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Every pawrent knows the pain of trying to plan a holiday — who’s going to look after fluffy? If we’re lucky enough, a friend or family member might assume the role of a pet sitter, but what if everyone is out and about? 

If we had it our way, we’d definitely bring our buddy along for the ride like we would have on our pawsome pet vacations. But since not everyone is able to afford that luxury, here are some pet boarding services in Singapore to check out.

1. The Wagington — For both cats and dogs

You will not have to worry about how fluffy’s faring if you leave them in the arms of luxury. That is exactly what The Wagington is: A royal, opulent and luxurious pet hotel.

There are no cramped little cubicles here. You’ll find only the most lavish suites, some of which, like the Royal Wagington Suites, come equipped with queen-sized beds and a 32-inch LED TV for dogs. The purr-fection suits like the Royal Feline Suites and Imperial Feline Suites come with luxury cat trees and cat houses for the kitties — so you do not have to worry about packing your pet accessories and supplies. Not only that, all their meals are gourmet for an additional S$35 (for dogs) or S$25 (for cats) per night. No canned grub, just pure delicacies – Rosemary Beef and Pork Meatloaf for the dogs, and Steak Tartare and Baked Salmon with Prawn for the cats.

That is not to say your furkid will come home with a few extra pounds. Apart from the regular daycare activities like daily walks, The Wagington also has an indoor fitness centre and an outdoor air-conditioned garden complete with a bone-shaped pool for them to work off the calories. Love taking your furry friend to dog-friendly parks and trails for a walk? The Garden made of antimicrobial turf grass will surely have your four-legged companion running around having fun. Even the royal felines get a giant cat wheel for a long run if they please. We hate to say it but, unfortunately, you will not be able to book yourself a room with them. 

Prices start from S$75 a night for dogs, and S$29 a night for cats.


The Wagington

Address: 27B Loewen Rd, Singapore 248850

Opening hours: Monday to Friday — 8:00am to 8:00pm, Saturday to Sunday — 8:30am to 7:30pm

2. Nekoya Cat Hotel — For cats

If you’d prefer a more specialised feline accommodation for your furchild, Nekoya Cat Hotel is one of the best in town. The folks here understand just how skittish our feline friends can be, especially in a foreign environment, which is why they go the extra mile just to make the kitties feel safe and relaxed.

All cat pawrents know kitties are creatures of habit who are not receptive to change all that much. Fortunately for them, there will not be any disruptions to their daily schedule as the staff, or so-called cat sitter, mirrors each guest’s routine. If your kitty’s used to having breakfast at 11am and playtime at 8pm, so it shall be. 

The accommodation itself is pretty zen too. With 24/7 air-conditioning, soothing music played at all times, and a full-on minimalist Muji-inspired interior, the cat hotel honestly looks more like a spa for kitties than a plain old boarding house.

Prices for their pet boarding services start from S$39 a night, but you can also get a private cabin for your kitty from S$25 a night too.

Nekoya Cat Hotel has three branches at King Albert Park, Jalan Kayu and Outram Park. You can find out more on their cat boarding page.

Nekoya @ Central

Address: 59 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01, Singapore 169367


Nekoya @ King Albert Park

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #02-20 KAP, Singapore 598332


Nekoya @ Jalan Kayu

Address: 247A Jln Kayu, #02-01, Singapore 799471


Opening hours for all branches: 11:00am to 6:00pm

3. BreakFast at Fluffy’s (BFF) — For dogs

We’re not too sure if we can call Breakfast at Fluffy’s your regular dog boarding destination, to be honest. It is more of a true atas dog hotel complete with 24/7 concierge service.

BFF does away with the whole caged/cubicle pet boarding, allowing their guests to roam around the premises as they please, just like how they’d be at home. Peer through the webcam (every owner gets access) and you’ll probably find Max either standing by the window watching the clouds drift by, or snoozing up a storm on one of the many fancy sofas. 

On top of a weekly pampering session — shampoo, conditioner, blow and fluff — owners can also pre-book swim sessions at Hydro Canine, Singapore’s largest and longest heated pool for dogs, for them to enjoy during their stay. 

Prices start from S$62 a night.

BreakFast at Fluffy’s

Address: 318 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427569

Opening hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

4. The Fluffy Hut — For small animals

Do not worry, we did not forget the really small ones! At The Fluffy Hut, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas are all welcomed.

These small critters are more sensitive than the average pet — just a little bit of stress or disturbance can easily cause health problems in them. Thankfully, owners Adrian and Rachel are bona fide bun enthusiasts and pet sitters who know just how best to care for their furry guests.

All the playpens at The Fluffy Hut are fully customised to be two to three times the size of the average playpen (plenty of room for binkies and sand baths). They also come with anti-slip mats and special pee trays designed to keep their space clean. To top it off, each modular pen comes with a CCTV (yes it has night-vision) so you can monitor your darling on your smartphone whenever you want!

Pet boarding prices start from S$12 a night for hamsters, S$25 a night for guinea pigs and chinchillas, and S$35 a night for rabbits.


The Fluffy Hut

Address: 492 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368199

Opening hours: 12:00pm to 8:00pm

5. Pawshake — For home-based pet sitting

If you’d prefer one-on-one (or one-on-however-many-pets-you-have) over a cat or doggy daycare, you could always try out the Pawshake app instead! Think of it like Tinder, but instead of a dating partner, it links you up with a certified pet sitter.

You can choose to sign up for dog boarding or house pet sitting. The former involves them bringing your dogs to their place and caring for them there, not unlike a doggy sleepover. The latter, however, means the pet sitter will stay over in your home and look after your pets there. If your pets are particularly prone to separation anxiety or have a fear of leaving the house, the second option is definitely worth considering.

Rest assured that all pet sitters are reliable. Not only have they gone through a rigorous vetting and screening process, but you’ll also get to meet the pet sitter themselves in person before deciding whether or not you’d like to hire them.

Prices are considerably cheaper too, starting from S$15 a day.

You can download the Pawshake app from both the Apple app store or the Google Play Store.


With so many different pet-boarders to choose from, you will not have to go scouring on the internet searching for “doggy day care near me” or “dog boarding near me” again. Neither will you have to feel guilty about leaving fluffy behind anymore! For all you know, they might even enjoy their paw-cation more than you.


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