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People say that learning is a lifelong journey — and they’re right! Far too often, innate interests in other fields continue to lurk beneath after we’ve stepped into the workforce. The problem with picking up new skills is where and how to get started.

The hunt for meaningful recreational activities can be tough with #adulting in the way. Thankfully, there are many interesting courses out there, even if you’re not seeking career transitions but to pick up a new skill. And what makes it more enticing is the fact that we can tap into our MySkillsFuture funds to do so. You might be wondering then — with the myriad of SkillsFuture courses to pick from its directory, what are some that are worthy to spend those credits on? In this piece, we’ve gathered a list of interesting courses that you should definitely check out! 

1. Explore the world of urban farming

claim skillsfuture credits for farming courses claim skillsfuture credits for farming courses

Live your gardening dreams with the skills you need — a SkillsFuture course on farming is one your green thumbs will thank you for! Photo credit: Republic Polytechnic

“I’m going to quit my job to be a farmer”. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar even in the slightest? If so, that shouldn’t be all too surprising among city folks who often dream of escaping their corporate jobs.

Unlike what many people think though, becoming a farmer isn’t all that unattainable in a land-scarce country like Singapore. For those of you who’d love to experience farming life (in the modern sense), why not take on a quick course on urban farming? There are a variety of SkillsFuture courses available — ones from recognised institutions like Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic, for example.

These courses provide students with the necessary knowledge of agricultural technologies that go into food production, farming processes and management. They even delve into topics like agribusiness and sustainable farming! Sure, these might be great to learn just for the fun of it (I’m talking about you, people with green thumbs). But it could also be a great strategy for career transitioning — completing the part-time diploma allows students to enter roles like an agro technologist! With Singapore’s 30 by 30 plan as a way to amp of local food supply, this skill will definitely come in handy. 

Available Courses:

Plant Production Principles and Technologies
Course fee: S$918.00
Training duration: 47 hours
Find out more here. 

Building a Smart Urban Farm
Course fee: S$330 
Training duration: 7 hours
Find out more here.

2. Live out your barista dreams

Ah, coffee. The magical potion that fuels both stressed-out students and world-weary adults. A run to a nearby cafe (in Jewel perhaps?) is all you’d need. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed connoisseur, or someone new to the beverage, we can all agree that there’s just something special about drinking a solid cup of joe.

That said, why not consider taking things one step further by learning how to brew your very own coffee? This SkillsFuture course by Bettr Barista is specifically designed to introduce core barista skills to people with zero experience with the trade. In other words, it’s perfect for those with no prior knowledge whatsoever. To top it off, classes will be taught by fully qualified industry specialists who’ve been judges at World, Regional and National coffee competitions!

Here, you’ll learn simple calibration of coffee grinders, hands-on preparation of espresso and cappuccino to industry standards, and even how to properly steam milk! It’s certainly an interesting course made for coffee hobbyists and everyone in between, making it worthwhile to claim your credits for this.

Available Course

SCA: Barista Skills Foundation 
Course fee: S$448.60
Training duration: 8 hours
Find out more here.

3. Kickbox your way to health

claim skillsfuture credits for kickboxing courses in singapore claim skillsfuture credits for kickboxing courses in singapore

Spend your credits on a SkillsFuture course in kickboxing, and hone your skills so you can officially train others with a valid teaching certificate.

Kickboxing is a form of martial art that involves punching, kicking and footwork. In other words, it’s a high-energy cardio routine that’s great for both the mind and body. In this unique kickboxing instructors’ course conducted by Dan-Z fitness, SkillsFuture participants get to be equipped with the basics of the trade — from music count to kickboxing techniques like jabs, cross, uppercut and hooks, and even the mastery of different power stances.

A great kickbox instructor should be well-rounded — not just in move accuracy, but also in good posture, eye contact and verbal commands; all of which you’ll pick up through this course. As intimidating as that sounds, this course requires no minimum requirements and is open to all beginners. You may need to bring your own sports accessories, like a pair of boxing gloves.

Best of all, you’ll obtain a certificate which will be valid for one year. This gives you the chance to conduct aerobic choreographies effectively to members of the public; including coming up with your very own creative combo moves! You could even give it a shot at your favourite fitness studio in Singapore.

Available Course

Kickboxing Instructors' Course with Aerobics Music
Course fee: S$160 
Training duration: 8 hours
Find out more here. 

4. Deepen your appreciation for jewellery

skillsfuture courses for seniors and more in jewellery beading skillsfuture courses for seniors and more in jewellery beading

Whether it’s for seniors or a young working adult, the SkillsFuture courses in jewellery beading will surely appeal.

Do you know the difference between ruby and sapphire? Most of us can recognise beautiful jewellery when we see it but are often unaware of how they are manufactured (let alone know what’s considered superior design).

There are a variety of Jewellery Making courses on SkillsFuture, including this 12 hour 3D & Jewellery Beading workshop.  In this class, students get to learn the fundamentals of all things jewellery, along with the art of basic 3D beading. This includes developing fundamental knowledge that will help you distinguish between various grades of gemstones — like what makes them valuable or rare, for instance.

The process of gemstone cutting can be long but satisfying. Apart from theories, students can also get to design their very own fine design at the end of the course, whether it’s a unique necklace, earring, silver pendant or ring. Who knows, this could even turn into a home business for you down the road. Both youths and seniors will enjoy this therapeutic course!

Available Course

NSA - 3D & Jewellery Beading (Basic) Workshop
Course fee: S$240 
Training duration: 12 hours
Find out more here. 

5. Bake artisanal sourdough bread like a pro

skillsfuture courses in sourdough bread baking skillsfuture courses in sourdough bread baking

Learning to knead the sourdough and bake a bread with it can be tough for the untrained — online courses on Udemy may not be as effective as an in-class course, that too claimable with SkillsFuture credits.

Perhaps you might be one of those who picked up baking during the Circuit Breaker. Or perhaps not. Either way, here’s your chance to properly learn the art of baking! This SkillsFuture course focuses specifically on sourdough: the bread often sold in hipster cafes and one which we all love to eat.

Here, aspiring bakers will learn how to bake their very own healthy, slow-fermented sourdough bread; not forgetting proper techniques like hand-kneading and shaping that go into preparing this artisanal bake. This also includes theories on the variable factors that can impact the process of fermentation.

Don’t worry about messing things up if you have little to no experience in the kitchen. You’ll be guided step-by-step by a professional even with helpful tips that will come in handy even for the casual home baker. 

Available Course

Art Of Bread - Sourdough
Course fee: S$232.50
Training duration: 12 hours
Find out more here. 

6. Pick up practical acupuncture skills

skillsfuture courses in tcm skillsfuture courses in tcm

Learn how TCM works in a one-day SkillsFuture course and find out the magnificent craft of practitioners.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an alternative medical practice rooted in a range of healing practices — from herbal remedies to acupuncture, cupping therapy and massage (or Tui Na in Mandarin).

Have you ever wondered how TCM works? Niche as it may sound, SkillsFuture does offer courses where you can delve deeper into the workings of TCM and its theories. One of the basic tenets of the trade is the concept of the body’s energy (or qi). It’s said that these energies are circulated through channels called meridians, and they connect to bodily organs and functions.

Apart from picking up the basics of TCM, you’ll even get to learn specifically about ear acupuncture through this course. For instance, you’ll get to identify common acupoints that help to soothe common illnesses such as headaches and insomnia, which can come in especially handy when treating everyday pains. It goes to show how learning can be both fun and practical!

Available Course

Discovering TCM Acupuncture
Course fee: S$257
Training duration: 10 hours
Find out more here.

Train up and have fun!

Having said all that, how can you actually get started? Begin by checking out your Skillsfuture credit balance by heading over to the MySkillsFuture portal — all you need is to log in with your Singpass details.

With that, go forth and book a class that interests you. Rediscover your love for learning, whether it’s learning to draw, code or write. There are also plenty of WSQ courses to consider if you’re up for upskilling for career growth. 


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