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Looking for late-night entertainment beyond the usual bar and club? Don’t lose sleep over it. From chill hang-out spots to places to satisfy those bothersome midnight hunger pangs, here are eight intrinsically Singaporean activities you can enjoy from dusk till dawn.

Shop to your heart’s content

Mustafa Centre

Midnight shopping

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Fancy some banana-flavoured tea? How about a Snickers protein shake? If you can think of it, Mustafa probably sells it. This 24-hour megamall is well known for its eclectic (and sometimes entirely unexpected) mix of goods available.

Expect fashion, jewellery, electronics, sporting goods, health supplements and even groceries from Mustafa’s inventory of 300,000 items at hard-to-beat prices. Embark on an adventure of wonder and wander within Mustafa’s 400,000 square feet of shopping space – you’ll never know what gems you might find in the narrow aisles of the mall!

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Don Don Donki

Meat section of Don Don Donki Meat section of Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki is Japan’s (and perhaps Singapore’s) number one discount store. Photo credit: Don Don Donki

Imagining Mustafa? Now imagine a smaller-scale, Japanese version of Mustafa. Don Don Donki has a product range perhaps just as quirky as Mustafa’s, with items like yoghurt-flavoured water and Russian Roulette Candy. Be careful; four out of five pieces in the pack will set your tongue on fire!

Apart from deliciously packaged snacks in unexpected flavours, you can also expect Japanese beauty items, homeware, pet supplies and even high quality gourmet meats at affordable prices.

Speaking of food, be sure to join the queue to try Don Don Donki’s sweet potato snack – it is so popular that the queue often starts forming 15 minutes before its sale time, and you’re only allowed to buy a maximum of two pieces!

Pro-tip: Bring exact change ($2.80 per piece).

Address: Orchard Central, Basement 1 and 2

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Sup on late-night local food

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

Perhaps the most quintessentially Singaporean activity to grace this list, Swee Choon carries almost every dim sum (bite-sized Chinese dishes such as dumplings) you can think of – and more!

A nondescript eatery, Swee Choon has been around for half a century – and for good reason. Their ever-expanding menu is deeply appreciated by locals here in Singapore, most of whom probably associate Swee Choon with endearing memories of post-studying, late-night feasts from their school days.

Some must-try items are its to-die-for steamed salted egg custard bun and signature deep-fried vermicelli cake. Still hungry? You can also find heartier dishes such as noodles and fried rice.

Address: 183-191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11.00a.m. – 2.30p.m., 6.00p.m. – 6.00a.m.
Sundays & Public Holidays: 10.00a.m. – 3.00p.m., 6.00p.m. – 6.00a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays

Bukit Panjang Ke Kou Mian

Ke Kou Mian 海鲜煮粥 ($4)🔥

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This little stall at a neighbourhood coffee shop arguably serves the best instant noodles in Singapore. Yes, you read that right – instant noodles. But this is not just any bowl of instant noodles. This dish is so popular that locals travel far and wide across Singapore (okay, not that far) just to satisfy their cravings!

Each bowl has a delicious blend of sliced meat, vegetables, egg and many other ingredients in a hearty, tasty broth. Drooling yet? Make sure to come at odd hours in the early morning, as the queue-time can stretch to as long as one to two hours during the lunch-time crowd!

Address: Blk 163A Gangsa Road, Singapore 671163

Opening Hours: 4.00a.m. – 2.30p.m. daily. Closed on Thursdays.

Unwind and chill out in comfort

Couple massage at Couple massage at

A relaxing massage with your loved one is one of the many things you can do at Photo credit:

Feel like pampering yourself after a long day? Head over to, where you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments at any time of the day and night. Whether you’re looking for a body massage, therapy treatment or just a simple facial treatment, they’ve got you covered! Happen to fall asleep during one of their sessions? That’s real beauty sleep right there.

If you would rather chill out in a sauna room or have a dip in their hot or cold pools, there’s also the option of enjoying access to their full range of spa facilities at just $68. P.S. This package also includes free flow of food and beverages!

Address: 102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore 399719

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily


Karaoke room, Ming Arcade Cash Studio Karaoke room, Ming Arcade Cash Studio

Hold a mini concert of your own under the party lights in Cash Studio. Photo credit: Cash Studio Family Karaoke Box

Have you ever sung to the showerhead and pretended to be a superstar? Or perhaps the question should be – who hasn’t? Channel your inner rock star at any one of the many karaoke chains in Singapore, at any time of the day.

In particular, one of these karaoke chains is Manekineko, where you can literally sing from dusk to dawn at its Orchard Cineleisure outlet, which closes at 6a.m. Its weeknight 2-hour packages start from $18/pax.

Who says you can only party at nightclubs? Light up the place at Cash Studio Family Karaoke, where you can sing amidst neon lights, disco lights, light-up tables… all the lights you can think of. Its weeknight 3-hour packages start from $12.90 per pax, up till 6.00a.m. daily. Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes!

As both Manekineko and Cash Studio Family Karaoke have several outlets, please check their websites for more information.

Websites: Manekineko | Cash Studio Family Karaoke

Work out all day every day

Anytime Fitness

Woman with gym equipment in a gym Woman with gym equipment in a gym

Get your sweat on at any time of the day with Anytime Fitness.

Ever headed out to hit the gym but ended up hitting the “closed” sign at its front entrance instead because the gym is closed for the night? At Anytime Fitness, its doors will be open to you all day and all night! Open 24 hours daily, Anytime Fitness has more than 40 outlets in Singapore and a wide variety of training equipment.

The best part about exercising at night? There’s no need to wait!

As rates vary based on location, amenities and membership type, please check the website for accurate information.

Website: Anytime Fitness

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily


If you’re game to play ball in the wee hours of the morning, start the ball rolling by gathering nine other friends to have a futsal match! (Futsal is a variant of football that is usually played on an indoor hard court).

The Cage at Kallang and The Rainforest Sports Hub at Turf City Sports Park are both open 24 hours daily. If futsal isn’t up your alley, you can also play cricket at The Cage.

The Cage at Kallang

Address: 38 Jln Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily


The Rainforest Sports Hub

Address: 2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily


Singapore is full of fun activities for the late-sleeper (or the no-sleeper, or the day-sleeper?) – even when you’re leaving the country! For those catching a late-night flight out, check out these fun and interesting things you can do in Changi Airport before you take off!


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