Weekends can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on what you’ve planned.

Most of us are creatures of habit in one way or another. While I usually find comfort in familiar activities, I do enjoy the adventure of exploring new and exciting activities too. Well, if they don’t burn a hole in my pocket, of course. That’s when I discovered Spark Connections.

Spark Connections creates fun opportunities for individuals to meet and explore their interests through engaging activities in Singapore. You might even discover new passions and hobbies along the way or make a new friend.

Some of these fun activities include art workshops, pub crawls, heritage tours and more. One of my favourite activities at Spark Connections has got to be longboarding. I had the opportunity to learn a new (and cool) sport and got to know other longboarding beginners while finding my balance on the board.

And if you didn’t know, Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents above 20 will receive S$100 worth of credits when they sign up for an official Spark Connections account on Changi Recommends. The credits can be used to offset 50% of the total cost of any activity in the Spark Connections’ list. If you don’t know where to start, here are some that I've tried, enjoyed and would recommend!

1. For the outdoor-sy and adventurous: Try a new sport

book longboard session on sparks connections book longboard session on sparks connections

A beginner Longboard Experience Class (Longboard Provided) can span four sessions, with helpful instructors guiding you along the way. Book this fun activity over the weekend with a pal or two!

If you’ve always thought that skateboarding is cool, but your klutzy tendencies constantly remind you that you’re not cut out for it, so here's a tip: try longboards. With a wider platform and slower speed than your typical skateboards, beginners will find it easier to balance and actually have some fun. Rather than watching YouTube videos and splurging on a longboard before even figuring out if you would truly enjoy the sport, this class will provide you with the basic skills so you can give it a go before actually committing yourself to anything. Another plus point is the instructors – they will pinpoint areas for corrections that will help you improve!

Once you’ve mastered the art of balancing, the instructors will then share a few novice tricks. The added difficulty from the tricks will also help build your confidence as you, slowly but surely, nail the tricks. After a couple of sessions, I realised that the main hurdle for newbies is actually a matter of confidence. Having seasoned instructors by your side also helps a lot as compared to winging it on your own.

Sessions are available on the weekends at the Singapore National Stadium from 3pm to 3:55pm. Tickets for this activity are available at S$167 for four sessions, before the 50% off for Spark Connections members. Book your first session now and learn a new sport.

2. For the thrill seekers: Test your wits against the clock in an escape room

escape rooms spark connections escape rooms spark connections

For true crime fans, solve puzzles in immersive escape rooms at The Escape Artist. Image credit: Changi Recommends

Ever Imagined yourself being trapped somewhere, and having to figure a way out in order to survive the situation or escape a serial killer? Well, now you can put your survival skills to the test at The Escape Artist! This award-winning company has created over 20 different rooms, including the latest Virtual Reality escape room. It's definitely an activity if you're looking for more thrilling indoor things to do in Singapore.

Every escape room experience is different, with varying themes and difficulty levels, not forgetting the time limit. It’s probably the closest you can get to a real-life situation, thanks to the realistic set-up. Once you’re in, the adrenaline rush is unmissable. Under the time pressure, you quickly learn a lot about your bunch of newfound comrades – their strengths and character, and how to maximise each of them to solve the puzzles. Traversing from room to room, time passes faster than you would expect since you’re having fun, so do remember to keep an eye on the clock!

When you finally succeed in escaping, you might find an interesting bond that was built over the past hour with your crew. We decided to hang out after our escape room adventure for coffee just to cool down and chit-chat, and till today, we still do stay in touch as social media friends!

Sessions are available on alternate Fridays at 7:30pm. Tickets for the escape room activity are available at S$22 per session, before the 50% off for Spark Connections members. Book your first session now to meet your very own A-team!

3. For the sweet tooth: There’s always room for an ice cream treat

museum of ice cream singapore things to do at night museum of ice cream singapore things to do at night

One of the most fun activities at Spark Connections' night programme at the ice cream museum in Singapore is the largest sprinkle pool you ever saw in your life!

Thanks to Singapore’s tropical climate and numerous ice cream eateries popping up everywhere, it is safe to conclude that ice cream is one of Singaporeans’ favourite desserts. Being a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur myself, I got all excited when I heard that Spark Connections was launching an exclusive activity with The Museum Of Ice Cream in Singapore! If you love free-flow ice cream and love heading out for night activities, then the Night at the Museum: Spark Connections edition is a must-visit.

Cast aside any impression you have of typical museums. This is the Gen Z/Millennial version where every corner is picture perfect, from popping colours all the way to decor and settings that are made for the gram. Your monopod or phone camera will come in handy here. The welcome drink was fun, but I was even more impressed with the entire experience. Aside from a dining hall where you get an unlimited supply of ice cream, there are also various booths along the way where you can sample different ice cream as you explore. Think velvety soft serve, traditional ice-cream sandwiches, ice-cream cups, an overload of ice cream toppings, alcoholic drinks (mocktails are available on request) with ice cream and so much more. I had an overdose of ice cream (and calories), but it was so worth it!

Sessions are available on alternate Saturdays at the Museum of Ice Cream from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Tickets are available at S$59, before 50% off for Spark Connections members. Book your first ice cream buffet here.

4. For the artsy ones: Unleash your creativity with colourful acrylic pouring

acrylic pouring, indoor activity in singapore at room to imagine acrylic pouring, indoor activity in singapore at room to imagine

For a relaxing indoor activity in Singapore, treat yourself to a therapeutic art session at Room to Imagine, available on Spark Connections.

And not forgetting the artsy ones. Room to Imagine organises a variety of classes in Singapore that allows participants to experiment with acrylic pours on different canvases. The one I attended was for a cheese board. There are classes for other canvases such as resin coasters. This activity is perfect even for those whose best artworks are stick man drawings – you simply can’t go wrong with acrylic pouring!

This fun activity kicks off with a little introduction so you’re familiar with the do’s and don’ts when working with acrylic paint pigments and resin. You can then mix and match based on your preferred colour choices. If you just want to play it safe, there are plenty of past works in the room to draw reference from. After selecting your final combination of paint, you will mix them up and gently pour the mix onto your canvas. The direction, amount and placement of where you start pouring all determine how your eventual artwork will turn out! Your one-of-a-kind creation will be left there to dry and conveniently delivered to you over the next few weeks when it is ready.

Book your slots available every alternate Sunday at Room to Imagine from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. Prices are S$80, before 50% off for Spark Connections members. Sign up for your art experience now.

5. For the green fingers: A mini garden for your desk

couple activities in singapore, terrarium workshop with j2, singapore couple activities in singapore, terrarium workshop with j2, singapore

The green thumbs will enjoy a fun terrarium-making activity, beginning with a workshop with J2. It's also a perfect couple's activity if you're after a relaxing and peaceful day out with your loved one.

Terrariums are all the rage now because they are super easy to care for in all settings, be it in the office or at home. What's more? Creating your terrarium is actually incredibly fun! If you’d like to have a plant on your desk, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to make your own! Everything will be provided, from soil to plant, to even add-ons like colourful rocks and figurines – you just have to turn up and be ready to design the terrarium you want.

The class starts off with some basic techniques on how to care for plants. Next, you'll be guided on the first activity, which is layering. This is important because you want the area around the circumference of the terrarium to look pretty, but you need space in the middle for the soil so that the plants can take root. Everything else from here onwards is pretty much up to you – experiment with different styles, colour themes or characters. Just remember not to overwater your plants when you get home!

While the terrarium workshop is a popular team building activity in Singapore, you can also plan a session as a couple and enjoy some quality time together. Other green workshops in Singapore, like the Kokedama workshop, might interest you too!

Workshops are held once a month at A'Posh Bizhub from 10am to noon. Prices are S$38, before 50% off for Spark Connections members. You can book your terrarium-making workshop here.


All in all, there is something for everyone at Spark Connections. It’s a great opportunity to not only try your hands on some cool activities, but also discover new interests. Plus, the 50% subsidy by Spark Connections is a great perk if you have been wanting to try a new activity (and make a new friend in the course of it).


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