Up for a late-night foodie exploration of Singapore? With food as the national obsession, three meals a day just isn’t enough to enjoy the wide variety of chow available on the Little Red Dot. This is why supper is considered a bona fide meal here, with many using the late night hours to enjoy more good food. Instead of having instant noodles each time the night-time hunger pangs strike, grab some friends and check out these local favourite haunts, which are open till the wee hours of the morning.

What: Delicious halal fare

Roti prata or fried flatbread with curries, condiments and chicken Roti prata or fried flatbread with curries, condiments and chicken

Roti prata dipped in various curries and condiments is a popular local snack


Spize, Simpang Bedok, 288A Bedok Road

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 11.30am-3.30am; Sat-Sun 11.30am-4am

Why we love it:

For a delicious crash course in Malay-Indian cuisine, such as roti prata (fried flatbread), mee goreng (fried noodles) and roti john (omelette sandwich), head to Simpang Bedok, which has a stretch of late-night eateries, making it the food paradise of choice for East-siders. A popular favourite for Muslim specialties is Spize, which has a large selection of grub for late-night diners.

Must order:

Roti prata can be eaten with a variety of curries to suit your tastebuds. If you have a sweet tooth, you can have it with sugar sprinkled on top!

What: Adventurous local cuisine

Bull frog simmered in a dry chilli and ginger spring onion sauce at G7 Sinma Claypot Live Frog Bull frog simmered in a dry chilli and ginger spring onion sauce at G7 Sinma Claypot Live Frog

For something a little different, check out this unique claypot bull frog in kung pow sauce


G7 Sinma Claypot Live Frog, No. 5 Cheong Chin Nam Road

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 12pm-3am  

Why we love it:

Adventurous foodies who want something unique should check out this supper haunt which is famous for its bull frog claypot porridge, a local specialty. The frog is simmered in a claypot with a kung pow (dry chilli and ginger spring onion) sauce, resulting in a rich, flavourful stew that is spicy, sweet and savoury all at once. The rice congee is the perfect accompaniment to this dish – be sure to mix the kung pow sauce into the congee for added flavour. The eatery also offers a selection of local dishes such as sambal kangkung (water spinach in hot sauce) and oyster omelette.

Must order:

It goes without saying that if you’re dining here, you must order the bull frog and porridge. Try it for yourself!

What: Comfort food

Bak kut teh with side dishes and rice Bak kut teh with side dishes and rice

A soupy bowl of herbal bak kut teh is a satisfying way to soothe any late night hunger pangs


Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, 593 Havelock Road

Opening hours:

Tue and Thur 11am-2am; Wed, Fri and Sat 11am-3am; Sun 11am-10pm

Why we love it:

Sometimes, all you need to hit the spot in the middle of the night is comfort fare such as bak kut teh (pork rib soup). This dish, which originated from Fujian, China, comprises pork ribs stewed in an herbal mix of spices including cloves, cinnamon, garlic and fennel seeds to create a savoury soup that will soothe any hunger pangs. It is commonly eaten with white rice and condiments such as dark soya sauce and chilli. It is accompanied with side dishes such as salted vegetables, braised peanuts and you tiao (fried dough fritters) to soak up all the soup. There is also a range of interesting dishes made from lesser used parts of the pig such as pig’s tail soup, braised intestines and kidney soup, if you’d like to try something a little different.

Must order:

Bak kut teh features tender prime cut pork ribs that have been stewed for hours so that the meat falls off the bone. All you need is a bowl of white rice and your meal is complete.

Sometimes, all you need to hit the spot in the middle of the night is comfort fare such as bak kut teh (pork rib soup)

What: Designer desserts


2am: dessertbar, 21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village

Opening hours:

Tues-Sun 3pm-2am

Why we love it: Chef Janice Wong’s late-night fine-dining outlet puts a classy spin on supper in Singapore with a meticulously created menu of sweet designer treats that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Chef Wong, who has trained with some of the world’s most renowned chefs including Thomas Keller of the Napa Valley’s French Laundry and French pastry chef Pierre Hermé, has redefined the idea of dessert in Singapore. The eight-course dessert degustation menu offers a comprehensive taste of Wong’s seasonal specialties such as the Kyoto Garden, a ginger flower ganache, and classic favourites such as the 2am: snickers.

Must order:

The Chocolate Praline Poprocks Cake with dense chocolate fudge and peanut spread that pops in your mouth (like that nostalgic childhood candy) is a must!


If these are not enough, Changi Airport has 24-hour eateries including Kaffe & Toast or Old Town White Coffee. There’s also cafe food at Swensen’s and the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe to satisfy any craving you might have. With such a variety of late-night joints, you won’t ever go hungry in the Lion City!


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