Singapore is not just about stunning skylines and bustling markets; it's also a haven for coffee enthusiasts! 

Nestled in its vibrant neighbourhoods are coffee roasters that are seriously upping the coffee game. Part science, part art, and all about passion, these local roasters are on a mission to bring you the best cup of joe, whether you like it light and zesty or dark and daring. So, yes—these are not your run-of-the-mill cafes. We're talking about local heroes turning beans into gold, all while adding their unique twist to every batch.

Some of these cool spots double as cosy cafés right next to some of Singapore's top tourist spots—we're talking Orchard Road and Chinatown, just to name a few. Imagine sipping on a perfectly roasted cuppa after wandering through Orchard Road or while planning your next move in Joo Chiat. It is the perfect way to weave a caffeine kick into your Lion City adventure—no doubt.

Ready for a coffee crawl?

1. 20grams Coffee Roastery

20grams Coffee Roastery dives deep into the Nordic roast-style. With its keen focus on showcasing coffee's origin, variety, terroir, and processing methods, this specialty coffee roastery aims to bring out the true essence of each bean's place of origin. Its coffee menu is a globe-trotting adventure with beans from El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Panama, and more.

Browse online, and you'll realise that it offers three main coffee styles that are also available in-store: espresso, milk espresso, and filter coffee, ensuring there's a perfect cup for every preference. You’ll also discover some rare finds on their online store, like the "Finca Betel - Pink Bourbon Espresso" for S$21 and the "Chevas Coffee - Geisha Natural DÓxi Filter" for S$25.

For those looking to deepen their coffee knowledge, it offers a "Brewing Foundation" and a "Roasting Masterclass."

At their coffee bar, simplicity rules. The menu highlights Espresso, Filter (pour-over), Milk Espresso (espresso with steamed milk), and Cascara (a tea made from the dried skins of coffee cherries), focusing solely on celebrating the craft of coffee.

  • Sip on:
    Cold Brew Black (S$7)
  • Coffee bar opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Address: 14, Arumugam Road, #01-05, LTC Bldg C, Singapore 409959

2. Alchemist

Dive into Alchemist's ever-evolving catalogue of coffee beans online, as it is constantly on the hunt for the next exciting brew. Whether it's their beloved Dark Matter Espresso (S$16), a house favourite known for its versatility, or the exquisite Finca Lerida Esplendorosa Estate (S$38), rest assured your coffee cravings are covered with beans roasted fresh every Monday to Wednesday. 

Also, each Alchemist outlet has its own unique menu, so you're always in for a surprise. Over at 71 Robinson Road, for example, after hustling it out in the CBD, you can chill with an Iced Mocha for S$7 and munch on a rotating selection of pastries. From the buttery bliss of Pain Au Chocolat at S$4.50 to the fruity delight of an Apple Peach Biscoff Danish for S$5.80, it's a feast for the senses.

And if Orchard Road's hustle and bustle get too much, escape to Alchemist The Heeren. Here, you can cool down with an Iced Chocolate for S$7.50 or Iced Black for S$6.50, or treat yourself to an Iced White for that extra creamy kick at S$7. For the love of all things pastry, don't walk past without grabbing a Ham and Cheese Danish (S$6.50) – it's the fuel you need to keep shopping!

3. Apartment Coffee

Whether you're meandering through Orchard Road's bustling streets or exploring Chinatown's vibrant alleys, a detour to Apartment Coffee is a must. Located between Orchard and Chinatown on Selegie Road, Apartment Coffee offers a unique twist for travellers and locals alike.

Every cup at Apartment Coffee is a narrative, weaving together the tales of varieties, cultivars, and origins. It has even bagged accolades like 2nd Place in the 2022 Singapore Brewers Cup and were crowned champions at the 2019 Singapore Roaster Forum, so you know their brews are the real deal.

Online, with its monthly coffee subscription, you can mix and match up to three bags each of filter and espresso roasts. 

Also, their café is a sanctuary for coffee lovers passing through. Stepping into the cafe, you're greeted by an oasis of calm with its minimalist decor, where the coffee does the talking. Park yourself at the bar counter seats for the best in-house experience and treat your taste buds to their specialty coffees like the Honduras El Porvenir at S$7.50.

  • Opening hours: Daily: 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Address: 139 Selegie Rd #01-01, Singapore

4. Common Man Coffee Roasters

Kick off your day the Common Man way!

Common Man Coffee Roasters isn't just a café; it's a specialty coffee icon born in Singapore in 2013, with its very own Barista Academy and Roastery. It is on a mission to celebrate the art of specialty coffee and serve up the best brunch in Asia, all while championing the intricate journey from bean to cup.

Looking for chill things to do around Marina Bay Sands? With a presence that spans across Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, its six local outlets are strategically located in areas buzzing with tourists. Whether you're soaking up the sun in Sentosa, shopping along Orchard Road, or exploring near Marina Bay Sands, there's always a Common Man nearby waiting to welcome you. 

Its cafes are a paradise for brunch lovers, serving up innovative takes on classic dishes paired with top-notch specialty coffee. 

But wait, there's more—when night falls, the place transforms into Common Man Night Shift, where the vibe shifts to an electric natural wine bar boasting the largest selection of natural wines by the glass. Its dual personality means you can enjoy the best of both worlds; a menu bursting with brunch goodness available from 7:30am to 5:00pm, and an evening affair that starts at 6:00pm till late, featuring an exquisite menu to accompany their extensive wine list. 

  • Sip on:
    Iced Black Espresso Coffee (S$7.50)
    Iced Mocha (S$8)
    PB & J Smoothie (S$11)
    CMCR Espresso Martini (S$18)
  • Opening hours: Various locations
  • Address: Various locations

5. Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co. embarks on a global quest to bring you the most extraordinary coffees, handpicked from award-winning farms and estates across the globe. It's all about celebrating the journey from bean to cup with a deep appreciation for quality and origin.

If you're luxuriating at Marina Bay Sands, make a beeline for their coffee bar at UE Square Mall. It's a haven for coffee lovers, offering everything from a robust Iced Black Espresso (S$6) to a refreshing Cold Brew (S$7.50) and even a cute hot Babycino if you're all about the little ones (S$2.50).

Don't miss out on their signature Coco Brew, a unique blend of cold brew cubes, coconut water, and a tang of sour plum juice (S$7.80)—it's a game-changer!

For those with a hearty appetite, dive into their Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast (S$15), savour the Cajun Roast Chicken & Waffles (S$18), or cosy up with a comforting Shepherd's Pie (S$9.60). Dutch Colony promises a feast for both your taste buds and your Instagram feed.

6. Fahrenheit Coffee SG

Tucked away in the tranquil SPA CLUB At Beach Road, °F invites you to a haven of relaxation, where heavenly coffee meets delectable desserts in a lush setting made for unforgettable chats and laughter-filled connections.

At °F, coffee-making is elevated to an art form, combining skilled baristas' expertise with the world's finest coffee beans in an environment that's as luxurious as it is welcoming.

Whether you're in the mood for a classic black coffee (S$5.50) or a rich mocha (S$7), complement your drink with one of their exquisite desserts, like the sought-after °F canelés. Available in tantalising flavours such as Original, Coffee, and seasonal Kaya, these treats are baked daily in limited batches to ensure peak deliciousness.

Dive into the Swedish delight of Kardemummabullar or indulge in the local flavour with the 145°F Signature Kaya Toast Set, complete with sous vide eggs, for a truly local breakfast experience with a twist.

For those who prefer to enjoy their coffee in the comfort of their home, Fahrenheit Coffee SG offers enticing bundles for delivery, such as the °F - 6pc Canelé + 3 Cold Brew package, which includes a selection of 6 canelés and 3 refreshing bottles of °F Cold Brew.

  • Sip on:
    Espresso (S$4.50)
    Dirty Matcha (S$9)
    𝆩F Iced Cooler (S$9)
  • Opening hours: Daily: 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Address: 75 Beach Road, Fu Yuen Building #01-00 Singapore 189689


All set to add a little java jolt to your weekend adventure? 

These coffee roasters are more than just pit stops; they're destinations in their own right, blending perfectly with Singapore's rich array of experiences. So, if you’re looking for a caffeine fix, make sure to bookmark these specialty coffee roasters. Happy sipping!


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