When it comes to travelling, there’s nothing more important to figure out than payment. Luckily, modern times have called for contactless payment around the world, and you can find yourself in a Melbourne cafe or a Thai restaurant happily paying the bill with one easy tap.

However, some countries may require you to plan ahead—be it preparing an advance amount of cash in local currency, or downloading the requisite payment apps of your holiday destination. With China, this has been the case since the borders reopened. 

That is, until now. Let us show you how Changi Pay can help you make your shopping in China that much simpler and smarter.

1. Use Changi Pay anywhere in China (and in other parts of Asia too)

With Changi Pay linked to the Alipay+ network, you can seamlessly make payments in China and other destinations like Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

Contactless payment has become the norm around the world, especially post-Covid. It is particularly prominent in Asia, which used to be heavily reliant on cash for payments. No matter where you are now, you’re likely to find a QR code for easy payment. 

However, each country has its own restriction when it comes to which payment apps can be used to process QR payments. In China, the prevalent use of Alipay or WeChat for digital payments can pose difficulties for tourists. For Singapore Residents, this is no longer a challenge as Changi Pay partners Alipay to allow users to pay like a local in China. 

While dining in China, tourists may face another hurdle where some restaurants may request customers to place their orders and make payment through Alipay or Wechat app. This is where Changi Pay comes in. Even without having the Alipay or WeChat app, you can make hassle-free payments in China. Changi Pay is linked seamlessly to the Alipay+ network, which itself has a coverage of tens of millions merchants in China. Here’s what you can do instead with Changi Pay - request to have your order taken by the service staff, and ask for payment to be made separately on Alipay+. You’ll receive a payment QR code and then pay with Changi Pay!

Apart from China, Changi Pay can also be used for payment in Malaysia, Japan and South Korea via the Alipay+ network. It will soon be available for use in more countries. Stay tuned! 

2. No to transaction fees, yes to competitive rates

Any overseas payment made from Changi Pay does not incurred you any additional transaction fees.

Thanks to Changi Pay’s partnership with Alipay+, its exchange rate on the app is as competitive as it gets! 

To add on, there’s no transaction fees, as compared to regular credit cards or payment on Alipay and Wechat apps that charge an extra 3% for payment above RMB200. Zero added costs, zero hassle.

3. Convenient top-ups on the go

Top up your Changi Pay wallet on the go, as and when you need it!

Changi Pay is designed to be seamless and multi-functional. 

When you sign up for Changi Pay, you are creating  a Changi Pay wallet as well as a Liquid Account (required for payments via QR code in China). From there, you’re able to top up the wallet from your bank account to the Liquid Account via PayNow—fast and seamless. You do not need to worry about not having enough cash as you can easily and instantly transfer cash from your bank account anytime while in China too!

4. Use Changi Pay like you would the Changi App

Besides fuss-free payments, you can also easily clock rewards points and e-vouchers when using Changi Pay.

Whenever there’s a new app in town, there’s always that period of getting used to its interface.

With Changi Pay built into Changi App, you don’t have to download a separate app for payment. 

For those unfamiliar with Changi App, it provides you a tailored end-to-end service for a more seamless and stress-free journey through Changi Airport. You’ll find recommendations for relevant services and facilities, travel checklists, advisories, and helpful push notifications regarding your boarding gate and baggage status. 

You can also make reservations at participating restaurants at Changi’s terminals and Jewel via the app. Everytime you shop and dine at Changi Airport or Jewel, Changi Pay allows you to earn rewards points automatically, and access exclusive weekly e-vouchers that  can be utilised to offset your payments at Changi Airport and Jewel merchants.

Any e-vouchers you earn from your overseas spend will also be available in Changi Pay, for you to enjoy more savings when you return to Changi Airport.

5. Sign-up now and enjoy exclusive, one-time perks

Credit: Unsplash.

Through this guide, we’ve shown how using Changi Pay allows you access to perks you won’t find anywhere else. 

Stay tuned for new exciting offers: Starting from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025, travellers flying to China and other countries can enjoy a special promotion by using Changi Pay. For every accumulative overseas spend of S$500, you’ll receive S$50 e-Vouchers for use at Lotte Duty Free outlets and anywhere in Changi Airport. Visit here to find out more. 

Changi App is also running a year-long campaign, The Great Changi Appscapade, where users stand to win four business class tickets to attractive destinations every month when you use the ’save a flight’ function — be it a metropolitan city like New York, or a peaceful island getaway like Fiji and the Maldives.


With Changi Pay, you won’t have to worry about payment. Now, you can seamlessly pay in China and other Asian destinations without incurring foreign currency transaction fees on your credit card, and enjoy your well-deserved holiday!


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