Do you belong to the WhatsApp camp or the Telegram squad? For many young adults in Singapore, Telegram has become the go-to app to connect with others and a useful source of information. Telegram is the place to communicate with your loved ones, receive breaking news, discover latest happenings, and locate the best deals that traditional messenger apps do not offer. Many may not know, but Telegram also functions like a search engine! Whether you are new to Telegram, a current user, or an avid fan, read on for some useful tips on how the platform can help you to look for information and stay updated. Let’s get started!

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1. Telegram 101: Starter pack

changi airport telegram changi airport telegram

Telegram is more than just a messaging app.

Telegram may look like any other messaging app, but it actually packs way more punch than that. It is also very user-friendly and hassle-free – you’ll see why.

First, you don’t need to share your mobile number to start a conversation. Likewise, you don’t need to save the other party’s phone number in your contact list to text him or her. All you need is each other’s username. 

Next, you can delete your messages without leaving a trace, or edit your message if you had spelt or worded something wrongly (finally, your wish to be able to edit that silly spelling mistake is granted). For important messages or chat groups that you refer to frequently, you can pin them for easy access. 

You can also forward high-quality files without having to download them, and create groups of up to 200,000 like-minded individuals, and the laundry list simply continues. These upgraded functions have become indispensable features, especially in the eyes of gen Zs and millennials. 

What’s more is that the platform has tonnes of unique, entertaining, and useful attributes! The in-app video messages is one of Telegram’s hallmark properties well-liked by many. You can share all the moments of your day to your family and friends in real time (commonly referred to as “tele bubbles”), just like how you post stories on Instagram! Is this channel beginning to look interesting to you? Check out how else Telegram can excite you other than chatting here.     

2. Google isn’t everything. Telegram could be your next search engine

telegram channels to follow in singapore telegram channels to follow in singapore

Discover things to do in Singapore and around the world on Telegram.

Feeling overwhelmed whenever you look for information online? Google may seem to be our mutual best friend when it comes to quick answers to questions, however, the numerous pages of long results need us to further self-filter. This has undoubtedly made searching for things on the Internet a hassle to some. It is thus not surprising that many today have been turning to social media for inspirations and recommendations instead.  

On the other hand, content on social media could be much more concise and to the point, making them a lot more digestible. Are you aware that these snackable content can be easily found on Telegram?  

Thanks to its special features, Telegram facilitates in-app search. Follow these three key steps to customise your Telegram sphere. 

Step 1: Subscribe to channels based on your interests

What differentiates Telegram from the other messaging apps is channels. Channels is a powerful broadcasting tool that enables you to send messages to an unlimited audience. Receiving messages from the channels you choose to follow is similar to receiving emails, except that the content you get is bite-sized and easily shareable. Within the channels, you can also respond with emojis, ask questions, and participate in quick polls. 

From local and global news to lifestyle, food, promotions, finance and beyond, there is a Telegram channel for practically every interest out there. It’s not too late to start exploring what channels to follow on Telegram. Scroll down for some of the best channels to subscribe to.

Step 2: Separate your private chats from channels by creating chat folders

Afraid of missing out important messages? Not to worry, you can create multiple folders to sort your chats, groups, and channels tailored to your preferences. Then, swipe between tabs for access to any of your chat folders.

Step 3: Search for information on the global search bar

Wondering how you can effectively filter information without having to run through the haystack? Telegram’s distinctive global search precisely helps you with it. You can locate public groups, channels and users and messages from all you followed by typing the keywords in the search bar.

Although Telegram may not be as advanced in search as compared to the major search sites, but it is definitely a great place to receive timely updates and useful content at your fingertips. To get you started, here are some follow-worthy channels to subscribe to in Singapore to stay in the know on the latest.

3. Must-join Telegram channels in Singapore

news telegram channels to follow in singapore news telegram channels to follow in singapore

Subscribe to reliable news channels to receive daily news updates.

Keep up with current affairs in Singapore and around the world from credible new sources like The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia, and Mothership. For those who prefer to consume news in Chinese, you can subscribe to Lianhe Zaobao. Some of these sources provide daily summaries so that you will not miss out on the key news highlights of the day. 

lifestyle telegram channels to follow in singapore lifestyle telegram channels to follow in singapore

Follow popular lifestyle channels to stay abreast on what’s happening in Singapore.

Find it challenging having to constantly plan for things to do over the weekend? Lifestyle channels such as SGWeekend, Confirm Good and Good-2-Go have got you covered. You can look forward to previews on the newest cafes, restaurants, and other dining spots in town, stay on top of the latest activities, events, or festivals, and more! Don’t be surprised by the extensive range of activities you can do here on this little red dot.

food telegram channels to follow in singapore food telegram channels to follow in singapore

Turn on your notifications for food and deals so you do not miss out on any of the good promos.

How can we forget about food? Dubbed as the nation’s favorite hobby, taste-obsessed foodies can expect reviews and recommendations on the must-eats, and occasional promotions on channels like TasteSoul or Eatbook. No one would say no to truly great deals, you can also head to Good Lobang, SG Food Deals or SG Kiasu Foodies for the latest offers. Be it exclusive promo or delivery codes, dining deals and value-for-money 1-for-1s, there is something for everyone! 

travel telegram channels to follow in singapore travel telegram channels to follow in singapore

Get inspired on what you can embark on in your next holiday.

Travellers can search for travel deals, tips, and hacks on Telegram too. From airline promotions and discounts off tickets to inspirations on where to head for your next overseas trip, join SG Travel promos, Klook and YouTrip for things related to travel. 

changi airport telegram changi airport telegram

Join Changi Airport’s Telegram channel for inspirations on travel, shopping, dining, and playing.

If you love all the above, you should really check out Changi Airport’s Telegram channel! Over here, you can find the best recommendations related to travel, shopping, dining, and play - in Changi Airport, across the island as well as around the world. You will also be among the first to receive breaking news related to Changi Airport, participate in engaging polls, and take part in giveaways!

Search for ideas on #HowTo make the best out of everything, #WhereTo go in your free time, #WhatTo do when you need a recommendation, or be entertained with #DidYouKnow fun facts. Simply subscribe to us, search for these keywords on the global search bar or tap on the hashtags for a list of suggested content.  

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We hope this beginner’s guide has helped you understand what Telegram has to offer and hope to see you on Changi Airport’s Telegram soon!


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