Photo credit: The Fun Empire


It’s common to hear people saying that there’s “nothing much to do” in Singapore over the weekend, besides eating and shopping. However, if you know where to look, you’ll realise that there’s much more to life in Singapore than you think.

Whether you’re planning to spend the weekends alone for some “me time”, or opting to hang out with your friends, here are five unconventional activities that will get your adrenaline pumping! So rather than making regular visits to the malls or eating your heart out over the weekend, you could actually choose to burn some calories instead, and have fun while you’re at it!

Boogie Bounce Xtreme

Girls in Boogie Bounce Xtreme class Girls in Boogie Bounce Xtreme class

Bounce to your favourite hits and sweat it out with Boogie Bounce Xtreme. <b>Photo credit: </b>Boogie Bounce Xtreme Singapore

If you intend to have a good full body workout, Boogie Bounce Xtreme could be your next sport of choice. It involves bouncing on a mini trampoline (with a safety bar) while performing a series of controlled, small movements that works all your muscles. Choreographed to the biggest chart-topping hits, the Boogie Bounce uses high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques to maximise the fat burning process while you have fun and, well, boogie. Classes cater to all ages and abilities, so don’t worry about falling behind and just go at your own pace!.

Where: Boogie Bounce Xtreme Singapore (via ActiveSG), LifeSparks Studios, Pounce Fit

How much: $18 – $35 for a single session

Bubble Soccer

A game of Bubble Soccer A game of Bubble Soccer

Challenge your friends to a game of soccer, with a twist! <b>Photo credit: </b>Cohesion Singapore

For soccer fans, Bubble Soccer could just be the perfect unconventional weekend activity to go for. Like soccer, the goal of Bubble Soccer is to get the soccer ball into the goalpost – just that it is more challenging as you’d be in a giant bubble-shaped inflatable suit.

Designed to be a fun test of physical endurance, Bubble Soccer is also popular with companies for corporate events and as a children’s birthday party activity. If Bubble Soccer isn’t really your thing, you can try the other Bubble games: Dodgeball, Captain and Invasion.


Where: Cohesion Singapore, The Fun Empire, WOW Experience

How much:

$20 – $35 per pax for a 1-hour session (inclusive of venue)

Minimum of 10 pax in a group


Similar to tightrope walking, slacklining requires you to balance and walk on a line above ground level, held between two anchor points. Those who are more experienced and wish to challenge themselves eventually go on to learn and perform twists, flips and turns! Slacklines are more dynamic than tightropes, making it possible for such stunts and jumps to be executed from a multitude of heights. Connect with the local slacklining community to find out more on their upcoming events and sessions.


Where: Elephant Slacklines Singapore

How much: Contact the organisation for more information


Stand-up paddlers in action Stand-up paddlers in action

Find your balance as you paddle against waves and currents. <b>Photo credit: </b>Constant Wind Pte Ltd.

Whether it’s stand-up paddling or land paddling, you can expect to get an intense full body workout. Stand-up paddling requires you to paddle across the water surface while you’re standing on a board. This may look simple, but it’s definitely no easy feat to maintain your balance while using the heavy paddle to manoeuvre in the water! There are sea sports centres which offer courses in stand-up paddling. For those new to the sport, it’s better to start with the basics by enrolling in a beginner’s course.

Kahuna Big Stick and Longboard Kahuna Big Stick and Longboard

If you’re new to board sports, land paddling is a great way to start. Photo credit: Hardi Mohamed of Team Informa

If you’re not comfortable being in water, then land paddling may be a good alternative. Instead of a paddle, land paddling requires you to manoeuvre with the Kahuna Big Stick. The stick comes with a vulcanised rubber blade which gives you the grip and extra balance as you skate on land, with a skateboard or longboard. You may use the stick to propel yourself forward, switch directions or brake.


Stand-Up Paddling

Where: Aloha Sea Sports Centre, Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre

How much: $60 – $70 per pax for one session of the beginner’s course


Land Paddling

Where: Land Paddle Singapore

How much: Contact the organisation for more information


National women’s team for Underwater Hockey National women’s team for Underwater Hockey

Put your speed and reflexes to test in the waters with Octopush. <b>Photo credit: </b>Wilson Zhang

Swimming and hockey may not be considered unique sports, but when you marry the two, it’s definitely far from the usual. Octopush, or underwater hockey, is a gruelling sport that challenges your lung capacity on a whole new level. You’ll have to maintain possession of the puck and outswim your opponents without obstructing or making contact with them, all while trying to hold your breath for as long as possible! If you’re a total beginner, but confident in water and would like to try Octopush, the Stirling Underwater Hockey Club can help you take that first step.


Where: Stirling Underwater Hockey Club

How much: Contact the organisation for more information


There’s no doubt that these unique sports would make your weekend more exciting, especially if you’ve never tried them before. So gather your friends, put on your training gears and have a fun time, not eating nor shopping, but burning some calories together!


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