body, and to give it ample time for recovery. Every class is different and you will never get bored with the same routine. 

If you’re keen to see what the hype is about, or are working towards that Hollywood celebrity bod – first-timers can sign up for a single class for S$46 or purchase a three-time pass for S$89, valid for 30 days.  

Good to know: Show up 15 minutes before the session. You may also wish to pre-order a shake to refresh and rebuild your body after class.  

Location: 18 Robinson Road, #03-03, Singapore 048547 

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 5:45am to 9:30am, Friday: 5:45am to 8:30pm, Saturday: 7:00am to 4:00am, Sunday: 7:30am to 4:00pm


Beyond the sightseeing and food hunting, get your blood pumping or take some time to wind down with a workout the next time you’re in Singapore. With so many gyms and fitness studios located conveniently across the island and in the downtown core, you might even come away from your holiday feeling lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated. 


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