Eating has been known to be one of Singapore’s national pastimes, and it’s pretty clear why. Besides well-loved traditional hawker food, we’re also blessed with a myriad of unique restaurants in Singapore — ones that offer extraordinary dining experiences worth going the extra mile for.

Why stick to the usual spots when you can choose to dine in an aeroplane cabin or spend a morning pretending to be a character from the wizarding world of Hogwarts? In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best themed restaurants with cool concepts for your next unforgettable meal! 

1. Wonderland Savour

Let’s face it. Real life can be quite dull sometimes and we all deserve an occasional fictional escape from time to time. Looking for more unique places to eat in Singapore? This spot is a whimsical dining destination akin to falling down the rabbit hole — Wonderland Savour is a themed restaurant based on Tim Burton’s popular Alice in Wonderland film adaptation!

Boasting a glamorous Instagram-worthy design at first glance — from lush, teal velvet furniture to touches of gold and luxurious lighting — this restaurant is all about whimsy. In terms of food, Wonderland Savour serves up delicious modern European cuisine. Their set lunch (S$26+) includes a starter choice of salad or soup, a main dish with options like Linguine Chilli Crab, along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Alternatively, do try out their popular ala-carte dishes like Escargot (S$16), Egg Confit (S$16), or Chicken Risotto (S$24). To remain committed to the theme (just like the mad tea party scene in the film), consider opting for their high tea option too! Priced at S$28/S$48, this comes with mouth-watering sandwiches, toasts, assorted pastries like colourful macarons and tarts, as well as a choice of beverage. As a matter of fact, their pretty dessert display counter at the front of the restaurant will have you reminiscing about all the bakeries in Singapore like those in the hipster Tiong Bahru estate.

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, #02-08 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday — 10:00am to 10:00pm

2. Gardenasia

gardenasia restaurant singapore gardenasia restaurant singapore

The Gardenasia Bistro lets you experience the countryside right here in bustling Singapore. Delivering a farm-to-table experience, you’ll not only be supporting local agri farmers but also be enjoying delicious fresh foods. Source: Gardenasia

Far from the city centre lies a hidden gem: Gardenasia. Located in a secluded spot in the Kranji countryside, this expansive space is a farm stay and event space all in one. Aside from the villas, you’ll find a quaint and comfy bistro that’s tucked amidst all that lush greenery. It’s a great spot for those looking for respite away from the usual cafe crowds flocking the urban jungle.

What makes this restaurant especially unique is how it features curated dishes made with local ingredients grown from surrounding farms. Yes, that means you’d get the authentic farm-to-table experience! Diners can expect to find classic western dishes like Fish and Chips (S$18) and Pan-seared Fish Fillet (S$28) — these are prepared using fresh catches of the day; such as salmon, red snapper, or sea bass.

Besides those, do keep a lookout on unique takes on local delights like their Grilled Ribeye Hor Fun (S$24), or other comforting nibbles like Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (S$9). 

Address: 240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898

Opening hours: Wednesday to Thursday — 10:30am - 4:45pm, Friday to Saturday — 10:30am – 9:45pm, Public holidays & Sunday: 10:00am – 4:45pm

3. Platform 1094

harry potter themed instagram worthy cafe in singapore harry potter themed instagram worthy cafe in singapore

Get spellbound at Platform 1094, an Instagram worthy cafe in Singapore that serves magic right to your table. Source: Platform 1094

Amidst the mundane grind of our daily life, sometimes all we need is a sprinkle of magic. Enter the Wizarding World in this next spot: Platform 1094. Not to be confused with Platform 9¾, this is a bistro that serves up modern western food with a local twist!

At Platform 1094, interiors take on a magical ambience — with tabletop candles and a unified shade of brown, including its wooden floors and tiled walls. It’s reminiscent of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, where Harry and his pals often head to for warm, hearty meals (and mugs of butterbeer, of course).

One main dish to look out for is the House Elves Special Pork Ribs (S$22), which comes served with grilled corn, broccoli, tomato, onion and pickled beetroot. It’s further complemented with a generous amount of pesto mayo.

This cafe is where you can find a host of Instagram-worthy moments too. Feel like an actual mage with Mr. Lich’s Flaming Brew (S$15) — an enchanting concoction inclusive of alcohol, and one that’s accompanied with some dramatic theatrics. Shake some cinnamon powder in the beverage (with your cameras ready) and you’ll get to watch brief flames rise in eye-catching swirls!

Those with a sweet tooth can consider getting some delicious bakes and confectionaries like the Hedwig’s Secret Message (S$15), which puts a unique twist on swiss rolls that come served with chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla owl macaron, vanilla crumble and chocolate branches.

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday — 11:00am to 10:00pm

4. Smith Marine Floating Restaurant

smith marine floating restaurant singapore smith marine floating restaurant singapore

The first floating seafood restaurant in Singapore, the Smith Marine Floating Restaurant is definitely a unique place to eat at, given its surroundings and fresh catches. Source: Smith Marine

Are you a foodie looking for a unique gastro adventure? Fancy reeling in fish and devouring them on the same day? Smith Marine Floating Restaurant is where you can eat your fresh catch!

Take a 15-min boat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to hop aboard this modern kelong (an offshore platform) located right smack in the middle of the sea — an unconventional place that’s unlike your usual Zi Char stall.

Not only is it Singapore’s first halal-certified kelong restaurant, but diners can also personally catch their fish in the restaurant’s “sure catch” pond. This particular pond is teeming with fleshy fishes like snapper and sea bass. Don’t worry if fishing is new to you — friendly staff will be on hand to offer assistance, and you should be able to secure one within minutes.

The experience costs S$35, including the part where professional chefs whip up a delicious meal with your catch. You’d be able to opt for several cooking methods for your fish — steamed Teochew style, fried with soya sauce, or even assam-style.

Other noteworthy seafood dishes include their Salted Egg Sotong (S$30), with each piece of sotong deep-fried in a thick, savoury batter, as well as their tender Green Mussels cooked with garlic, sambal, or black pepper (S$28).

Address: 95B Pulau Ubin FC97E Pulau Ubin Coastal Area 508325

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday — 10:00am to 8:00pm

5. Le Jardin Singapore

This next stop is sure to leave you enthralled — Le Jardin (which translates to ‘the garden’ in French) is a blooming floral-themed garden cafe that’s nestled within Fort Canning. Expect to find a victorian-style interior, with hanging ceiling plants and vibrant terrariums. That aside, this pet-friendly eatery also offers an alfresco terrace seating for those who prefer to dine under a canopy of trees.

If the naturalistic styling of this place seems familiar to you, that’s because it's opened by the same team behind Cafe de Nicole’s Flower, which has a similar florist-in-cafe concept! Food-wise, they’ve certainly got quite a spread too. Consider trying the Potato Rosti (S$18.90) and Croissant Waffle (S$23.90) for a hearty brunch, or mains like the Ora King Salmon (S$30) that’ll leave you satiated for a long while.

If you’re more of a mid-afternoon dessert kind of person, give The Purple Fantasy (S$11.90) drink a go! This gorgeous sweet potato smoothie is sprinkled with some sweet potato powder and dried coconut.

In terms of pastries, keep an eye out for the Pistachio Entremet (S$10.90) — a nutty dessert that comes with pistachio mousse on a cookie base, as well as freeze-dried raspberries.

Address: 5 Cox Terrace, Level 2, Fort Canning Arts Centre, 179620

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday — 9:00am to 9:00pm

6. Sushi Airways

 sushi airway themed restaurant in singapore  sushi airway themed restaurant in singapore

Experience the land of the rising sun right here in Singapore as you dine on board with the Sushi Airways’ ‘flight manual’ filled with mouth-watering traditional Japanese cuisine. Source: Sushi Airways

With Covid-19 putting a damper on overseas holiday plans, many of us have been itching to satisfy those travel cravings. Some might be considering travel via the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), while others stick to other means to cure that itch for the time being — be it through staycations or cycling routes. Surely, heading to Jewel Changi Airport and beyond as you embark on a full-day itinerary with all the free things to see and do in Singapore Changi Airport will have you reminiscing about your past travel ventures. With the many unique food places to eat at Jewel Changi Airport like AC Kafe toys-themed cafe, HSBC Rain Vortex waterfall, and loads of other attractions, one might think that our beloved transportation hub is the only place to get a much-needed dose of wanderlust.

But what if we told you you can hop aboard a plane-themed restaurant named Sushi Airways as a way to experience being in the air? This dining destination replicates a flight to Japan, with an interior that looks very much like an aeroplane cabin with its stainless steel stairs, compartments and meal carts. They even have windows that are shaped just like the ones in aircraft! To top it all, service staff are also dressed appropriately as air stewards and stewardesses.

All that might seem gimmicky, and you might be thinking if the food matches up to its theme. Thankfully, Sushi Airways delivers the quality with a wide range of fresh seafood air-flown from Japan every week. They’ve even got a high-quality omakase meal consisting of 8 to 10 courses made with seasonal ingredients (S$180 to S$300 per pax).

The course includes a wide range of dishes, from appetisers like Raw Eggplant to more substantial dishes like Abalone with Saba Tiny Crab, Unagi, Frozen Ikura, Chawanmushi with Grated Truffle, and Grilled Lobster with Sea Urchin Sauce. Aside from that, their ala-carte menu offers a range of hot and cold dishes too. Here’s where you can get a taste of the popular Tsukune grilled chicken ball with bonito flakes and mayonnaise topping (S$8) or Beef Yakiniku Don (S$25).

Address: 20A Baghdad St, Singapore 199659

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday — 11:45am-2:30pm, 5:45-9:45pm, Friday to Saturday — 11:45am to 2:30pm, 5:45pm to 10:00pm

Experience something new as you feast

It’s clear that dining can be way more than just good food on a plate — sometimes, it’s about igniting all senses at once. Whether you’re a foodie looking for an immersive restaurant or cafe that offers a unique dining concept or someone planning a special date, we hope that these recommendations will leave an unforgettable, positive experience for you! 

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